Love will never lie Update Friday 26 February 2021


Love will never lie 26 February 2021: Kunal stop Mouli and say Gift? Whats the occassion? Mouli hide note and kunal see it. Mouli says its for you. Kunal taunt wow again blue shirt with flowers.. He further say if you had beard, saying would be right : Chor ki Dhaadi me Tinka (sorry I don’t know english of it).. Mouli is shocked. He ask lets go in your car, after all today is Valentine’s day..Ishaan come to cafe and realise its valentine’s day and get happy. He think to start fresh with Mouli.

Radhika think about Dida words and call her, dida diconnect and reach to meet misty and pari. She meet them, both girls get happy after meeting Dida.. Dida ask about their studies, stay, enjoyment etc. Misty dedicate Kunal as pari’s father, then dida say he is your father as well.. Dida ask them her wish about staying together?? Pari say it will be fun, Radhika will make prathas, you shall give chocolates, Mouli will help in homework and Kunal will take us out… But is it possible? Dida say everything is possible for my little angels.. Dida, misty and pari enjoy each other company and spent time together…
In car Kunal indirectly taunt Mouli and take her to same cafe in which Ishaan is waiting for Mouli..

Inshaan get happy seeing Mouli, but he same as get sad seeing Kunal.. Kunal taunt Ishaan stating you are find at every place where my Wife mouli is? Ishaan say I was waiting for someone, and they both join Ishaan table as well.. Kunal offer champaign to Ishaan..Kunal ask about ishaan meeting gf and ask him to forget her and find new one… Ishaan says she might be busy and take leave.. Mouli say to Kunal that he hurted Ishaan feelings.. And goes, Kunal get angry..

Dida and Pramilla come home. Radhika asks Dida why she didn’t take her when she went to meet Mishti. Mishti called her when Dida left. Mishti is a minor and can’t understand these dynamic relations. She can’t understand Pari’s father, and Dr. Kunal is going to be her new Popsy. And Pari is also hopeful that Mauli will now be her mother. Dida replies she is being selfish only to see her family, her grandchildren and great grandchildren together in front of her eyes. Radhika questions where is her mother-in-law who disowned Kunal a few years ago, just for Mauli. Dida says she only believes that Kunal reaped what he had sown, and today he and Mauli stand at a verge of uniting again. Radhika asks Dida to think about Ishaan and Mauli as well.


Dida says Mauli’s heart is covered
with a light blanket of snow and will enlighten at the dawn of realization. Radhika insists that Mauli has done enough for all of them, she only wants Mauli to live happy now.At home, Ishaan sat in tears while thinking about Mauli and Kunal with the children. He speaks to himself that sometimes a few moments aren’t for lifetime. He has a similar life. He gets a call from Mauli. Mauli was distressed and prays everything gets settled soon. Ishaan tells Mauli that time is the biggest healer, he can bear everything in life but can never see her sad. Mauli senses Ishaan had gotten drunk badly at lunch with them. Ishaan tells Mauli I love you, and bring the whole universe to her feet. His destiny might not let him do this.

Mauli says Ishaan has already done a lot. Ishaan tells her to cut the call, Kunal might spot her. He doesn’t want any troubles between them. He requests her to forgive him this time. Mauli asks Ishaan if he had dinner. Kunal came behind Mauli and hear her concerned conversation. Ishaan says I love you Mauli, then regrets his fate that Kunal might wake up. Mauli deletes the call log and goes to sleep. Kunal comes behind and checks the phone, he wonders why Mauli deleted the number. Who was there on the other side of the call?

At night, Kunal lay awake while Mauli was sleeping. He cautiously goes to take the note from her purse, which she stuffed. He thinks how Mauli can cheat him. He holds the bouquet and thinks Mauli is cheating him.The next morning, Ishaan was scrolling the photos of their Haldi. Sweety comes to him. Ishaan was angry over Sweety for her behavior with the girls. Sweety was guilty and says it may have been wrong to say, but not a lie altogether. She convinces Ishaan that she witnessed Mauli and Ishaan’s love. She died after him.

Had she really moved on, she must not have left her wedding mandap. She says she spotted them together in the mall today. She recalls spotting them, when Mauli gave the gift and bouquet to Kunal. She asks Ishaan not to fell in a one sided love. Already, his mother is suffering; she wish Ishaan doesn’t break as well. She asks if even once, Mauli said I love you to Ishaan. She advices him not to move ahead on this path.




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