Lost in love update Thursday 28 September 2023

Lost in love 28 September 2023: Sai reprimands Virat anbd tells him that his divorce decision with Pakhi will ruin many lives. Virat requests to listen to him once. Sai says he can do whatever he wants to, she will not be a part of breaking someone’s house. Virat stops her and says whether she stays in his life or not, he has decided to divorce Pakhi. Pakhi hears their conversation standing at the door and is shocked. Sai says its his life and his decision, she will take her daughter from here and nobody can change her decision. Virat stops her and says she can’t go like this. Divorce papers fall down. Pakhi picks it and stands with eyes wide open. Virat as usual gets afraid of her and says he wanted to tell her about it, let us talk. Pakhi shouts if he really has made up his mind, what will they talk about. She throws papers on his face and walks away. Virat runs behind her.

Ashwini picks divorce papers and informs family that Virat is divorcing Pakhi. Family is shocked to hear that. Ashwini asks if they knew about it. Bhavani says its a husband and wife issue and they shouldn’t interfere. Ninad says Virat has crossed his limits, its a family issue when a couple fight reaches divorce, Pakhi is not only Virat’s wife but also their DIL, Virat should talk to them before taking such a big decision. Virat runs behind Pakhi and requests her to let him explain once. Pakhi asks what is there to listen when he has decided to destroy her. Virat says nobody wants to listen to him, its better for even Pakhi, he was waiting for a right time to inform his decision. Pakhi holds his collar and shouts if his right time was when he proposed Sai during his mission, betrayed her behind, informed Sai about his decision before her and even showed divorce papers to her first. She continues to shout that he uses and abuses her whenever he wants to and disrespected her repeatedly.

Virat says she is misunderstanding her, he would never wrong his son’s mother. Pakhi slaps him and warns him to dare not drag his son in it. Virat continues that he wanted to inform her. Pakhi shouts that he has stooped so low and even made her fall in her own eyes. She challenges him that she will never divorce him and free him to spend life with his lady love and pushes him out of her room. Sai picks her bags and asks Savi to say bye to everyone. Savi says let her meet baba once. Sai says there is no need for that. Virat walks in and tells Savi that she doesn’t have to leave her baba. Savi says she has to go though. Virat says she doesn’t have to. Sai warns him not to make it difficult. Virat says she is making things difficult instead and threatens to not let her go. Sai asks if he is threatening her. Virat locks door from outside. Sai warns him to open the door as she is not his slave and has her own life. Virat says he tried to explain her a lot, but she has become same old stubborn Sai who wants to go away from him and has forced him to lock her. Sai says she will see how will he stop her. Virat warns him to dare try that.

Ninad asks if he has gone mad to lock Sai and Savi inside a room. Virat says he will not listen to anyone. Ninad warns him that he can’t speak to his father like this, he will not tolerate his DIL and granddaughter being locked in a room, and insists to give him keys. Virat says he will if he promises to not let Sai and Savi go. Ninad says he can’t stop them. Virat shouts that he couldnt’s top Sai last time when she left with his son, he was in deprssion after that, he will not repeat his mistake again. Ninad says he can’t forcefully hold Sai. Virat says Sai herself asked why didn’t he stop her, its not him but Sai who asked him to do that. He offers him keys and asks him to promise that he will not let Sai and Savi go. Mohit says they will not interfere between Sai and Virat, but what is Savi’s mistake who must be shvering in fear. Virat says Savi’s mother is with her and asks if he was in his place, would he have let his wife go away from him; Mohit was upset when Karishma left him and he learnt that she had a miscarriage; he was in pain hearing about a child whom he didn’t even see, then how can he let his daughter go. Ashwini asks him to stop using Mohit and Karishma’s pain to justify his act. Virat says sometimes they need to remind others of their pain and their wrong views.



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