Love by chance update Wednesday 9 November 2022


Love by chance 9 November 2022: The Episode starts with Charu going to get his phone. Akriti argues with everyone. Garima asks Shankar does he think it’s an excuse, someone’s life is in risk. Charu says I will call Anu now. Anu comes to the hospital. He sees Gungun crying. He consoles her. She hugs him and cries. He also cries. She says dad left. He says your dad wanted to see you smiling, he would be sad seeing you crying. She says he left me, does anyone go like this without telling, he should have stayed back until I came. Anu gets Charu’s call. Sunanda says don’t get so much angry. Golu says listen to Anu first. Charu calls again. Anu answers. Charu scolds him.

Anu asks what happened. Charu says you have ashamed me in front of everyone, Akriti’s family has come to take her for pagphere, they want to meet you, you are not here, think of Akriti, she left her parents and came to our house, you always leave her. Anu says I had to come here because Gungun’s dad…. Charu says I know you can’t see anyone sad, did you think what we are going through. Anu says listen to me once, Riddhesh is no more. Charu gets shocked. Anu says Akriti’s family had come for rasams, so I left without telling anyone. He ends call. Charu gets stumbling. Everyone holds him and asks what did Anu say, why did he get silent, is everything fine, is Riddhesh fine. Charu cries and says Riddhesh is no more. Everyone is shocked.

Garima cries in shock. Sunanda consoles her. Charu says we have to go to hospital. Akriti says we will also come, we will do pagphere rasam later. Charu asks Chandru to get the money, maybe Gungun needs it. Sunanda says Gungun is alone now. Sargam says yes, how will she live alone. Akriti asks why are you worrying for Gungun, her mom and husband are there. Goli says Gungun is your sister, why are you saying so. Akriti says even I worry for Gungun. Garima says if you worried for her, then you would have not married Anu. She asks Shankar is he coming. He says no, I have to go home and take medicines, you have to come back to me now. He warns her. Chandru asks Charu to come.

Doctor says we have to take the body. Gungun shouts he is my dad, not a body. She hugs Riddhesh and cries. Golu and family come to the hospital and ask for Riddhesh. Nurse says his body is on 2nd floor. Everyone goes by stairs. Akriti takes the lift. She goes upstairs and sees Anu hugging Gungun and consoling her.Gungun shouts I want to go to my dad. Anu says don’t say this, don’t think you are alone, I m with you always. Everyone comes there and sees them. Golu calls out Anu. Anu says you all here, and even you…. Akriti gets angry. Gungun shouts on the doctors and cries. Garima says let me see my brother once, please. Doctor says its already too late. Garima says I got too late.

Akriti says I m surprised, Riddhesh is my uncle but you are keeping responsibilities, why are you with Gungun, where is her husband. Anu asks her to think about the situation before talking. Golu asks them to stop fighting. Charu says you didn’t tell us, didn’t Riddhesh have any relation with him, I m ashamed, that I was doing rasams there and celebrating when my friend was dying here. Golu says Riddhesh has gone away from us. Garima says its all my mistake, I should have not left you and Gungun alone. Gungun says its my mistake, I left him alone and went in marriage, why is my dad getting punished for my mistake, he left me alone. Garima says you aren’t alone, I m with you. They hug and cry. Akriti asks Garima to stay with Gungun today, she will talk to Shankar. Garima says I don’t need your permission to stay with my daughter, I will not go anywhere leaving Gungun. Yug asks Anu to go home with Akriti. Chandru says yes, we will handle it here. Charu says yes, Gungun’s husband is also here. Anu says don’t ask Gungun anything that she doesn’t want to answer, please.

Akriti asks why doesn’t she want to say, what’s the problem in telling her husband’s name, her husband should be there with her, he isn’t here, that’s why you are keeping all the responsibilities, how shall I take you with me. Gungun asks who stopped you, go and take your husband, I don’t need anyone, my dad will be more hurt if you all stay here. Doctor says we can’t delay more, we have to take him. Gungun shouts no, don’t take my dad. Anu holds her. Gungun cries profusely.Akriti makes Gungun and Anu away. She hugs Gungun. She asks her to be strong and understand that she can’t hug someone else’s husband and cry like this. Anu hears this and gets angry. Akriti asks what will your husband think seeing this, give us his number, we will call him.

Garima says this time is to support, not to taunt, Akriti. She hugs Gungun. She asks Akriti to go home and not interfere. Golu says I will stay here with Gungun. Gungun asks Garima to go. Garima asks how can I leave you and go. Gungun says you left us before. Garima says don’t punish me. Gungun says I have hurt dad a lot, now I will find dad in the stars every night and apologize to him, maybe he forgives me, thanks for coming here, I don’t need anyone, please go. Akriti says you don’t need anyone but you need Anubhav. Gungun shouts take your husband, take everyone.Akriti saying you don’t want to stay where you get respect, you are pleading to stay here when you get this insult, Gungun will call her husband. Gungun asks Akriti to stop it and get lost. She cries and goes. Golu says you all go, I will just come. Golu, Ankit and Yug go to Gungun. Golu says Riddhesh was a nice person, we had a relation of heart with him, I was unfortunate that I couldn’t end the bitterness, please let us stay here, we want to do something for you. Gungun cries. He says maybe he forgives me.

Chandru says I got cash from home. Anu says no, its Riddhesh’s hospital. Chandru asks him to come along. Charu says life doesn’t stop with anyone’s going, come with us. Anu says sorry, I can’t leave Gungun alone and come. Charu says her husband will support her, you support your wife. Divya asks how will the rasams complete at home. Anu says I will come if you think rasams are imp than Gungun’s sorrow, I will come back after rasams. Charu says Gungun’s husband and Garima are here to share her sorrow. Chandru says you won’t come back, come with me. Anu says I will come. They all go.Garima comes crying and says Gungun isn’t letting me stay here, she will listen to you, you stay here. Anu says don’t worry, I will come after rasam ends, she is my responsibility. Akriti says I will just come. She goes to nurse and says Riddhesh is my uncle, did his son in law come here. Nurse says yes, he just paid the bill and went, he did all the formalities. Akriti asks what’s his name. Nurse says Anubhav. Akriti gets shocked.

Nurse says no, he has filled the form and signed also, check. Gungun says I have to sign the form. She goes to the reception desk. She sees Akriti. Akriti comes home and gets angry. Charu says she has sorrow, not anger, her uncle passed away, we have to do the rasams. Akriti gets angry and asks did you ask Anu his wish before marriage. Anu comes home. Charu and Chandru pacify Akriti. Chandru says Riddhesh was our family friend, Anu had to help him, situation doesn’t get spoiled. Charu says its not Anu’s mistake. She asks them not to defend Anu, did this marriage happen by his wish or not. The lady asks why is she asking so. Goli says you are educated, right, it means you are sensible, Anu went to help someone, it doesn’t mean that he didn’t marry you willingly. Chavi and Khushi ask Akriti to get ready for rasams and her suhaagraat. Akriti says I want my answer.Charu says if Anu wasn’t ready for this relation, then would we get this marriage done. Akriti says then ask Anu who filled the sindoor in Gungun’s maang. They ask how does it matter. Akriti says it matters to me, Anu will answer us. Akriti asks Anu to tell them the secret. Charu says say it clearly. Akriti says you have seen how Gungun was hugging Anu there. Anu says your thinking is making you fall in my sight, she was broken and crying. Akriti says you took her in your arms. Anu shouts Akriti. Sargam asks how can you think so and say it in front of everyone. Sunanda says yes, elders are here. Akriti says sorry, you will react like me if you know what I got to know. Charu asks what. Akriti asks Anu to say it. Anu says I don’t know what you are saying. She says Anu paid the hospital bill. Anu says so what, I didn’t ask you for money. Charu says Gungun wasn’t in senses to arrange money. Chandru says Riddhesh has helped us a lot in Golu’s matter. Akriti says its not about money. Chandru says don’t blame your husband, complete the rasams and go to your room. She says I won’t do rasams until Anu tells the truth. Anu refuses. She says I got to know the truth, by what relation did you complete formalities in the hospital. Charu asks Anu to answer. Akriti says your silence is making my doubt get confirmed. Charu asks Akriti to say. She says he signed as Gungun’s husband, Riddhesh’s son in law. They all get shocked.

Charu asks what is she saying. They worry. Anu thinks I m not scared of telling the truth, I can’t tell anyone without asking Gungun. Charu asks Anu to say it’s a lie. Anu says it’s a lie. Akriti says you filled that form. Anu says I filled the form and signed also, I didn’t see in which column I m signing. She says you aren’t so careless, my focus was on Riddhesh. Akriti says its not a lie, receptionist was calling you Riddhesh’s son in law, why. Chandru says maybe she got mistaken. Goli says yes, nobody would know that Anu and Gungun’s marriage got cancelled. Akriti thinks.

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