Lost in love update Monday 19 September 2022

Lost in love 19 September 2022: Sonali tells Ashwini and Bhavani that she finished all the work of calling panditji and inviting guests for Ganpati pooja. Ashwini asks what about bhog/prasad. Sonali asks her to prepare bhog. Ashwini laughs and says she will prepare 108 modak, anyways Virat insisted that he will prepare modak.

Bhavani says they should wake up at 4 a.m. tomorrow. Sai wakes up at 4 a.m. and thinks why she is feeling bad when she knows she is doing right and giving Virat the freedom he is demanding. She picks her suitcase bag from behind a sofa silently carefully not to disturb Virat’s sleep and keeps it outside room. She then picks another bag from cupboard and tries to lift it, but it falls on her feet. She carries even that out. Devi stops her and says she is ready for her secret mission.

Sai says let us hide both bags in garden. Devi asks why. Sai says its their secretion mission and they cannot reveal it to anyone. Devi says good idea. Ashwini prays Bappa to protect her family, especially her children and clear the differences between Virat and Sai. Devi drops suitcase. Sai pulls it back before Ashwini could see. They both hide bags in garden. Sai tells Devi that their mission is complete and thanks her for her help. Devi says she did what Sai did and reminds how Sai eloped her and got her married to Pulkit. Sai asks her to go and act as sleeping so that nobody should doubt her. Devi leaves.

Sai looks at Chavan nivas and thinks she needs to go from here at any cost, prays Bappa that she is starting afresh and needs his blessings.
Next morning, Chavan ladies get busy in pooja arrangements. Ninad sees Virat lost in thoughts and asks if everything is fine. Virat says he is fine and looking at arrangements. Ninad says Chavan family’s pooja is always lavish, this year its double celebration with Samrat’s return. Sunny enters. Virat hugs and welcomes him. Sunny says with Samrat’s return, whole family is complete.

Devi says still Pulkit and Harini haven’t come. Sunny says they are in her heart. Sai walks in and praising Karishma’s rangoli says she is sure Mohit must have taught her as he has most creative mind in this house. Karishma gets angry and yells at her. Sonali asks her to get flowers from garden. Sai gets nervous remembering bags in garden, rushes behind Karishma and sends her on the other side of garden.

Panditji perform pooja. Samrat requests Ninad to sing bhajan today. Ninad shies. Ashwini asks Sai to convince him. Ninad agrees and sings Jai Dev Jai Dev bhajan while each couple performs aarti followed by other members. After aarti, Sunny chants Ganpati Bappa Maurya. Panditji asks Sai to show aarti to everyone. Sai thinks she is taking everyone’s blessings for the first time and will never meet them again.

She shows aarti to everyone and takes elder’s blessings. She then goes to Virat who accepts aarti and she applies tilak on his forehead. Ashwini asks Virat to fill sindhoor in Sai’s hairline. Pakhi stands jealous behind while Virat applies sindhoor in Sai’s hairline and thinking Sai doesn’t know what is she to him.

Ashwini asks Virat to fill sindhoor in Sai’s hairline. Virat does same. Sai gets emotional and walks away. Bhavani next asks Pakhi to apply tilak to Samrat and asks Samrat to fill Pakhi’s hairline. They obey her look at each other’s face. Bhavani then asks Pakhi to serve prasad to everyone. Devi says she had to serve prasad. Bhavani says Pakhi and Samrat performed pooja and hence she should serve prasad, Devi can serve breakfast to everyone. Devi agrees and searches Sai, thinks Sai cannot go without meeting her. Ashwini overhears her and asks where is Sai going. Devi lies that she is going to college to return her friend’s notes and thinks if Sai goes this time, she will not return. Samrat invites Sunny for Mahaleshwar family trip after Ganapati pooja.

Sunny agrees. Samrat asks Virat to take care of arrangements. Virat agrees.
Sai in her room emotionally thinks she has to stick to her decision. She picks Virat’s gifted pendant and earrings and thinks Virat used to care for her and he gave her most happiness after Aaba. She keeps box in Virat’s cupboard, then looks at her finger ring gifted by him and prays god for Virat’s happiness. Virat returns and says he gave her all the documents and there is nothing left in his drawer. She closes cupboard and says he is right. He asks if she needs anything, should he help her. She says no.

He says he forgets that she is independent and doesn’t need his help, anyways he shouldn’t argue with her. She says he is right. She says she was highlight tomorrow, its tomorrow now and what will she do; then says he will not ask her anything again. She greets him bye with teary eyes. He replies bye and walks out of room. She then picks her bag emotionally look at whole room, then goes to Ganeshji’s idol and prays Bappa to give her courage and blessings. She then walks to Devi who says she thought Sai left without meeting her. Sai asks how can she. Devi asks if she is really going. Sai asks her to speak slowly or else someone will hear her and hugs her tightly emotionally.

Ashwini notices them and asks what are nanad bhabhi discussing. Sai says Devi tai is missing Pulkit jiju. Ashwini says Devi is fond of Pulkit and asks Sai to return home soon as she is going to college as per Devi. Sai emotionally hugs her next. Ashwini asks what happened. Sai says she had performed pooja and hence hugged her. Ashwini sensing her dilemma asks what is she hiding, she can sense it as her mother. Sai says nothing. Ashwini repeats to return soon. Devi greets her bye. Sai gets out of house and remember each family members’ love and care for her. Pulkit calls her, but she ignores his call and leaves in cab.

She remembers her and Virat’s happier days and then Virat’s rude behavior towards her and thinks she is leaving all her bad memories behind. Sai’s college friends miss Sai and think of visiting her house, then think they will meet her in college after Ganesh festival. Sai’s cab passes by them. Sai doesn’t notice them and asks driver when will they reach bus stop. He says in sometime.

Chavan family sits for breakfast. Pakhi serves Mansi’s favorite dish. Ninad joins and says let us start breakfast. Mansi jokes that he still acts like a kid. Sonali says Sai hasn’t come and signaling Karishma asks if they should invite her. Karishma says even then she will not have breakfast with everyone as Pakhi prepared it. Pakhi says she doesn’t want to talk about Sai and will not go call her. Virat says no need for that. Samrat says Sai is youngest family member and immature, being mature they can pamper her and ignore her small issues. Pakhi says they already did and like Virat said, enough of pleasing Sai, let her come if she wants to, she will not request her again. Devi says Virat is also behaving like dirty Pakhi, its good Sai left Chavan Nivas, and prays Bappa to keep Sai happy.

At a traffic jam, Sai notices a kid wearing Ganeshji’s mask on a bike with his parents and jokes with him. Parents’ bike slips and they fall down. Boy stands near a pit and is about to fall into it when Sai rushes and sends him aside, herself slips and falls down into pit, hits her head on an iron rod, and gets unconscious.

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