Love or Poison Update Wednesday 16 June 2021

Love or Poison 16 June 2021: Sitara brings the baby / leech inside. Viraj asks her about the baby. She shares that she is clueless about the baby but the baby was crying a lot. He says it might of some servant. We will see tomorrow. She nods. I brought her here thinking the same. Viraj smiles looking at Sitara as she sings a lullaby for the baby. All 3 of them fall asleep.

Next morning, Rani Sa is missing her husband. Vrinda offers her tea but she politely declines. Vrinda says I am the new owner of the house and it is my order. Drink tea right away. Rani Sa looks at her puzzled. Vrinda says I was joking. I want you to drink tea for your sake. You will always rule this house. I fail to understand why Ratan ji gave me this responsibility. It’s been just a day but I am already worried.

I wonder what will happen! I see nothing positive happening after what I saw last night. Rani Sa asks her what she is saying. Vrinda says I saw Sitara pacing outside entire night. Viraj must be sleeping inside. How will this family get a heir if they wont spend time together? Rani Sa says honestly I don’t want them to have a baby. This thought breaks my heart. Vrinda says seems like Sitara wants something similar.

She killed Ratan for the very same reason! She wants to rule your business, your house after his death! Rani Sa says I don’t know what to do. I am in a fix. Vrinda suggests an idea. Sitara will run away herself if you talk to Sitara personally and tell her to give this family a heir at any cost! You will get what you want in return. You will get rid of Sitara!Sitara names the baby Diya. The little girl smiles.

Sitara smiles seeing her happy. A servant informs them that they have checked with everyone. This baby belongs to none of the people who are working here. Another servant comes to tell them that Inspector has come to meet Viraj. Viraj tells Inspector they couldn’t find out who this baby belongs to. Inspector suggests him to hand over the baby to them. We will give her to orphanage till the time they find out who her parents her.

Sitara is reluctant to give the baby to any orphanage. She requests Viraj to let her stay with them till the time they find something about her. Viraj and Inspector agree. Inspector leaves. Viraj tells Sitara that this baby will stay with them only for a few days. A servant comes to tell Sitara that Rani Sa has called her. Sitara is touched. Viraj wants to accompany her but servant conveys that Sitara has been called alone. Sitara touches the baby and feels dizzy again.

Viraj asks her if she is fine. She nods. I will meet Rani Ma and come. Take care of Diya till then. He assures her about it. She goes. He too heads to take a shower seeing Diya sleeping peacefully.Albeli shouts for tea. Yamini knocks at the door. Albeli has a pack on her face. She thinks it is some servant and says I am the sister of the owner of the house. You should listen to whatever I say in a second! Yamini pushes her hand away.

Albeli changes her tone seeing Yamini who warns her not to take this for granted. You only got this opportunity for a month. She twists Albeli’s hand in a second. You think you will get my husband his right? Albeli advises her not to get angry. You are very short tempered. Listen to me calmly. I know you want to rule the palace and I understand your pain. I have a very good offer for you. Accept it or there are full chances you will be begging on the streets after a month! Yamini asks her what she wants. I will give you.

I only wish to rule this house! Albeli asks her if she is sure. You will do as I say? Yamini nods. Albeli asks her to give her husband to her for a night! Yamini calls her a low class woman. Albeli calls her Rani Yamini to tempt her. It is a good offer! Make a deal of your husband with me for a night or you will end up spending your entire life on the streets!

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