Lost in love update Thursday 10 August 2023

Lost in love 10 August 2023: Sai asks her senior doctor about Mrs Salaskar’s condition. Doctor says it’s better now, she got a minor heart attack. Sai says she thought Mrs Salaskar got a diabetic shock, that doctor social media was right whom she met on road and predicted Mrs Salaskar suffering a heart attack. Doctor asks who is that genius who proved their most talented doctor wron, he says Mrs Salaskar has 90% artery blockage and needs immediate surgery. Sai says is ready to perform that surgery but needs a subordinate to perform such a major surgery. Doctor says a new talented doctor would be joining them today. Doctor social media enters and says he is late as his internet is working slow. Doctor introduces him as Dr. Satya Adhikari and informs that he can help Dr. Sai in surgery. Satya says he is ready to perform surgery, but Sai should trust a social media doctor.

Sai says she keeps her personal issues outside OT and so Satya should act professional and help her in performing Mrs Salaskar’s angioplasty. Satya agrees.Sai prepares herself for surgery at OT. Mrs Salaskar thanks for saving her life. Sai asks her to relax as she is going to perform a minor surgery after which she will be completely alright. Nurses talk about Dr. Satya’s weird dressing sense. One of them says he is so handsome, she wants to change her shift to his shift timing. Sai comments about Dr. Satya’s weird unprofessional look and behavior. Satya walks in playing Dhak Dhak Karne Laga song loudly on music player. Sai gets angry on him and asks if he is playing loud songs in OT. Satya changes song to Dunya mein Hum Aaye Hain to Jeena Hi Padega.. and says he played a sad song now. Sai says she can’t work like this. He says that is how he works and uses ear phones. He then interacts with Mrs Salaskar and assures her that before 2-3 songs end, her surgery would be finished. Mrs Salaskar asks him to play songs on music player. He says that is amazing and asks what about Sai. Sai stands silently.

Virat decorates a room for Sai with Sai’s Aabha, Savi, and Sai’s photos. Sonali praises his act. Pakhi walks in and writes guest room on door and says it will remind people here and one who stays in that room. Virat feels irritated with her usual jealous and arrogant behavior. He gets commissioner’s call and walks away. Bhavani smiles. Sonali asks why is she smiling seeing Pakhi’s jealous act. Bhavani says let Pakhi be jealous, nobody can change the destiny; she saw in Sai’s horoscope today that she will have a fresh start today and what else can be a better start than Virat preparing a room for her. Sonali says she is right.

Dr. Satya performs Mrs Salaskar’s angioalsty chatting with her to make her feel relaxed. Her heart rate increases. He gives her an injection which increases heart rate more. Sai scolds im for his irresponsible behavior and takes charge. After angioplasty, she complains against him to senior doctor. He walks in and with a report and asks Sai if she was backbiting behind him. Sai warns him to stop misbehaving with her. Senior doctor checks report and tells Sai that Dr Satya took a right step and saved patient’s life on time and praises Dr. Satya’s presence of mind. Sai tells Dr. Satya that he looks like a joker. Satya recalls someone telling him same. He tries to return her bracelet, but she walks away. Virat reaches hospital with a tiffin for Sai and bumps on Dr. Satya. Dr. Satya apologizes. Virat says he should watch out carefully as it was his mistake. Satya asks if he is a judge, lawyer, or a policeman to judge him so well. Virat says he is one of them and warns him to be careful. He notices Sai’s bracelet in Satya’s hand and stands confused.

Virat comes to the hospital with a tiffin for Sai and bumps into Dr. Satya. Dr. Satya apologizes. Virat asks can’t you see and walk. Satya says he can ask the same. Virat says you can’t ask me as I’m not negligent like you. Sai asks if he is a judge, lawyer, or policeman to judge him so well. Virat says he is one of them and warns him to be careful. He notices Sai’s bracelet in Satya’s hand and says it belongs to his near one. Satya says how you’re sure. He says it can belong to my near one too. Virat says happens. Satya mocks his sharpness and leaves.

Commissioner Mr.Avasti thanks Sai for saving his wife. Sai tells him his wife needs to change her lifestyle to not have this problem again. The commissioner says he doesn’t know how to thank her. Sai says my colleague is with me in this operation and his role is major in it and you can meet him if you want. Virat comes there and says he is feeling happy to see her helping others. Commissioner asks Virat to handle the meeting and says he wants to be with his wife for some time. Virat agrees. Commissioner leaves.

Sai tells Virat that she did her work so he doesn’t need to praise her and asks why he came. Virat says you didn’t eat breakfast because of Pakhi so I bought it for you. Virat sees Sai’s hand and asks Sai about her bracelet.Sai says she had removed it during the operation and must be somewhere here. She asks him if he is inebriated again. Virat says no. He asks why she said it that way. Sai Scolds him for bringing tiffin for him and asks why he gives chances for his wife to create drama. Virat says you feel whatever I’m doing is drama right? He says don’t eat and leaves.

Savi sees the Guest room on their room’s door. She thinks they are not guests and tries to put a nameplate in her room. Pakhi asks Savi to not place it and tries to stop Savi. That time nameplate falls down and breaks. Savi cries badly.Bhavani and Sonali go upstairs. Bhavani sees Savi is crying and asks her what happened. Savi says Pakhi aunty broke my nameplate and said this is not my house. Bhavani says she will take a class to Pakhi and asks her to not cry.

Sai goes to the canteen to eat a tiffin bought by Virat. Satya comes there with his music speaker. He distributes ice cream to everyone for his success in the surgery. Sai thinks he lacks professionalism and doesn’t know how he becomes a doctor. Satya gives her ice cream but she refuses. Satya returns Sai’s bracelet at a canteen. Sai angrily shouts and food falls on her apron. Satya says he came to return the bracelet. Sai warns him to stay away from her until he has important work with her. She takes the bracelet and leaves.

Mohit asks Pakhi to check the files sent by Ca and sign them. Pakhi asks him to not give a 2lakhs cheque to Mahila Mandal. Bhavani comes there and scolds Pakhi for her behavior with Savi. She asks why she said to Savi that she is a guest. Pakhi says it’s the truth. Bhavani says it’s Savi’s house and she will stay here forever with her mom and it’s decision taken by an elder of the house I.e me not you. Pakhi says I can see how you want to bring Sai into my and Virat’s life. Bhavani says it’s god’s wish. Pakhi says you’re not stopping anything but I will fight for my rights. Bhavani says it’s your view problem and if you try to mess up with Savi again then you will face the bad side of me so be careful. She leaves. Pakhi asks Mohit to grant 4lakhs to Mahila mandal. Mohit asks why. Pakhi asks him to do it. She decides to do something.

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