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Love by Chance 21 October 2022: The Episode start with Goli seeing Pradyush at the temple. She asks him not to do any drama. He says I want to talk to you, listen to me. She says the time is over now. He says decide this after listening to me, I went away from you, but couldn’t make your memories away. She says I have forgotten everything by difficulty, don’t make me remember all that again, why are you following me, you are married, you have a child, does this look good if you follow a stranger. He says no, I m not following you, I remember you come here to do puja every Monday. She asks did you forget what you did. He says I remember. She asks why did you come. He says for your sake. she says wow, you are shameless, you thought I will welcome you in my life. He asks didn’t you get happy seeing me.

She asks will you get happy if someone scratches old wounds, let me stay happy. He says you are lying, you aren’t happy. She scolds him. She asks him to never come home. He says you still love me, so you couldn’t forget and forgive me. She says no. He asks why didn’t you get married, I got my answer. She says enough, I didn’t get married, not because I love you, I hate love because of you, don’t follow me next time. She goes. He cries.Maya comes to Gungun. She says I should know where you are going. Gungun says family asks this, not guests. Maya says I m your mum. Gungun shouts you aren’t my mum. They argue. Maya asks her to always have pepper spray in her purse.

She gives a card. She says we will go marriage shopping at the best designer store. Gungun says thanks, my marriage shopping is already done. Maya sings a lullaby. Gungun says I used to remember this lullaby and also that you aren’t with me, I forgot this lullaby and you also. Maya says no one could understand me here. Gungun says so you left your 9 year old daughter here, stop shedding tears, it doesn’t suit you. Maya cries and says I was a bad mum, but you aren’t a bad daughter, I just want you to forget hatred for one day. Gungun says you don’t deserve it, you have no love for me, you did a drama in my would be Sasural. Maya says it was my concern, your happiness is imp for me, if I can fight them, then I can apologize to them for your sake, I m not too bad, I love you, I promise I will become a good mum in next birth, I take all my conditions back. She goes crying. Garima gets food for Maya. Maya asks her to leave her alone for some time. She says I regret insulting Gungun’s Sasural, you are also a mum, won’t you see Akriti’s Sasural, will they keep her happy or not.

Garima gets sad. Maya says I really deserve a punishment, you can understand me, my daughter hates me. Garima cries. She asks her to apologize to Anu’s family. Maya says I want to, but Riddhesh won’t let me go there. Garima says I will talk to Riddhesh, have food. Maya asks her to leave her alone. Garima goes. Maya smiles and eats chips. She sees Gungun’s pics and says I want my daughter now, I know what to do, Gungun is just like me. Garima saying Maya is regretting a lot for misbehaving with Gungun’s Sasural. Riddhesh says its too late now. She wants to stay hungry and punish herself. She says her intention wasn’t wrong, she wants Gungun to stay happy. He asks Gungun to go for the party and come back in time. Gungun leaves. Garima asks Riddhesh to give Maya a chance. She says I know the pain, when a daughter hates a mum. He says fine, if Maya wants to apologize to Kulshreshthas/Anu’s family, then I will let her meet them. He goes to talk to Maya. He asks what do you want to prove by leaving the food. She throws the chips and starts acting. She says I m punishing myself. He says I know you have no regret, why are you doing this drama. She says that’s right, this isn’t a drama but a mum’s pain.


He says I m Gungun’s dad and mum since the last 12 years, Gungun was our dream, then you changed your dream, you wanted to become a successful doctor, you don’t become a victim now. She says my decision made me cry a lot, loneliness is the biggest punishment, I chose this punishment myself, I m a victim of my ambitions. She cries. She says Gungun never called me mom when I called her, I couldn’t stop myself when I heard about her marriage. He says Gungun’s happiness isn’t imp for you, so you did that drama in her Sasural. Maya says misunderstandings happen, I thought they are typical gold diggers. He says you think I will find such Sasural for my daughter, don’t I love her. She says you love her, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make a mistake, she wants family and happiness, we can give her money and comforts, but not a real family, I want to apologize to Kulshreshthas, I will bridge the distance, you don’t snatch my last chance, let me do this, I don’t want to miss her wedding. He agrees.

Riddhesh, Gungun and Maya come to meet Anu and family. Maya apologizes. Charu asks her not to apologize. Chandru says we aren’t upset with you. Maya says I m not a good mum. Anu say she is saying right. Golu says be quiet. Maya talks emotional. Maya says I understood that good-valued and loving Sasural is the best, forgive me, I have misbehaved because of my daughter’s love. Sunanda says we can understand. Anu jokes. Chary says a woman can make a mistake, but a mother can’t. Maya apologizes to Anu. She says I m glad that you took a stand for your family. Anu also apologizes. Maya says don’t say sorry, you are right. She asks for sweets. Sunanda asks Neeti to get the sweets. Maya asks her to get the juice as well. Sunanda asks Divya to get all the sweets. Golu says we should order samosas also. Gungun laughs. Maya says I m glad that Gungun is comfortable with you all. Goli says Charu always says that our bahu will come with respect, not things.

Charu says people are lost in money when there is more money than needed, when there is a AC in the room, the door is kept shut, and the doors are left open when there is no AC. Maya says I have to learn a lot from you all. Ankit says something is fishy. Golu and everyone comment. Anu says everything is fishy. Sunanda asks Maya to eat sweets. Maya sees Gungun and eats. She says Riddhesh was right, the food is tasty. She says Gungun got this family, I will find a Sasural for Chavi, I have a request, don’t refuse, I want to throw a party in your honour before the marriage, our relatives can also meet, it will be more fun in the marriage. Chandru says its strange. Charu says this doesn’t happen here. Maya says emotions are same everywhere, we celebrate happiness, we call it party there, we call it haldi mehendi rasams. He says if rasams are happening, then what’s the need of party. She says rasams will be done separately, we will have a party together. Charu says sorry. Chandru says but if you are saying, we can keep sangeet. Golu says I know why you are saying so. Maya says we have added many things in our life with time, like mobile phone, Anu and Gungun are new generation kids, why to put old generation rules on them, I have some wishes for Gungun’s marriage, please let me throw this party.

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