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Lost in Love 14 December 2022: Virat retuns home. Sai calls him. He doesn’t find her and thinks its his imagination. She calls him again. He thinks he is overstressed and walks in. Sai gets out of bushes and feels disappointed not finding him. Virat clashes with him and asks where was she, why didn’t he see her. She jokes she is Mr India and he needs to wear red goggles to see her. He feels irritated. She says let us together get into house. He says whatever. Karishma calls Sai and asks where is she. Sai asks her to open the door as she is standing outside. Sonali asks Bhavani not to spare Sai for meeting Rajiv. Pakhi says she will open the door. Karishma says she doesn’t want to lose a chance to taunt Sai. Pakhi opens door and finds Virat with Sai. Sai thanks Pakhi for opening the door. Sonali tells Bhavani that Sai must have gone out with Virat. Ashwini suggests Bhavani not to question Sai about Rajiv or else Virat may get angry.

Sai tells family that she returned home with her husband. Virat asks why is she announcing loudly. Sai follows Virat. Bhavani thinks Sai is very clever. Pakhi feels jealous and thinks Virat was angry on Sai, but came home with her. Sai asks Virat if he has questions for her. He says no and asks her not to act as god. Sai says she is trying to unite 2 loving hearts. She asks her to concentrate on her exams and studies. Sai says she will give exams and pass with good numbers only if he supports her in reuniting Shivani and Rajiv. He holds her and warns her to dare not think of blackmailing him, he fought with his family to make her a doctor and hence she will study well. She requests to convince his family for Shivani’s marriage. He says she is hopeless. She miles.Sai walks to Shivani’s room. Shivani excitedly asks whats the news. Sai says her nephew is khadoos who is not easy to convince. Shivani says she knows about her love story and asks what about my love story. Sai says she has already planned something. Door bell rings. Sai says it already came. Karishma opens door. Rajiv enters disguised as AC technician and says Shivani called him to repair AC. Bhavani sees him and says she has seen him somewhere. He says he came to Nagpur just recently. Sai rushes to him and takes him in. Bhavani thinks she has seen him somewhere for sure.

Shivani enters Virat’s room and says she wants to talk to him. He says he knows as Sai informed him everything. Shivani calls Sai and Virat in. Virat panics seeing Rajiv and asks him to get out. Rajiv says he came to seek his help in convincing Chavan family for Shivani and his marriage. Virat denies. Rajiv tries to convince Virat in his jovial style, but Virat gets adamant. Rajiv says he can’t live without Shivani for a second and either he will lead rest of his life with her or will die. Virat says he can do whatever he wants to. Rajiv says he will go to Chavans and will break his bones via them. Virat stands adamantly. Rajiv leaves.Shivani confronts Virat for being stone hearted. Sai tries her best to convince Virat and asks if he wants to feel guilty that Shivani forgave Rajiv, but Virat didn’t and separated 2 loving hearts. Bhavani stops Rajiv. Rajiv says he knew he would stop him, turns and gets tensed noticing Bhavani instead. Bhavani watches him carefully. Rajiv says she must be thinking where she saw him. Sai requests Virat to save Rajiv. Virat walks down and asks Rajiv to repair the AC properly. Bhavani stops Rajiv.

Virat asks AC technician/Rajiv to fix the AC properly. Bhavani stops him and says he didn’t inform where she saw him. Rajiv says he read in a book that there are 7 people of same face, so she must have seen one among 6 other faces. Bhavani orders him to clean her room’s AC after cleaning Virat’s room AC. He agrees and follows Virat. Bhavani thinks if she has 6 other people with her face. Rajiv returns to Virat’s room and asks Virat if he will help him or not. Virat says he will help Shivani. Shivani and Sai rejoice hearing that. Rajiv asks what is his plan. Rajiv warns him to stop his Koi Milgaya movie’s Jadu acting and waste ideas. Rajiv agrees. Sai asks Rajiv to leave before Bhavani creates any problem. Rajiv thanks her for idea and says he will give her a solid idea in return. Virat asks what idea. Shivani takes Rajiv away.Sai tells Virat that she has to bear the burnt always. He says that’s because of her lame idea. She thanks him for helping Shivani and excitedly hugs him. He reciprocates. She says he is her super hero, her Swami. He asks her to stop her drama. She says he is hidden talent and was just acting. He says she forced him to agree by bringing Rajiv home. Sai says her idea worked and he agreed to help her. He smiles. She asks him to keep smiling and support her till Rajiv and Shivani’s marriage; asks his plan. He says there is one idea and chants Jai Sri Ram.


Next day, Chavans make Ram Navami pooja arrangement at home. Pakhi tells Bhavani that she should scold Sai for meeting Rajiv. Sonali backs her. Pakhi asks why Sai is interfering between their family issues when she is no more related to Virat. Bhavani says let Sai come down first, she is still sleeping in her room. She asks Karishma to bring Sai down and make sure Virat is not disturbed. Sai walks to them and wishes happy Ram Nivami. Pakhi says its good she herself came down as Bhavani wants to question her. Sai asks where is Virat. Bhavani says this is the best way to escape from her questions. Sai says she stays here and hence Bhavani can question her anytime, but don’t they think they should find out where Virat is.Ashwini gets worried for Virat fearing he must have left them after taking transfer. Sai assures her that Virat will not go away from his family like that. Pakhi assures her that Virat is safe. Samrat walks in and reminds Pakhi that she had visited Virat’s room and he shared his heart out with her. Pakhi says she took food for Virat as a friend as he will not have food from his wife’s hands. Samrat calls Virat and finds his number not reachable. Ashwini cries that her son must have taken transfer for sure and prays god why he is troubling them. Bhavani asks Sai why she met Rajiv. Shivani acts and questions Sai.

Doro bell rings. Sonali says Virat must have returned and opens door to find a courier with god’s idol and a card for Bhavani. Bhavani asks Pakhi to read it. Pakhi reads that Chavans are invited by charity event/bhandara in Nagesh’s name. Bhavani asks who must have organized it. Pakhi says RSVS is written on card. Karishma says RSVP is usually written on cards. Ashwini continues worrying for Virat. Pakhi asks if Virat organized this bhandara. Bhavani thanks god and gets emotional. Omkar suggests they should attend bhandara and find out themselves. Bhavani agrees and says she will tackle Sai later. Sai tells Shivani they will get a surprise in bhandara.Sai visits bhandara and notices Rajiv serving food. Rajiv meets and greets her. She praises his arrangement. Rajiv says he just cooked food, her modak did the real magic. She asks where is his Swami. Rajiv points at Virat and suggests her to express her feelings to Virat today. She asks how. He asks her to start by tying a pagdi on Virat’s head. Sai insists Virat to get the pagdi on his head as he is head of this bhandara. He hesitantly agrees andlets her tie pagdi. Rajiv thinks Virat also likes Sai and just acts. He walks to Virat and thanks him for the arrangements and says his wife tied the turban/pagdi really well. Virat says his family must be arriving anytime and Rajiv put him in a mess, hopes his family likes bhandara and accept Rajiv. Sai says family will like bhandara for sure as they think he organized it. Virat asks who said them that.

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