Lost in Love Update Friday 16 December 2022

Lost in Love 16 December 2022: Sai asks Omkar if he doesn’t want his sister also has a family like him and be happy, why is he insulting her in front of everyone instead of supporting her. Virat says Sai is right, they all made a joke out of Shivani’s lifestyle and lively behavior, they were judgmental instead of supporting her, Shivani never troubled anyone and instead was smiling, they never showed her pain and was bearing it alone. He asks Bhavani doesn’t she feel alone without her husband. Bhavani says nobody can understand her pain and loneliness, even then she kept the family united; it was her responsibility to get Shivani married, but she couldn’t because of Rajiv; Rajiv is dare to come in front of her; Shivani falls for anyone who smiles at her; Rajiv insulted her and her husband by using her husband’s name in this bhandara, etc. She feels drowsy. Sai and others hold her. She pushes her away.

Sai pleads Bhavani to fulfill her responsibility at least not. Bhavani denies. Sai says Shivani’s many relationships failed because she used to search Rajiv in each relationship. Omkar yells what rubbish. Virat says Sai is right. Pakhi comments that Sai hypnotized Virat again and he is speaking her words. Omkar drags Shivani from there. Rajiv tries to stop her, but Samrat warns him to back off. Rajiv warns that he will not back off if they don’t let him marry Shivani. Omkar falls down while dragging Shivani away. Out of frustration, he picks a stone and throws at Rajiv. Rajiv escapes, but stone hits stove and the whole place catches fire. Rajiv rushes to rescue people.A burning log falls towards Sai. Virat runs and rescues her. Sai hugs him. He asks if she is fine. Pakhi gets jealous seeing that. Sai notices a gas cylinder near Rajiv and tries to alert him.

Shivani worried for Rajiv walks near cylinder. Rajiv notices that and rescues her. The cylinder bursts injuring Rajiv severely. Rajiv loses consciousness. Sai and Virat rush to save Raiv and set off fire from his clothes. They rush Rajiv to hospital. Rajiv gain consciousness after some time. Shivani cries seeing Rajiv’s condition and thanks god that he didn’t incur major burns. She thanks Sai for saving Rajiv. Sai says Virat set off fire with his bare hands and shows his burnt hands. Virat says he is surprised to see Rajiv risking his life to save Shivani. Rajiv says he saved his own life by saving Shivani. Shivani says her family is so ruthless they didn’t even visit hospital to find out his condition.Chavans return home and blame Virat that he betrayed them by saving Rajiv. Omkar says Shivani also betrayed them and supported Rajiv. Samrat says Rajiv risked his life and saved Shivani. Mohit backs him. Bhavani yells at Mohit. Back at the hospital, Shivani asks Rajiv to stop his adamancy as her family will never accept their marriage, so they should have a court marriage.

Virat says Shivani is right, he will support them. Sai says even she will. Rajiv says he doesn’t want to separate Shivani from her family as he knows the value of family, he lost his father in childhood and only has a sister as her family. Virat tells Rajiv that he will change his family’s decision and leaves from there. Sai tells Rajiv and Shivani that Virat will get them married soon.Back to Chavans, Pakhi tells family that Sai manipulated Vriat again. Bhavani gets angry on Sai. Omkar says he will never accept Rajiv. Sai returns home and gives them gifts from. Everyone are surprised to her that. Mohit informs them that Virat has sent them a group message.

Mohit informs Chavans that Virat sent a messave in family group. Pakhi notices Shivani and Rajiv’s wedding invitation and shows it to Bhavani. Bhavani asks why Virat sent them an invitation. Sai says Virat wants them all to attend Shivani and Rajiv’s wedding and jokes with Devi. Omkar asks if Virat decided to perform Rajiv and Shivani’s wedding. Virat enters and says Shivani took a decision and he is just supporting her. Bhavani asks Virat how can he support Rajiv when he knows what Rajiv did with Shivani. Virat says Rajiv repents for his mistake and saved Shivani’s life today by risking his life, Shivani forgave him, so who are they to stop them. Ashwini says Shivani is their family’s daughter and they want to keep her from Rajiv. Sai asks if she means Rajiv doesn’t love Shivani.Bhavani warns her to stay out of it and verdicts that Shivani will not marry Rajiv. Virat asks even if her requests her and asks if she will not give his bua/aunt’s happiness. Omkar signals Bhavani to say no. Ashwini says she can do anything for her son’s happiness and agrees to attend Shivani’s wedding.

Bhavani asks if she is in her senses. Ashwini says it’s a mother’s decision. Samrat says he supports Virat in reuniting two true lovers and considers his decision right. Pakhi asks what about other’s decision. Samrat says she always supports Virat, today he is supporting Virat. Mohit also extends his support. Karishma tries to leave, but Omkar signals her not to. Devi and Pulkit also support Virat.Virat calls Sunny who brings Shivani and Rajiv in holding each other’s hands. Omkar says he will never agree for this marriage. Sonali says even she will. Sai thanks whoever thinks Virat’s decision is right and can bless bride and groom asks whoever don’t to stay away. Pakhi says Bhavani will never agree for this marriage. Sai asks Bhavani to listen to her heart once. Shivani says let it go as Bhavani will never agree. Rajiv says Bhavani sacrificed a lot for the family after her husband’s death and held the family together, so she knows what is best for the family. He announces that he will not marry Shivani without Bhavani’s approval. Virat suggests him not to test his fate so much that he will fail.

Bhavani walks to Rajiv. Omkar asks her if she also changed her decision. Bhavani she is so angry on Rajiv that she wants to get him arrested, but she agreed for Virat’s sake. Omkar, Sonali, and Pakhi are shocked to hear that. Sai asks them about their opinion as head of the family agreed. Rajiv and Shivani thank and try to take her blessings, but she stops them and says she will just attend the wedding and they shouldn’t expect anything else from her. Virat says her presence is enough for her. Sonali says they will be happy with her presence. Bhavani asks others to agree. They all accept gift and give their consent for wedding.Ashwini asks Virat if he will behave normal like their family’s son again. Virat thanks them all for respecting his words and says he may get transfer letter anytime and should leave from here. Samrat says if god wishes, he will forgive them all. Chavans walk away. Shivani prays for Sai that she gets Virat’s love soon. Sai describes how Virat saved her from fire. Rajiv says he missed both romance and action. Sai says she needs to change her strategy now, she was running behind Virat till now and now Virat will run behind her by Shivani and Rajiv’s wedding ends. Rajiv praises her confidence.

After some time, Sai praises Virat for convincing family for the Shivani and Rajiv’s wedding. Virat asks her to forget everything and concentrate on her tomorrow’s exam. Sai asks if he saved her hands from burning for same. He asks what kind of question is this. She asks if he cares for her then, but she will not write exam this year. He reminds her promise to write exam if he helps her in performing Raiv and Shivani’s wedding. Their nok jhok continues. He makes her sit and asks her to concentrate just on her exams. She says she feels hungry. He says he will get something to eat. She demands candfloss. He asks where will he get it from. She acts as sad. He agrees. She demands even panipuri and vada pav.

Virat brings candfloss, vada pav, and panipuri for Sai and asks her to finish them and continue her studies. Sai enjoys snacks and forces Virat to bite with her. She then says she will have a 10-minute power nap. Virat asks if she thinks he will wake her up. She says as he wishes, she will fail if he doesn’t want her up. He returns after 10 minutes and tries to wake her up, but she acts asleep. He sprinkles water on her. She wakes up shocked and asks who wakes up like this. He says she asked him to do wake her up and asks her to start studying again for her exams. She says she will go only if he drops her to college. He complains Kamal’s photo. She asks if he doesn’t want her to become a doctor. He says he will leave Nagpur in 2 days and it doesn’t matter if she passes or fails.She asks if he really thinks so, handcuffs their hands, throws key out of the window, and asks if he really doesn’t mind now.

He picks gun from the cupboard to break the handcuff. She asks him not to do that, they both can go out and search the keys. He agrees and takes along hiding from family. She covers their hands with her dupatta. Pakhi passes by and gets jealous seeing them together. Sai dances with him. Karishma notices next and wonders why Sai is dancing at midnight. They both then walk into garden where Bhavani notices them. They escape from her and then search for key. Virat finally finds key and frees himself. He then takes Sai back to room and forces her to study and himself goes to bed. Sai jumps on his chest and shouts why don’t he forgive her. He wakes up shocked. She then opens eyes and realizes she was dreaming. She notices Virat handcuffing her to a study table.

Net morning, Sai takes time to get ready for exam. Virat notices she is already late. She acts casually. He packs her stuff and holding her hand drags her down when Pakhi notices them and feeling jealous asks if he will make Sai write her wrong exam. Virat asks why is she interfering and asks her to move aside as they are getting late. He holds Sai’s hand again and walks out of house, leaving Pakhi in shock. He reaches college and requests Pulkit to take permission from examiner to let Sai attend exam as she is 10 minutes late. Pulkit says he is in fact early as exam is at 11 p.m. Virat notices notice board and realizes Sai changed time on her hall ticket. Sai thanks Virat for dropping her to college on time. Pulkit says Sai fooled Virat. Sai says she made Virat as her husband and Virat will make her a doctor. He smiles. She asks him to wish her good luck with same smile. He does. She hugs and thanks him.Virat waits for Sai till she finishes her exam. After finishing exam, Sai thinks to call Virat to pick her up and finds him already waiting for her. Virat says its her last exam, so he waited till she finished her exam. He further informs that there is a surprise waiting for her

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