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Love by chance 19 November 2022: The Episode starts with Akriti is your wife, what will you answer her. Gungun says she is your daughter, she came to find her husband, why are you protecting us. Garima says she is just my daughter, you are my everything. Gungun says we will hide Anu in dad’s room. Garima asks him to hurry up. Anu goes with Gungun. He says sorry, you have to bear this because of me, I promise, this hide and seek will end one day. Garima opens the door. She greets Charu and Akriti. Akriti asks what are you doing here. Garima says Gungun was alone after Maya went to US, so I have come. Akriti says we came to find Anu. Charu says call him outside. Garima says he isn’t here, why did you come here to find him, he would be in his institute. Akriti says he isn’t there. Garima asks them to come in. Anu says one day I will tell the world that you are my wife. Gungun asks him to hide fast. He asks if Akriti comes here. She says just pray that she doesn’t come. Charu says I asked Anubhav not to come here. Garima says Gungun is in her room. Akriti says I will meet her. Garima says I will call her here. Akriti says it means you are hiding something. Garima calls out Gungun to inform her. Gungun says I m going, you hide fast.

Gungun comes downstairs and says you here. Akriti asks where were you. Gungun says dad’s room, why. Akriti asks about Anu. Gungun says why would he come here, I was missing dad and went to his room. Akriti asks till when will you keep your husband’s name a secret, my husband’s name is getting involved, marry Ranvijay and end this. Gungun asks her not to interfere in her life. She takes Akriti to her room. Akriti looks around. She says if Anubhav calls, then ask him not to come here. Gungun says you tell this to him. Akriti says he doesn’t understand that its wrong, you would understand right, then tell him. Gungun says I will tell him. Akriti gets a kerchief and says its Anu’s kerchief. Gungun says he forgot this when he came last time, you are a caring wife, you know his kerchief also. Akriti says a wife can know her husband’s footstep also, are you sure he forgot this last time, I got a news that he has come here. Gungun says maybe someone joked, don’t you trust your relation. Akriti says our relation is strong. Gungun asks why are you scared, you can’t break this relation, no one can save this relation then. Akriti says I trust my husband a lot, if he breaks this trust, I won’t sit quiet, I will ruin him and his career.

Gungun says amazing, you call your relation strong and talk of ruining him, one gives life in love, one doesn’t threaten. Akriti says if Anu comes here, tell him that your house doors got shut for him forever. Gungun says I won’t say, dad taught me to welcome guests, you are also welcome.Charu and Akriti come home. Chandru says Anu can’t open the promise. He asks Akriti to not trust Ranvijay. Anu comes home. Charu asks from where are you coming. Anu says I went to attend a workshop, it was arranged by the institute, why are you asking. Charu says we got to know you are not at your institute, so we thought… Anu says that I went to meet Gungun, right. Charu says tell us when you go out, we worry. Akriti says message is also enough. Anu says fine, I m going out tomorrow, I m going out of Lucknow for few days. Akriti asks where are you going. He says Mumbai, for my seminar. Akriti says but it was in Kashmir. He says yes, its happening in Mumbai because of weather problems. Sunanda and Sargam ask him to take Akriti along. He says I m going for work, Akriti can’t come with me. Charu asks why. Anu says she is not in my dept now. Chandru says she is your wife now. Anu says I don’t need her help, once I come back, we will go on honeymoon.

Garima asks Gungun about her trip. Gungun says Anu asked me to come along. Garima says they will doubt you. Gungun asks why, don’t I have a life. Garima says I find this risky, I have to lock the house, people will know that you aren’t here, is this right if you go with Anu. Gungun says I have no option, but I feel guilty about Akriti. Garima says Akriti never loved Anu, don’t worry. Ranvijay stops them at the gate. Garima says we are going out for some work. He asks where. Gungun says we won’t tell you. Ranvijay demands her to say. She asks them to get lost. Garima says we are going to temple to do puja for Riddhesh. He asks why this bag. Garima says it has puja items and clothes to donate. Gungun asks her not to give explanation to Ranvijay. He asks which temple. She scolds him. Garima lies to him. Garima and Gungun leave.

Akriti sees Ranvijay’s call. He asks where is Anu. She says he went to Mumbai for his seminar. He says I came to meet Gungun, Garima and Gungun were going out with a big bag, they said they are going to temple. Akriti says mum didn’t tell me anything. He asks are you thinking the same. Gungun reaches the temple. She sees Anu dressed in casuals, and not wearing his specs. She smiles seeing his different look. He asks why did you get Bua along. She says Bua knows everything. He says thanks for supporting us, sorry, I m cheating Akriti, I can’t give her a wife’s rights and status, I love Gungun. Garima says I can understand, you and Gungun are made for each other, unfortunately my daughter came in between, I can’t stop loving her, tell her the truth soon, so that she can move on, you both won’t need to hide and meet. He says truth will come out, I m worried that my family will break all ties with me, I will never leave Gungun. Garima blesses them. She asks him to keep Gungun happy. He says don’t worry, I have just kept responsibilities, I will keep love now. Garima gives Gungun’s hand to Anu.


Ranvijay saying we shall find out if our doubt is right or not. She says don’t try to fill poison in my head, Anu was not there when you told me he is at Gungun’s house, he went to attend rural seminar, you have no work, but I have work. She ends call. Charu asks whose call was it. Akriti says Ranvijay. Charu says good you scolded him. Akriti says he said Gungun has gone to the temple with Garima. Charu says don’t worry. She says I want to go to Mumbai, if someone can accompany me. Anu and Gungun come to the hotel in Mumbai. The men welcome Anu and Gungun. The man says we are glad that you are attending this seminar. Anu fills the form. He writes Gungun’s name as his wife. The men ask Anu to get Gungun for the seminar, she is a physics scientist. Anu says they think you are Akriti, be ready to give a lecture on quantum physics. He teases her. He says she can’t come, she is going for a Mumbai tour, we will go back after the seminar. The man says we also kept a cultural program, please attend it. Anu says fine. The manager says your room is ready, please come.

Charu and Golu ask why do you want to go to Mumbai, Anu will come back. Akriti says I will come back with him, I want to surprise him. Yug says you don’t trust Anu. Golu says your surprise can become a shock. Neeti says we will call Gungun and ask her where did she go. Yug asks can’t she go anywhere else. Charu says Anu and Gungun went on the same day and same time, so Akriti is worried. Goli says right, Akriti can go, but take someone along. Sargam asks Yug and Neeti to go along. Ankit says Khushi and I will also go. Golu says Anu is going to come back tomorrow, why to spend so much. Akriti says then I will go alone. Charu asks them to go. Golu says its like keeping an eye on Anu, he will understand this. Charu says Anu is the reason for this, I feel its better that Akriti goes and clears her doubts. Goli asks why did Garima end Gungun alone. Sargam asks Akriti to talk to Garima and ask once about Gungun, then maybe she doesn’t need to go. Gungun likes the room. Manager wishes them a pleasant stay. He leaves. Anu gives the bouquet to Gungun. He says I m staying in a five star hotel for the first time in life. She says then get habitual, you are growing at a good speed, you will soon attend international seminar.

He asks do you have a problem to share the room with me. She says no, we are husband and wife. He says sorry, I wrote your name in wife’s column without asking you.

He asks what happened, did you feel bad. Gungun says yes, not for writing my name in wife’s column, but that you can’t tell this to anyone. She says everyone wanted us to get married, we didn’t want to marry. He says we didn’t understand our bond before.Gungun and Anu have a moment. Sun mere humsafar…plays… They hug and kiss. Akriti calls him. He switches off the phone. He goes to Gungun. Akriti meets Shankar. He says I m okay, Garima is taking good care of me. She says she takes care of others also. She asks about Gungun. Garima says I came here as Shankar was alone. Akriti asks did you leave Gungun alone at the temple and come. Garima says yes, she said she is going to meet her friend. Akriti questions her. She says you don’t know about Gungun. Shankar says maybe she has fallen drunk at a friend’s house, she is so ill mannered. Akriti argues a lot. She says Ranvijay isn’t Gungun’s husband, that’s why she attempted suicide on her wedding day, I feel you are hiding something, if I know that you know something, then that will be the last day of our relation. Garima cries and says my happiness got ruined when Riddhesh passed away. Akriti says save other relation, tell me, where did Gungun go. Garima says I don’t know. Shankar says then call her. Garima asks why do you want to know about Gungun. Akriti says Anu went to Mumbai, he didn’t answer my call, now his phone is off. Garima says problem is in your and Anu’s relation, why are you dragging Gungun in between. Akriti says make a video call to Gungun. Garima says fine, but I will make a normal call.

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