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Love will never lie 27 April 2020: Kunal assures Nandini that they must fight the society and that they are together for a new beginning and will stay by each other forever. They hug each other.There, Dida requests Mauli to give another chance to her marriage with Kunal.

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The next morning, Kunal brings tea for Nandini. He claims it can beat her kheer. Nandini looked upset and place her head over his shoulder. Kunal promises he won’t leave her now, he is right here with her. He must only go out at night, its Navratri and they will go out for Pooja. The doorbell rings, Kunal opens the door. Mamma stood outside. Kunal invites her inside. Mamma says she had to give him a news, else she wouldn’t have come to this door ever. She says Dida had a heart attack.

Kunal was taken aback. Mamma replies that may be it happened when Kunal was too busy here. She asks if Kunal is ready to come along. Else she can also live without her son, like Dida did. Kunal assures Nandini to return soon. Nandini shuts the door thinking Kunal will return over her single call, she needn’t be afraid.

Kunal comes to Dida. Mauli turns to leave but Dida holds her hand. She asks what happened to them in a few days. No marriage is easy, everything in life get rusted, walls get damaged then why can’t marriage go through bad times. She complains they didn’t share with their elders about filing a divorce as well. Kunal and Mauli stop Dida from pulling off her cannula and machines. Dida says if they wish she lives for some time, they must give a chance to their marriage.

Kunal must return home and at least give full chance to their marriage in their last month. She questions what kind of doctors they are, doctor strives till last breath to fight an ailment then why can’t they treat their marriage? Mauli only stood silently. Kunal was speechless. Dida was aggressive over the reaction, her condition worsens. Mauli and Kunal ask her to get relax. Dida was happy that they had agreed. She asks Mamma to decorate the house for Navratri like they do each year. Mauli leaves the room. Kunal recalls his promise to Nandini.

Outside, Kunal comes to Mauli. He speaks about Dida’s wish. Mauli tells him not to worry, they are both aware that they will do it for Dida. Soon, Dida will realize their marriage has ended, it can’t be healed. One month is nothing, Kunal stayed with her for months while betraying her. At least now, he will be freed from guilt of lying to her. Before leaving the room, Mauli allows Kunal to visit Nandini anytime he wish to. She won’t object. All her objections, hopes and rights are finished.

In the evening, Mauli was getting ready in the room. Kunal opens the wardrobe. Mauli says its empty, one of his Kurta was left here. It’s in the guest room, he may wear it. She says staying in a single room is important, not sharing the room. Kunal apologizes Mauli, only this apology can give him courage to look into her eyes. He requests her to look into his eyes but tears fill Mauli’s eyes, she doesn’t look up at Kunal. Kunal turns to walk away but Mauli’s dress stick over his bandage. Mauli turns around, both share a look. Kunal was about to remove her dress but she pulls it with a jerk. When Kunal has left, Mauli forces herself to get ready and do some makeup. While she was applying sindoor she recalls Kunal’s claims of love for Nandini. She cries and place the sindoor back.

Kunal and Mauli welcome the guests at Navratri function. Jaye comes there and asks Mauli about her friend. Mauli had no reply. Jaye gives the couple a gift from their side, it was a photo frame with Kunal, Mauli and Nandini. Mauli doesn’t hold the frame tightly, it falls down and the glass break. Jaye was apologetic and promises to get the glass fix. Kunal says he will fix it himself. Adiya comes to Mauli in the kitchen and asks if everything is fine?

Mauli says sometimes one goes through something that has no explanations, one wonders how, when and why this happened. Adiya goes to meet Dida. Jaye greets Dida and was impressed by her technologically advanced nature. Mamma comes to call them for Pooja. Dida gives a task to Jaye related to photography.
Kunal and Mauli stand in the Pooja together and perform the rituals.

Afterwards they sat for the Aarti. Dida finds Mauli’s face completely expressionless. She whispers to Kunal that Mauli might have forgotten Sindoor, he must fill her hairline. Kunal looks around, Dida hurries Kunal as its not his first time. Kunal fills Mauli’s hairline. Jaye clicks the moment in his camera with Dida’s nod. Pandit asks them to throw the straws in Havan, Mauli reluctantly holds Kunal’s arm.

At home, Nandini sat in front of the mirror. She holds her bangles and recalls Jyoti’s blames for making herself up to get strange men entrapped. Jyoti wanted that Nandini’s face must be ruined, so that she can never attract other men. She wipes her tears and wears the bangles, earrings and bindi. She recalls Kunal’s promise that he will take her for Navratri Pooja, why he didn’t arrive yet.

Pandit covers Kunal and Mauli with red chunri for blessings. Both look at each other silently. Kunal and Mauli join their heads with each other ritualistically while the Pandit prays for the couple’s love, peace and progeny. They aarti was being finalized. Mauli’s earring stick to Kunal’s dress, he tries to remove it but Mauli stops him by raising her hand. Dida recalls when doctor came to the room as she fall unconscious, Mauli had walked out of the room for a call. Dida removed her oxygen mask and tells the doctor she is fine, she faked this drama to stop her son and daughter in law from divorcing.

She wants them give another chance to their marriage. He is aware that both are doctors, she needs his help that he must make such reports which prove she shouldn’t be given any other trauma. The doctor smiled and promises Dida to help her for a good cause. Dida receives the photos from Jaye on her cell phone.
Nandini was praying in front of temple in her house when her cell phone rings. She thinks it must be Kunal was her smile vanishes watching Kunal and Mauli’s photos together. The cell phone drops her hand.

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