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Love by Chance 10 December 2022: The Episode starts with Gungun asking how much can you pay. Armaan says 5 lakhs, 7 lakhs. Gungun says okay, but I want the payment right now. He signs a cheque and gives it to her. Anu signs her. Gungun thanks him. She gives the cheque to Prakash’s mum. She says I want the ladies to start some work that they become independent. Prakash’s mum says but its your video. Gungun says its imp for who is this useful. Aarti thanks her for the help. Prakash says there is no one like Gungun. Anu and Armaan smile. Armaan says when you come back, tell us, we will take your interview and keep a photoshoot, I shall leave. Golu and everyone ask him to attend the marriage. Armaan agrees.

Charu asks what were you cleaning. Chandru says Tanpura, I don’t wish to sing these days. Charu says yes, when a storm comes in life, music also blinks off, Anu is troubling us, and I m worried for Goli, don’t know what to do. He gets a call. Pradyush’s uncle Kamalnath Nigam introduces himself. He says Pradyush told us about Kiran, we want to meet and talk about their marriage. Charu says I will talk at home and tell you. He ends the call.Gaikwad says I had to leave the house because you sent that pic. He scolds Ranvijay. He says I will kill you if you do such mistake again. Charu and Chandru come to Goli. They ask what do you think about Pradyush. She says I think he is saying the truth, I want some time to think. Charu asks her to think well and then decide. She asks what do you think. Charu says he did wrong, but he has done it for his friend’s family. Chandru says he didn’t marry or love anyone. Charu says you should give him a chance. She says I don’t know what to do. He says think well, then I will talk to his uncle, he was talking about your and Pradyush’s marriage, I said I will tell him your decision. Chandru says we should talk to them once. Goli says okay.

Akriti comes to the hotel and asks for Anubhav’s room keys. The lady says sorry, we can’t give you the hotel keys. Akriti asks can’t I go to my husband’s room. Manager comes. The lady says she is asking for her husband’s room keys. He says sorry, we can’t give it to you, talk to him, we will give the key if he tells you. Akriti calls Anu. He is busy in the marriage function. Prakash and Aarti get married. Anu and Gungun smile. Akriti says he isn’t answering. Manager says then wait till he comes. She asks where did he go. He says sorry, we have no idea.Pradyush’s uncle and aunt come home. Sunanda praises Goli. Kamalnath says we have just heard good about Kiran from Pradyush, he told me many times that he has to apologize to Kiran. Charu says I don’t want to force any decision on my sister. Chandru says we want to talk in front of Goli. Aunt asks them to call Kiran. Divya goes to get Goli. Sunanda says you take care of Pradyush so much. Aunt says he is like our son. Goli comes and greets them. Kamalnath says the laddoos are really great. Goli says thanks. They say thanks for waiting for 15 years for Pradyush, we request you to give one chance to him. Goli says fine, I m ready to give him a chance. Everyone smiles.

Charu cries happily. Sunanda asks why are you crying. He says my sister will go from this house. She says no, keep the tears for the marriage bidaai.Kamalnath says we will keep the engagement tomorrow. Aunt adds, we had asked our pandit also, tomorrow we have an auspicious time for it. Chandru asks but how will we manage the preparations in such a short time.Charu says we will not invite the relatives, we will just have the family members. Kamalnath says Pradyush will have a family after marrying Kiran. Goli smiles. Armaan says I like marriage functions. Anu says it means you believe in the institution of marriage. Armaan says no, I like to just see the marriage functions, we don’t get the expected results in marriage, sensible people learn from own experiences, more sensible people learn from other’s experience. Gungun says one who holds hands, if they get tired, they have someone along. Armaan says those who need support are weak. Anu says Gungun is my strength, I would have not been alive without her. Armaan says she saved you, you are her weakness. Gungun says its love. Armaan says love makes a person weak, anyway, it was good, that’s why I m publishing your article in my magazine, when shall I book your ticket. Anu says you shifted to business soon. Armaan says you are smart, I will talk about relations later. Gungun says I will come myself. He says my office can do this for you, my assistant will come to pick you. She says I have internet and GPS also. Anu says he wants to make sure that you really come. Armaan says very impressive. Gungun says you think I m foolish. He says no, you are sensible, you took 7 lakhs from me, I was booking the flight ticket so that you don’t run away with the money. Anu says don’t worry, she will come. Armaan says I have no option than trusting you.

Gungun says who tries to teach me, makes a mistake. Armaan recalls someone’s words. He says anyway, I should leave, I would like to meet Anu also, you are our country’s pride. Anu says sure. Armaan leaves. Gungun asks why did you agree with Armaan. Anu says he was saying right, you fought for me and got the terrorists caught, you saved many lives, you are special, I want everyone to know your family. Prakash and Aarti greet Anu and Gungun. He thanks them for coming. Golu jokes. Gungun says we shall go now. Prakash’s mum asks her to come in the post marriage functions. Anu says we will come. He gets Akriti’s call. He calls her back. She thinks to talk to him face to face, he can’t get saved after cheating her.Akriti seeing Anu and Gungun coming to the hotel. She claps for them. Anu and Gungun are shocked to see her. Akriti says Anu is a famous scientist, he has come here on excuse of police enquiry, he is having an affair here. Golu asks her not to forget where she is. She says maybe you all forgot that I m his legal wife. Anu says you are misunderstanding. She says shut up, I caught you red-handed, you lied to me that Gungun isn’t with you, I had given you a last warning, I thought you also want to save this marriage, I will go to the police and file a complaint against you both. She asks the people to say, does such a man get punished or not. The people say yes, this girl should also go to jail, call the police. Akriti says I will call the police. Golu says it will defame entire family. Akriti argues. Anu says we attended a wedding, we are returning from there. She says don’t tell me, I know you went to Prakash’s wedding. Anu asks him to learn to treat humans as humans. She says you learn to treat wife as a wife. Gungun says you have no right to say anything about my brother. Akriti says you have a right to enjoy with my husband. Anu says you are misunderstanding, Gungun is leaving now. She says you mean she came to drop you or spend a night with you. Gungun says enough, don’t point at my character. Akriti says you know what character means, you are a shameless girl who spent the wedding night with someone’s husband. Golu and Ankit lie to Akriti. She says you both are here to cover Anu’s mistakes. She shows the pic. Anu asks how did you get this pic. She says you all are lying again and again, Charu praises the family upbringing, and this is the upbringing, lying, cheating and enjoying here. She scolds them.


Gungun says please calm down, you are making a joke of yourself also. Akriti asks her to shut up. She takes a vase and hits on Gungun’s head. Anu shouts how dare you, Akriti. Akriti says I will call the police. The lady asks her to stay calm and not go to the police. Anu asks for first aid kit. Golu says it’s a deep wound. Akriti says she deserves it. Anu says I will also file a complaint against you. She says I have a proof against you. Anu argues.He says you have no proof that I cheated you, I have a proof, that you have tried to kill Gungun, everyone has seen it here, its recorded in the cctv camera, I will go to the police. Gungun says forget it. Anu says she always wants to do a drama. He scolds Akriti. She says I was going to scare her, what shall I do if she came ahead. Golu and Ankit also scold her. Anu says this time, you have hurt all the limits, I won’t forgive you.He asks Gungun to come. Akriti asks where are you going. He says to my room, you can go to the police if you want, come to my room if you want to talk. She says I will go to the family and tell that I caught you red-handed. He says I will also say that you tried to kill your sister. Akriti says she isn’t my sister, else she would have not ruined my family, I won’t keep any relation with you. Gungun faints. She thinks I may fall in trouble if anything happens to her. Ankit asks for some doctor. A man says I m a doctor. He checks Gungun. She gets conscious. He says she is fine, I will prescribe the medicines. Anu and Akriti argue. Golu says no use to drag the matter. He says Akriti shouldn’t know that you and Gungun are staying together. She asks where are you taking her. Anu says you are responsible for her state. She says I wish Lord gives such sister to anyone, she is a Naagin. Ankit asks her to mind her tongue. Anu says its our duty to take care of her. She says you want to take care of her, right. He says you should do this ideally, I m taking Gungun to my room. She asks him to die if he has any shame left. Gungun says I will go to Prakash’s room. Anu says no, I don’t care what anyone thinks.

Ranvijay plays a game. He argues with Gaikwad. Gaikwad says you didn’t do a favor on me, you want to kill Anu and get saved from the police. Ranvijay says this didn’t happen. Gaikwad says one needs planning, money and patience to kill a VIP person. Ranvijay asks when will you do plan. Gaikwad says have patience, the right chance isn’t too far. He calls and asks what’s happening there. The man says Anu and his two wives are having a fight. Gaikwad says good, call me if Anu leaves the hotel. Akriti makes a video. Anu asks what are you doing. Gungun says I m fine. Anu stops Akriti and asks what do you want to show. She says don’t dare to hold my hand, I hate you, I get angry on myself that I loved you. He says you don’t know the meaning of love, you are selfish. She says you are lecturing me on love, you cheated your wife and lied to the family, I thought you are smart, you can’t understand that you risked everything for an illegitimate relation, she isn’t loyal to her sister, what will she be loyal to you, I want to curse her. Anu shouts Akriti. She says its your husband also, you both did Phd in shamelessness, you crossed all limits. Anu asks her to come to room and talk. Akriti refuses. Golu asks the people to go, its their family matter.Anu says Gungun needs rest. Akriti says she needs police beating, and you also, I have a proof, these pics, its enough, now patience and tolerance, its over now, there is nothing to get fine between us. She leaves. Gungun asks Anu to go. He says I can’t leave you and go. Golu says I m with Gungun, go and see Akriti, where will she go alone at night. Anu calls Akriti. Golu asks Ankit to go with Anu. Gungun cries and leaves Anu’s hand. Golu takes Gungun with her.

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