Lost in Love update Monday 18 July 2022

Lost in Love 18 July 2022: Ashwini at home prays god to protect Virat and she will perform nirjala virat/waterless fast till Virat gets out of danger. Bhavani with her puppet Omkar and Sonali says if she wants to show that only she is worried for Virat, they are also worried and are sure that Virat will be fine soon. Sonali says there is no need for fasting. Bhavani asks Sonali to feed water and some food to Ashwini. Sonali agrees and offers water to Ashwini. Ashwini says she will not have water until Virat gets well. Sonali requests. Mohit with Ninad returns home and informs Ashwini that Virat’s operation was successful and doctor told he is out of danger and will get conscious by tomorrow morning. Ashwini gets happy hearing, but continues her nirjala vrat. Karishma asks if they are here, who is with Virat, then says Pakhi is with Virat then. Bhavani says they did good as Pakhi will take good care of Virat. Ashwini confronts Mohit and Ninad for leaving Virat with Pakhi.

Sai wakes up from sleep reminiscing rejecting Virat’s call and seeing Virat’s news on TV, she cries and prays god for Virat’s safety. Pakhi wiggles Virat’s hair and backs off reminiscing Ashwini warning her that Virat belongs to only Sai. They both look at moon via window. Ghum Hai Kisike Pyar Me..plays in the background. In the morning, Virat opens eyes and is surprised to see Sai in sitting smilingly in front of him. He asks what is she doing here. She says why is he surprised, who else will be with him than his wife; asks she is angry on herself that he called her repeatedly before going on mission and she didn’t pick his call; whatever happened between them was wrong, so he should promise her that he will not fight with her and will not kick her out of house. He asks that means she forgave him. She says yes. He holds her hand and asks if she really forgave him. She asks if she should write it down. He sits and IV drip bottle falls down. He then realizes that he is holding Pakhi’s hand instead. She makes him sleep back and says thank god he got conscious. He withdraws his hand and asks where is Sai.

She says Sai is not here and she is with him since last night instead. He asks why did she stay here. She says as a friend, it was her duty to take care of him and she doesn’t have any bad intention. He says he is fine now and is not a kid who needs care, asks where are others. She says only few members can stay in hospital, so she stayed back and they all went home; they will be coming in sometime. He asks if Sai had come here. She reminisces Ninad yelling at Sai and Sai’s befitting reply and stand silently. Virat insists to tell if Sai had come or not. She says yes she had come. He feels happy hearing that and says she must have asked Sai to return. Pakhi yells that she took care of him whole night without sleeping and he is alleging her instead; Sai had come here when he was unconscious.He asks her to give his phone as he needs to talk to Sai. He switches on phone and seeing Sai’s many missed calls tries to call her, but finds no network. He asks Pakhi to go from here and not trouble herself as she is neither a doctor nor nurse.

She says she will not go until he gets well. He says its not good if she stays here and he already told her its not good to stay with him when Samrat and Sai are not here, she is his elder brother’s wife and they need to respect their relationship. She asks if he would have said same to Sai. He asks why she always compares herself to Sai, she should stop that as she will find Sai always important to him than her; being educated and mature, she should understand this. She says she understood and walks away saying he shouldn’t teach her what to do. Officer Patkar returns and thanks god that Virat is fine. Virat asks how is Patil. Patkar says Patil is fine and he is alive because of Virat. Virat says its one soldier’s duty to save another soldier. Patkar says when he was unconscious, Nishikant spoke to Sai and she got afraid and was crying hearing about him. Virat gets happy hearing that and thanks him. Patkar leaves. Virat calls Sai and hopes she comes to meet him soon as he cannot wait more.

Sai reaches hospital and asks a doctor about Virat’s room and his condition. Pakhi informs family that Virat is conscious now and is talking. Family rejoices. Ashwini thanks god and drinks water. Ninad informs Pakhi that he will send Mohit with food and essential items. Pakhi sees Sai walking towards Virat’s room and stops her.Pakhi stops Sai from entering Vairat’s hospital room and yells if she doesn’t have shame at all, why did she return after creating such a big drama last night, she should leave right now. Sai asks if she has amnesia. Pakhi shouts to stop her rubbish. Sai says she is not and they should get her treated by a good doctor as she forgot last night’s discussion that she Virat will decide whether he will meet her or not. Pakhi yells that she is there to take care of Virat and when Sai wants to become a big doctor, she should have some commonsense not to stress a patient and let him rest. Sai says she knows what she has to do and doesn’t need Pakhi’s suggestion or permission. Pakhi says neither Virat nor Chavan family wants her to enter hospital and create new trouble in Virat’s life. Sai says let Virat himself say that.

Pakhi yells why did she send Virat back when he came to take her back, she lost her last chance or saving her relationship. Sai warns to stop her nonsense she came here to meet Virat and not go to Chavan Nivas, she will not go from here without meeting Virat.Virat hears Sai’s voice. Sai warns Pakhi that this is hospital and not Chavan Nivas to show her selfish behavior, she cannot stop her from meeting Virat. Pakhi stops her again and says she took care of Virat whole night and will not let her near Virat. Sai says only a wife has right to take care of her husband and her shouting doesn’t change the fact that she is Virat’s wife even today and not Pakhi. Pakhi stands fuming. Sai asks if she wants to argue more or let her meet her husband. Virat calls Sai coughing. Sai rushes towards door, and Pakhi stops her again. Virat walks towards door with great difficulty calling Sai. Sai asks if she didn’t hear Virat is calling her. Pakhi doesn’t let her even then. Virat falls down. Sai hears sound and pushing Pakhi away runs into Virat’s room and helps him get back on bed. Pakhi tries to enter room, but nurse stops her and asks her to fill patient form.

Pakhi unwillingly walks away with her.Sai wipes Virat’s tears and looks at him with teary eyes. Virat thanks her. She asks why did he wake up and does what he likes without listening to anyone, wipes her tears and with a smile asks how is he. He says he wasn’t fine till now, but after seeing her, he will be fine. She holding his hand says she was worried seeing his mission news and above that bad dream. He asks which dream. She says bad dreams should be forgotten, she is very happy that god saved him and she doesn’t need anything else. He asks if she prayed god for his safety. She asks why is he asking this. He says he thought it wouldn’t affect her. She says why he thinks so, what he thinks of her. He says she is brave and sensitive girl just like a coconut, hard from outside and soft from inside, coughs. She asks if she looks like a coconut to him and offers him water. He repeats. She asks him to rest nnow. He holding her hand pulls her near him. Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar me..title track plays in the background. Sai also holds back his hand reciprocating his love for her.

Pakhi enters and seeing that gets jealous and says Sai forcefully walked in while she was busy filling a form. Virat says he asked her to call Sai, then why is she saying this. Pakhi says family elders don’t want him to meet Sai. Sai says she knows elders and Pakhi don’t want her to meet Virat, but she came here to take care of Virat; she is thakful for Pakhi’s help and Pakhi can leave now. Pakhi says she took care of Virat as she is part of Chavan family and her family ordered her to take care of Virat, she is also worried for Virat as a friend and has right on him, so why she is thanking her. Sai says Pakhi forgot that this is hospital and they should let patient recover peacefully. Pakhi yells one who spoils peace is talking about peace, Sai should go from here and let her take care of Virat. Virat says he doesn’t have any problem with Sai’s stay.

Sai says why would she come here if she doesn’t want to take care of Virat, she didn’t come to watch his face and thinks he is not handsome that she cannot keep her eyes off his face. Virat asks if he is not handsome. Sai says he is normal handsome and not a celebrity kind of handsome. He says handsome is handsome. She says there is a difference, normal handsome means so so like him and celebrity handsome means very charming. Virat says she never came to his college, girls were made behind him. Sai says he is right as she was in school when he was in college. He asks if she means she is much younger than her. Sai says she is. Pakhi jealous of their jovial conversation yells that Sai is not a kid and they both are behaving like kids. She asks Virat if he cannot see that Sai is speaking nonsense and not letting him rest. Virat says they speak similarly always; if she thinks this is argument, then what will she say if they really argue. Pakhi asks why is he supporting Sai who is irritating him even this situation. He says he knows Sai and she never irritates him, though Pakhi may feel like that. Pakhi asks Sai when she told she will not stay with Virat if he doesn’t ask her, then why don’t she go. Sai says Virat didn’t ask her to go and wants her to take care of him. Pakhi says Sai is trying to get back into Virat’s life, but that is not possible now as Sai used to misbehave with eldersand with her absence family is in peace, so Virat should order Sai to go.

Virat says if someone has to go from here, its Pakhi. Sai asks him to tell Pakhi clearly that he wants her to stay, only then Pakhi will understand.He says if that is the case, he doesn’t have any problem if Sai wants to take care of him. Pakhi shatters hearing that.

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