Lost in love update Monday 25 September 2023

Lost in love 25 September 2023: Sai travels in an auto recalling Virat’s proposal. She gets Virat’s message that he is waiting for her answer. Satyai interviews girls for marriage and questions them what does marriage mean to them. Some says marriage means wedding dress, some say bearing children, some say first night and honeymoon. He rejects them all and thinks can’t he get a simple and sensible girl, prays god to send someone for whom he can do anything but not love her. Sai reaches the hospital and seeing girls in a queue asks nurse Sheetal what is happening. Sheetal says Satya’s swayamwar, but nobody will be selected as she is rejected first. Sai walks in and asks Satya why he is conducting Satya Ki Dulhania reality show. Satya says his family has given him ultimatum to find a bride in 24 hours or else they will leave the house, he is upset and don’t know how to find a solution. Sai says she als got a 24-hour ultimatum. Satya aasks who gave her. Sai stands silent.

Satya says sometimes its difficult to take his life’s biggest decision of life in 24 hours. Sai says there is no question of taking decision, he told a person falls in love only once in life. Satya says even she said same, he doesn’t need love and is finding a DIL for his mother and a partner for him. Sai walks away saying he has 24 hours to search. Usha comes to meet Sai in her cabin. Usha says Sai got a big cabin, how is she. Sai says she is fine and askshow is she. Usha says she is fine, everyone didn’t want her to leave Kankauli, but she said she came here for gudi padwa festival. She asks why she told she wants to talk something important. Sai says she wants her to tell Savi that she misses her a lot and wants her to return to her leaving Chavan nivas. Usha asks what is she saying. Sai says she took a decision to leave Chavan nivas. Usha asks if Vinu agreed to accompany her. Sai says Vinu thinks Virat and Pakhi are her parents and she is just his doctor aunty, its good that Vinu doesn’t consider as a dirty sorcerer but a guardian angel who protects his family.
Usha asks if Pakhi told something. Sai says Pakhi accepted her stay at Chavan Nivas/CN, even Bhavani and others accepted her. Usha then what is the problem, if Virat told her something. Sai says yes, Virat wants to leave Pakhi and spend rest of life his life with her. Usha asks did she reply Virat. Sai says she will and messages Virat that she wants to talk to him.

Sai meets Virat at a restaurant. Virat shows her 2 rings with S and V initials and says his life is embedded in these 2 words, S for Sai and Savi and V for Virat and Vinu. Sai says even her life is embedded in these 2 words. Virat says he feels everything has changed as if someone filled colors in this pleasant environment, air singing a song in his ears, he is unable to stop his smile, he also feels angry that he took so much time to express his feelings for her, he can’t spend even a second without her, he wants to relive the time he spent without her. He feels shy and says he is behaving like a teenager and can’t experss his feelings. Sai asks him not to think much and speak what is in his heart. Virat says he feels as if he got an elixir of life, sunrays between dark night, etc., he can’t express how much he loves her. They both exchange rings. Serial’s title track plays in the background. They both then dance. Virat then realizes its his imagination.

Virat shows Sai’s drum playing video to musicians and asks them to play same tune when madam arrives. He gets Sai’s message that she is coming to meet him in 5 minutes, thinks even god wants to unite them. He asks musicians to hide and play music when Sai arrives. Sai walks in. Baatein Zaroori Hai, Tera Milna Bhi Zaroori..song plays in the background. Virat makes her sit, offers her a bouquet, and says he will order something for her. Sai says she wants to first tell what she came here for; says she forgave him for supporting Pakhi over her and forcing her to leave him, she wants to forget everything. He hugs her tightly, but Sai doesn’t reciprocate.


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