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Love by chance 4 December 2022:  Akriti shouting Anubhav. Gungun worries and gets leaving. Akriti stops her. She says I knew it, you have did a drama on stage that day, you said you did that to save my husband, and today you are trapping him, I will not spare anyone today.

She says Anubhav, you had a meeting, is this your meeting, I didn’t see a liar, cheat and spineless person like you, you didn’t keep the promise to family and yourself, you said you won’t meet Gungun again, you came here to date her, why are you punishing me, where is my love lacking. The girls laugh. Akriti asks him to see. She says they are laughing at me because of you. She asks how long will you do this. She scolds Gungun. She raises hand. Anu stops her. He asks her to control her tongue. He says Gungun isn’t wrong,

I insisted her to come here and meet me. She says its enough now, I m fed up of your hide and seek, today, the decision will be taken. The manager asks them not to disturb other customers in the café. Anu says I m sorry. Akriti says sorry won’t be enough, I won’t let you make fun of me, I m going, remember this, I will settle the scores today. She scolds her friends and leaves. Her friends also leave. Gungun says that’s why I didn’t want you to come here, but I got to know Ranvijay’s truth, it was imp. Anu asks will you change your marriage decision now. She says it doesn’t matter, don’t meet me now, you will get insulted. He says I don’t care, I called you to tell the truth, I hope you won’t marry him and make your life hell.

She says Akriti is angry on you, you convince her, stay happy with her. He asks how can you say that my happiness is with Akriti, just tell me, who did youpromise. Gungun cries.

She says its not imp to say or you to know this. She leaves. He says who can it be, who did she promise, don’t know what drama Akriti will do at home. Akriti asks Charu to decide, else she will go to Maayka and never come back. Sunanda asks her not to say this. Golu and Charu argue about Gungun and Anu. Ankit says Anu refused to marry Gungun when you used to praise her. Charu says I didn’t see her real truth that time. Akriti says I can’t stay here now.

Anu comes. Ankit says Akriti told everyone that you went to meet Gungun, they all are angry. Charu scolds Anu for meeting Gungun. Chandru asks how much will you embarrass us. Anu says I will leave the house if I m troubling you all. Sunanda scolds him. Goli says let him go, he isn’t here. Sargam says I feel ashamed to call you my son. Charu says you have spoiled all the relations and respect for a girl’s sake, you promised that you will not meet her. Anu says yes, but it was imp to meet her and tell… Charu says you lied so much that I won’t believe your truth, what do you want. Akriti says he wants Gungun and I want divorce. Sargam and everyone worry. She asks Akriti not to worry. Akriti says I can’t live just on this hope that everything will get fine, I m leaving. Charu asks her not to take a wrong step in anger, no one’s divorce happened in this family till now. Akriti says no bahu tolerated this till now. Anu says just hear out why I met Gungun. Akriti says you both were celebrating for the awards, sorry to spoil it, party with Gungun every day. She goes to her room. Sargam gets angry on Anu.

Gungun comes to meet Ranvijay. Ranvijay says you here… His mum asks how did you come. Gungun asks Ranvijay did he kidnap Anu and hand him over to the terrorists. Ranvijay asks what are you saying, it’s a lie. She asks why did police catch you. He says for temple incident, trust me, I didn’t do this. His dad says my son isn’t a criminal. She says you don’t know him, he is lying. He says you are blaming me, did Anu tell this, you came in his words, you are innocent, he is jealous of me.

His mum says don’t forget, Ranvijay is your would be husband. Gungun says husband my foot, you think I will marry this criminal, I m breaking this marriage, I will get him punished. He asks how dare you meet him. She asks how dare you ask me, who are you to ask me.

His dad asks her not to take imp decisions in a rush. He says you both love each other, why do you fight, I have to talk about investments. Gungun says I know, your company will sink without my money, I would have married Ranvijay if he didn’t do this crime, I will not marry him now. Ranvijay says I swear I won’t… Gungun slaps him and says don’t say a word against Anu, else I won’t leave you.

Charu asks Anu to go and convince Akriti. Goli says go and apologize. Anu says why, I didn’t make any mistake. Sargam says you made many mistakes. Anu says you all explain her, not me. Goli and Sunanda ask him to save his relation. Anu says I can’t do anything, don’t expect anything from me. Akriti gets angry in her room. Ranvijay hits Gungun’s wall sticker. His hand bleeds. She calls him and says I want revenge. Ranvijay smiles and says me too.


Anu saying I went to tell the truth to Gungun, you all told me to do this. Golu asks what did she say after knowing Ranvijay’s truth. Anu says she didn’t answer anything, why does Gungun get trapped always, it was not her mistake, Akriti tried to slap her and insult her in front of everyone, Gungun is getting the insult because of me, I m not able to do anything. Golu shuts the door. He asks Anu to listen to him carefully. He says this will be wrong in the family’s sight, but its imp. He asks him to divorce Akriti and marry Gungun.

Neeti and everyone ask Akriti to think well. Goli says divorce is a big decision, it’s a stain for a woman, change your decision, give a chance to Anu. Khushi says its not Anu’s mistake, but Gungun’s. Neeti says maybe Gungun insisted him to come. Akriti says I m ready to give him a last chance. She goes to the cafe and meets Ranvijay. She asks him to come to the point. He says you have called me.

She asks him to handle his wife. He says you control your husband. They argue. He asks did you call me here to fight. She says I want revenge. They shake hands. He says Gungun slapped me and insulted me. She asks him to marry Gungun and then take revenge. He says you are innocent, Gungun will continue the affair after marrying me, its Anu’s masterplan. Akriti says but she will stay in your house.

He says no, he said she will stay in her house, they will cheat you every day, Anu will go to her house to meet her. She says I really underestimated Anu, I forgot he is a genius, he is always ahead of me, he promised me that he won’t meet Gungun but I caught them red-handed, how long will this go on. Ranvijay says Gungun will not leave from your life, we have to find a permanent solution, I will kill Gungun. She asks what.

He says any guy would marry her for money and then leave her. She asks can you do this or get scared of police. He says I m not scared of police, my dad will handle, will you support me. She says this is wrong. He asks are Anu and Gungun doing right with you, I can’t do this alone. She says no. He says we can send Gungun out of this city. She says you can do this alone. He says no, I want your help, I trust you. She says it’s a crime, I can’t help. He says they are cheating us, Anu will never give you love, who knows, they will shift to US, they an divorce us and get married, what will you do now, take your time. She leaves. Akriti comes to meet Gungun. Gungun says you here, did you come to find your husband. Akriti says he will come back to me, but you will go to jail one day, I have come to give you a last warning, don’t meet him.

Gungun says he tries to meet me, I don’t meet him, I can lodge a complaint that you tried to kill me at a public place, I m not like you, handle your husband instead threatening me. She shuts the door. Akriti says Ranvijay was right, we have to get rid of Gungun forever.

Akriti comes home. Anu asks where did you go. She says you tell me and go always, right? They start arguing. She doesn’t listen to him. He says you don’t listen to me ever. She asks how long will this go on. He says enough, this marriage would have not happened, if… She asks what. She holds his collar. He makes her away. He says if my family’s ego was not bigger than my happiness. She asks were you not happy. He says I m still not happy. She says your happiness is with Gungun, right. He says if I say yes then…

She says you told me that I don’t think and talk, you didn’t think before saying this to your wife. He says you wanted to know the truth, so I told it, I m not blaming you, its our mistake, what’s the use, I don’t know how long will we able to bear this relation, I m helpless, you are my responsibility, but Gungun is my love. She says you said you don’t want to hear my name. He says I didn’t know that she is helpless to marry Ranvijay, now I know it, I will not leave my responsibility towards Gungun.

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