Lost in Love update monday 9 May 2022

Lost in love 9 May 2022: Pakhi asks Virat if he had to break promise made to her, then why did he make it. Virat says he is just fulfilling the promise made to Sayi’s father and married Sayi to take care of her and nothing else, she should understand that. Pakhi says he married Sayi. He say his best friend should understand him. She says he is just like others. He says he doesn’t know if he is different or not, he may not make her understand now but will understand later that his promise to her and she are very special to him. Parag informs him that everyone are going home to lunch. Virat says they will come. Mohit calls Bhavani and tries to speak. Virat takes phone and asks how is she. Bhavani asks how is he and everything there. He says he is fine.

She says she is feeling good after speaking to him. He says he got busy at work. She says duty was important to even his uncle and says he did right by calling Pakhi there, how is she feeling there. He says very nice and she will not forget this trip forever. She says good to hear that. He says they are coming home tomorrow. Ashwini hearing her ask if she is speaking to Virat, give phone to her. Bhavani disconnects call and says Virat is fine and is coming home tomorrow. Ashwini thinks Virat is speaking to everyone except her. Virat asks Mohit and Karishma not to inform family about his and Sayi’s wedding as they won’t be able to digest it like Mohit and Karishma’s wedding. Karishma says they also wouldn’t have know if he had not called Pakhi here. Mohit asks why did he call Pakhi here, already family found out about his and Pakhi’s friendship, what will he tell them. He says he will reply family and Mohit doesn’t have to worry about that. Pawar walks to tem and asks Virat if everything is alright. He says yes. Sunny says he is very hungry. Pawar says food is ready, let us go home.

Virat returns home and walking to Sayi asks her to have food. Sayi asks if he came to tell this or something else. He says she went through difficult situations and he feels bad for that. She says thanks. He says she doesn’t have to reply formally. She asks then how to reply, their relationship is formal. He says he told her truth, even then he is very very sorry. She says he should understand what she wants to say, he apologized her and should also apologize Pakhi whom he hurt more and broke promise. Pakhi and him are best friends and their relationship is understandable. She says she will not come between their friendship. He says his family is traditional and she has to stand through their expectations. She asks if he thinks she doesn’t know that, he should go and speak to Pakhi. He says she shouldn’t repeat same words Pakhi is his brother’s wife, they are matured and their way of looking at the world is different. She says he told their relationship is formal, if he told this as he and Pakhi are not just friends. He says she doesn’t have to explain that. Pakhi enters calling them for food and says she should have knocked and entered.

Virat says its okay and introduces her to Sayi as his best friend and says he spoke to Pakhi over phone about Sayi. Pakhi says she knows Pakhi came first in whole district. Sayi says virat must have told her that she married Virat under which circumstances, she doesn’t have her Aaba, stops and asks them to start food and she will join them after freshening up. Once they walk out, sshe closes door and cries holding Aaba’s pic, says after he left her identity changed, she was his daughtr and suddenly became someone’s wife, she doesn’t what is in her life.Sayi’s bidayi ceremony starts. Sulochana tells her that her world will change from hereon and her sasural will be everything for her. Sayi performs ritual. Usha takes her towards car. Sayi looks at her house once. Pakhi waits for them in car. Pawar asks Sayi to take care of herself. Sulochana asks her to take care of her sasural than herself and asks Virat to bring Sayi to them when he gets time.

Virat agrees. Usha then asks Sayi to return soon. Sayi say she will never return as they got her married so soon and changed her life, they are sending her away from her house with a man whom she met a few days ago; they were so happy yesterday and are now crying; she will not see their face again. Pari walks to her and asks if she is angry on her also. Sayi says no and taking flowers from her emotionally speaks. Pari requests Virat to bring Sayi on her birthday. Virat says Sayi can come anytime here. Pawar says damadji cares for Sayi, thye did right by getting her marrie to him. Usha asks Sayi if she will not hug her once, her blessings are with her always though. Virat asks if she will not accompany Sai as Sayi needs her in a new house. Usha asks how can she stay at daughter’s house. Sayi says she is right and shouldn’t come with them.

Virat requests Usha to accompany Sayi as she is going to a new house among new people. Usha asks how can she stay in daughter’s house. Sayi says she is right, so she shouldn’t accompany them. Usha says she will not come. Virat says nobody understands Sayi better than her, Sayi speaks wrongly in anger and takes wrong decisions, so she shouldn’t bother and accompany them. Pakhi looks at him sitting in car. Pawar, Sulochana, and Milind also insist Usha to go along to support Sayi. Usha agrees and gets into another car. Sunny drives car with Pakhi in front seat and Virat/Sayi in backseat. Car jumps at speed braker. Sayi holds Virats shoulder.

Pakhi notices that. They reach home. Virat opens car for Sayi. Pakhi gets more jealous seeing that.Ashwini with Saloni prepares food for Virat saying her son is coming after a long time and she is preparing his favorite dishes. Bhavani walks in and asks if everything is done. Ashwini murmurs she will cook if Bhavani starts commenting. Bhavani asks if she said something. Ashwini points at dish. Bhavani says its kasuri methi’s smell. Virat with Sayi and others walks near door. Bhavani with Ashwini and Saloni stands holding pooja thali and seeing Sayi asks who is this girl, if she is Mohit’s drama company actress. Karishma says she is Virat’s wife. Badimaa warns her stop talking rubbish and dare not speak like that even in joke. Mohit says Karishma is telling truth. Omkar says Virat will never go against family. Ninad asks Virat what are they saying. Virat says he heard right, he married Sayi. Karishma and Mohit smirk seeing family in shock. Bhavani drops aarti thali and shouts that she cannot think her favorite son can do this, orders Sayi to go dare not enter her house as she doesn’t accept this marriage and this girl. Virat reminds her that he used to speak about Kamal Joshi sir’s name during his IPS training, Sayi is his daughter. Bhavani says whoever’s daughter she may be. Virat says Kamal took bullet on himself and sacrificed himself to save his life. Bhavani says she paid that debt by marrying this girl. He says its is his duty and he married Sayi to fulfill his responsibility. she would have given Sayi some money or got her some training instead, he spoilt Chavan family’s name by marrying a non-Maratha girl.

Mansi walks in asking if Virat can and cries that he married when Samrat is missing. Saloni says Bhavani scolds Mohit even now for marrying a non-Maratha girl. Bhavani says she will continue taunting them, already 2 incompetent women are present here and another joined.Ninad says he didn’t expect this from from Virat. Virat says Ninad taught him to follow his duty and describes that Sayi’s life is in anger even now and she was kidnapped by Jagtap and his father Vithal repeatedly, Jagtap killed Kamal, so he wouldn’t have left Sayi alone. Ninad says he would have given her police protection instead of marrying Sayi, he did this as he wanted to marry her. Virat says he didn’t expect this from him and thought he would support him always, whatever he did is right and he took a right decision.

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