Lost in Love update Sunday 28 August 2022

Lost in Love 28 August 2022: Mansi emotionally cries seeing Samrat back and hugs him. Ashwini thanks god for send Samrat back safely. Whole family rejoices except Pakhi who stands in a shock. Each family member question how is he, they were worried for him, if he was stuck in a problem, etc. Ashwini says let us take him in first and makes him sit. She then tells Samrat that he should meet his mother as she was worried for him most. Bhavani says Virat found Samrat at last, their Jiva and Shiva jodi is complete again. Mohit says Sai found Samrat. Sunny says Mohit is right, Samrat wasn’t ready to come and Sai convinced him. Shivani taunts Pakhi that she was alleging Sai, but Sai found her husband back. Ashwini praises Sai. Sai says she didn’t do anything and found Samrat as a coincidence. Samrat meets each family member ignoring Virat and Pakhi.

Ashwini thanks Sai again for bring back this family’s son. Sai says Dada had to come at any cost. Samrat says he didn’t want to return if Sai had not found and convinced him to return home, else a few people would have thought that he is dead. Mansi asks not to speak inauspicious. Bhavani says they all were remembering him each day and knew he would return one day. Ninad asks if he realized that he is away from the family for more than a year and they didn’t expect it from him. Bhavani asks if he didn’t think about his mother even once. Samrat says family was there to to take care of his mother, he was happy and safe where he was and if they are thinking he has returned, then they are wrong as he will return back to where he came from. Mansi cries that he returned after 1 year and is talking about going back. Bhavani confronts him next and asks Virat to explain Samrat. Virat says Samrat came here with the same condition. Samrat says he feels as if he doesn’t belong here and came to meet them one last time, his life has changed completely and he is not the one whom they knew. Bhavani asks what happened that he left home next day after marriage.

Samrat says his words don’t have any hidden meaning and he spoke what is in his heart. Sonali asks if he is hiding something, if he is hurt by anyone’s words, he should think of his mother at least. Omkar says Sonali is right, they didn’t even celebrate his return and he wants to go back again. Ashwini says Mansi was hoping he would return and trusted fate, but what will he think if she realizes that its not fate but her son’s wish. Samrat says her mother will understand as she values his happiness before her and will never interfere. Shivani asks why he had to start a new life leaving his family behind. Karishma asks if he left the house as he found the secret which he didn’t have to. Everyone look at Samrat. Sonali scolds Karishma to keep her mouth shut and blames Sai for Karishma’s behavior. Samrat says he has started a new life and wants to spend the way he likes.

Bhavani drags Pakhi to him and asks what about her, she waited for him since he left without any question or complaint and is staying here for his return. Samrat says Pakhi is staying in this house not because of him as she doesn’t even know him well, there is a different reason and someone else for her stay here. Everyone look at him confused. Bhavani says he is right as Pakhi is staying here for them and followed her the duty of a bahu, she has become a living dead body without him, its difficult for a woman to stay without her husband and Pakhi is deeply affected without him. Samrat says she can use most beautiful words, but it won’t affect him as he knows truth; Pakhi didn’t want to marry him. Family stands in shock hearing that. Ninad asks why did he marry Pakhi when he knew the truth. Samrat walks to Virat and says due to his ill fate, he found out truth after marriage and his brother hid it from him and made sure he didn’t find it out, but truth never hides; he couldn’t believe that his brother who used to share every minute details with him, who used to be happy and sorrow with his happiness and sorrows hid such a big truth from him; Virat should have trusted him at least once, but truth cannot be hidden. Family look more shocked hearing that.

Samrat tells family that even Sunny asked Virat to inform him everything, but Virat didn’t; Sunny was worried for him more than his brother, but his brother didn’t; there is no relationship left between him and Virat now. Family stands shocked hearing about Virat and Pakhi’s relationship. Samrat tells Virat that they end the relationships themselves, they both were each other’s support and he had agreed for marriage thinking his brother will support him, but his brother betrayed him and ruined 4 lives. He asks Virat why he wants to call him as brother after doing so much. Sonali says only a woman can create a rift between 2 brothers, looking at Pakhi. Virat requests Samrat to trust his brother as he did what he felt right at that time, why he thinks he would betray him knowingly. Samrat says he did everything knowingly and asks what was Sai’s mistake that he trapped even her in this triangle.

Ashwini says she always saw both brothers fighting for each other, but didn’t know they are each other’s enemies. Virat says he is not. Samrat says he cannot stay under the same roof where his brother stays. Ninad says even they stay under this roof. Omkar asks him to forget it and follow his duty towards his wife. Samrat says according to them, he should have followed his duty as a husband and stayed back here. Ninad asks why didn’t he join the duty after his leave finished as he had requested Brigadier to extend his leave. Samrat says he himself requested Brigadier Sood not to extend his leave. Sai says Samrat dada loves his family a lot and kept their names to orphanage children. Karishma asks if he kept Pakhi’s name to anyone. Samrat says no as Pakhi is the reason for him leaving the house.Sai says he can help orphanage children even being here. Samrat says he is thankful to her for helping this family and Devi tai, but doesn’t expect anymore favor from her; he left the house because of Pakhi and returned home because of her. Bhavani asks if he came for her and will take her where he stays now. He says he came here to relieve Pakhi from this relationship. Each family member’s face is shown in shock.

Samrat continues that he wants to relieve Pakhi from his name, he is apologetic for letting him wait for so long, he returned to return Pakhi’s freedom and to divorce her. Pakhi stands dumbstruck. Bhavani says its not possible as Chavan family sons never divorced their wives. Ninad says husband and wife’s relationship cannot be broken easily. Omkar says they need to follow the relationship. Mansi says Pakhi wanted to go to her parent’s house as she was tired waiting for him, but she stayed back on her request; now with his return, they can clear their differences and start a new life instead of divorce. Bhavani backs Mansi and says only Samrat cannot take a decision alone as Pakhi has right on her own life. Samrat says they should trust him that even Pakhi wants same as she never wanted to marry him. Pakhi stands speechless again and runs away to her room. Virat walks away next.

Pakhi in her room remembers Samrat’s words and his decision to divorce her. Shivani with Mohit and Sunny walks to her and asks if she can speak. Pakhi asks if she is supporting Samrat here hiding his mistake, he returned after 1 year to divorce her. Sunny says she is mistaken and they came here to know about her decision. She says Samrat thinks she is the reason for him leaving the house. Sunny says everyone knows that Samrat left the house after finding out about Pakhi and Virat’s relationship, but nobody knows that whatever there was between Pakhi and Virat had ended due to a misunderstanding and hence Pakhi decided to move ahead in life and agreed to marry Samrat. Pakhi says she thought same, but she didn’t know that whom she wanted to forget and move on, she was going to his house and marrying his brother. Mohit says they all know about it and hence nobody is blaming her. She asks if Samrat leaving her next day after marriage was justified.Sonali, Bhavani, Omkar, and Ninad console Mansi and ask her to control herself. Mansi asks how to control herself as her son returned after 1 year and took an unjustified decision, she doesn’t know whether to celebrate or mourn. Sonali says let us leave Pakhi and Samrat in a room and let them chat and hope Samrat changes the decision. Ninad says Sonali is right. Bhavani prays god to stop this divorce.

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