Love by chance update Saturday 24 September 2022

Love by Chance 24 September 2022: The Episode starts with Anu saying Gungun goes in parties every day. Riddhesh says she got stubborn, she doesn’t eat for two days if I refuse. Neeti says she refused to have food, but agreed when we insisted her. Divya says she cutely slept after having food. Anu asks how can someone sleep cutely. Riddhesh says I can’t refuse to her always. Sargam asks him to have kachoris. Golu says don’t think of Anu’s words, he was more serious than teacher in school, he has become a college professor now. Anu says Riddhesh did a lot for us, so I was advising you, sorry if you felt bad. Riddhesh says you are right, I don’t know her friends, she has winter break, she has time and I have no time. Chandru says we will discuss music now, I love music. Golu says we hurt the thing we love the most, we will see Khushi and Ankit’s video. Riddhesh says I didn’t give time to Gungun, thanks for being so good. He gets a call. He says make OT ready, I m coming. He says I have to go for emergency, I can’t have lunch. Charu says I can understand your duty. Sargam asks Riddhesh to eat something. Riddhesh takes some snack. He asks them to come, when are Khushi and Ankit coming. Sargam says tomorrow, we miss her a lot.Riddhesh asks Anu to come, else he will think Anu is upset with Gungun. Anu says no.

Love by chance 23 September 2022

Riddhesh says you wanted to refuse, but your values didn’t let you refuse, I wish to tell you everything, Gungun’s mum doesn’t live with us since her childhood, we were doctors in US, I took Gungun and came back to India, her mum stayed there, she doesn’t say, she broke down when the family broke, when we see an empty chair, when mum just becomes a contact in phone, then a child breaks down within, we need time and a family to help her gather. Charu says you can send Gungun here anytime you want. Sargam says we all love her. Charu says we are coming tomorrow, Anu will come with us. Anu says yes. Riddhesh leaves. Gungun is leaving for the party. Garima compliments her. She applies her the black dot. Riddhesh asks her to sit for a talk. He says I don’t know your friends, you have to spend the day with me tomorrow. She says I have to go shopping. He says we have a party at home tomorrow. She argues with him. He asks her to take life seriously. Gungun complains about Anu. She says I had gone there on your saying, I had food there and slept, he woke me and scolded me, he is a bad guy. Garima says he is elder, talk to him well. Gungun asks what shall I call him, bhaiya? They say no. Riddhesh says that family praised you a lot. She says they are nice people, I just have a problem with Anu. He says he isn’t boring, but mature, I m worried seeing your friends, Chavi is also coming, take care of her. Gungun says you care for her when its my birthday, I don’t want to go. She goes to her room and cries. Riddhesh and Garima come to her. He asks Gungun not to get angry on herself.

He convinces her. She hugs him. She goes for the party. Garima says I m worried, Anu and Gungun will be meeting tomorrow. Riddhesh says I want to talk to Charu about this. Garima says they don’t like each other. He says Gungun needs Anu and his family, I don’t know how will this happen. Chavi asks Yug to come with her, the party looks hi fi. Yug says you look pretty, don’t worry, our gift is rooted like us, Gungun will like it. They see Gungun dancing with her friends. Chavi says Anu will come to attend Gungun’s birthday, go to her. Gungun asks Chavi to come. Gungun hugs Chavi. She asks her to come on dance floor. Chavi says no, I can’t dance. Gungun says its easy, come. Gungun teaches her dance. She asks her to forget the family and Anu’s rules, have fun. Anu says you left Chavi and came home, why did Chavi go, why did you send her. Charu says we had accepted the invite. They ask Anu to go and pick Chavi.

Anu arguing with the family about Gungun. He says that girl is wrong. Sargam asks him to call her by her name. Golu says its a nice man, Gungun. Anu says I won’t go to pick Chavi, Golu can go and get him. Golu jokes. Neeti says you don’t have to dance there, just go and get Chavi. Golu sings. Anu says Gungun and I won’t have any relation, don’t act smart with me. Sunanda says go and get Chavi. Anu says its wrong to send Chavi when I refused. Charu says I did a sin to not listen to house elders. Anu says sorry, I didn’t mean that. Charu says a deserving son is one who doesn’t show his worry, he doesn’t let elders repeat words again. Sargam jokes. Sunanda says Anu doesn’t understand. Anu says Yug should go and pick Chavi. Yug asks why me, I have gone to drop her. Anu says fine, I m going to pick her. Charu says they will ask you to have food. Golu says yes, we will have food in the hi fi party. Anu says you go alone. Golu says fine, we won’t do anything but wish birthday. Anu says I will go now, don’t force me to come tomorrow. Charu asks don’t you value my word given. Anu says fine, I will come, don’t expect me to smile. They say fine.

Golu and Anu come to pick Chavi. Golu says we will go inside. Anu says we will call her. Golu says you are 27 years old, don’t act like a 70 years old. Anu argues with him. Golu says you are comparing such a sweet girl with a dragon, this is between you and Gungun, what shall I say. Anu asks her to call Chavi. Golu says I don’t remember Chavi’s number. Anu calls Chavi. Gungun says give me the phone, let him call. Chavi says he is my brother, he will get upset if I don’t answer. Gungun says you can read the messages in family group for Gyaan, forget the phone, enjoy the party. Anu says she isn’t answering. Golu says we shall go inside. They go inside. They see the girls dancing. Anu asks how will we find Chavi, everyone is wearing masks. Chavi sees them and waves. She comes to them. Gungun also meets them. Golu says its late, we came to pick Chavi. Gungun says I will drop Chavi in my car. Anu says don’t impress us by your money, we will take Chavi with us. Gungun says she won’t go anywhere. Gungun and Anu start arguing. Anu says you will come home with me right away. Gungun says ask her wish, party along, you always want to become dictator. He says no, its called care.

Golu says you want Chavi to stay, we will go after ten mins. She says no, she has to stay till cake cutting. He says fine, actually we have Goli at home, she doesn’t let us come home late. Anu says we don’t go out after 10pm. She says its about girls. He says its nothing like that. She says take a cab and go.Golu says we are coming to your house tomorrow, cut the cake with Chavi there. Gungun says Chavi won’t go. Chavi says let me go. Gungun says don’t get afraid of Anu. Golu says relax and chill, I m her dad. Anu says come with me, else I will go back alone. Golu says we got too late, everyone would be waiting, Anu is hungry, so he is irritated. Gungun says feed him something and take him. Anu says its done, I m going, get Chavi home. Chavi says Gungun, I will go home, I enjoyed a lot, let me go with Anu. Gungun says fine, go. Anu says I told you not to send Chavi in this stupid girl’s party. Gungun scolds him. Everyone looks on. Gungun says you don’t know about return gift, you never party, its my 21st birthday party, it was special for me because of my new friend, you have come and spoiled the party, I will take revenge. He asks did I spoil, you all are spoiled already, its stupid that you call them your friends, just money doesn’t take a standard higher, make friends by thinking well. Gungun cries. Anu, Chavi and Golu leave.

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