Lord of the skies telemundo season 2: Synopsis, Plot, Full story and main casts


Lord of the skies season 2 telemundo

The season one of Lord of the Skies ended with the world thinking that Aurelio Casillas died trying to change his face. However, in the season two it was discovered that it was all part of his masterful plan to return from the shadows and eliminate his enemies.

His plan is also to extend his drug dealing network all over the world without the meddling eyes of the authorities and his enemies.

To further solidify his plan, he meets Victoria Navárez (Marlene Favela), a beautiful woman who works her way into becoming the new governor of Mexico, Aurelio after seeing her actions falls in love and decides to deceive her by posing as another man. He usurps the identity of Danilo Ferro

Furthermore, When Aurelio thinks he has his worst enemy, Chema Venegas, cornered and ready to claim victory in this battle, Chema uses his last cruel and powerful trick by seducing and impregnating Rutila, Aurelio’s daughter.

The struggle between these two capos will go beyond business to become a personal matter. The supremacy of the Lord of the Skies will be put to the test in the second season of the series.

Season two ends with Leonor capturing Aurelio and sending him to prison in the naval bunker where he would last several months.

This season of Lord of the skies promises to be full of action, intrigue, romance and suspense, even more than the first season.

So who are the main casts of season 2?

Aurelio Casillas played by Rafael Amaya

Rafael Amaya

He is a tall, virile and athletic northerner who can be as discrete as he is paranoid; as brave as his is treacherous. Most of all, he is ambitious and cynical.

He has no patience for idealism and can’t bear for anyone to challenge his honor. Aurelio displays a head-jerking motion that gets even more pronounced when he is nervous. This mannerism also begins his transformation from a state of calm to absolute rage.

Those close to him know when they see this tic that something bad is about to happen, because he is capable of the worst atrocities. As the Second Season begins, time has passed and we see an Aurelio Casillas that is more mature, more controlled and determined to take revenge from those who betrayed him.

Many believe he died in the operating room trying to get a new face, but Aurelio is out to transform his identity in more fundamental ways. After spending time in Europe he returns to Mexico to recover his territory.

José María “Chema” Venegas played by Mauricio Ochmann

Mauricio Ochmann

José María Venegas was born in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, in a hospital just across the US border. Being the son of an American mother and a Mexican father, he grew up influenced by both cultures, as well as the paranoia and astuteness of those who make their living crossing the US border.

“El Chema” soon becomes a legendary figure thanks to his alliances with the capos of distribution rings in the United States, especially Randy and his white-collar clients, lawyers and financial advisors in the United States.

Everyone in New Mexico and California has heard of “El Chema” who combines the charisma and creativity of Pablo Escobar with the low profile and strategic intelligence of Aurelio Casillas. He becomes the worst enemy of Aureilo.

Victor Casillas “Chacorta” played by Raúl Méndez.

Raúl Méndez

He is Aurelio’s loyal brother who continues his dissolute ways. His ex-wife, Matilde, has declared war against him, and his son disapproves of his life as a drug trafficker. And currently, he is in love with a beautiful, cold and vain woman. Everywhere he goes he gets into trouble, often at the expense of those he loves the most.

Victoria Navárez “La Gober” played by Marlene Favela

Marlene Favela Credit: Gettyimage

Victoria is from Zapopan, Jalisco and the only daughter of Pedro Navárez, a legendary senator from the Mexican state.

Her mother dies soon after Victoria graduates high school and she moves to Mexico City to study law. Due to her intelligence and maturity, she quickly becomes takes the place of “first lady” at the social events her father attends, mastering the ins and outs of the world of politics.

After graduating with her law degree, disillusioned by an unrequited love, Victoria decides to return to Jalisco to be closer to her father.

Don Pedro who, tired of the legislature, has decided to leave the Senate to become mayor of Guadalajara. The lovely Victoria sees first hand how the charismatic Don Pedro Navárez becomes a central figure in state politics. All of the local contractors, tequila producers and businessmen try to flatter the legendary politician they predict will become their future governor.

But powerful drug traffickers also approach Don Pedro, and they have their own interests to protect. Most dangerous of all, when they offer a favor, they expect something in return. After a devastating family tragedy, a grieving Victoria throws herself into her work, providing pro bono services to teen offenders and victims of drug trafficking. Success follows success, and over time she rises to become governor of the state of Jalisco.

Mónica Robles played by Fernanda Castillo

Fernanda Castillo

She is a beautiful, strong-willed woman like Ximena, Mónica is born into the world of the cartels, but unlike her, she joins this world once she leaves college. She and her two brothers run the business their father left them. Mónica is the brains of the operations and takes over the finances after her brother Isidro dies. She is comfortable around weapons and doesn’t hesitate to use them when she has to. Ruled by her passions, she is capable of killing anyone who gets in her way. Her only weakness is Aurelio, and she reappears in his life to help him regain his drug trafficking operation. Theirs is a fruitful relationship, but one that won’t last very long.


Leonor Ballesteros played by Carmen Villalobos

Carmen Villalobos

She’s a cold, direct woman who knows what she wants. And although Leonor doesn’t let anyone in on her emotions she has a good sense of humor that endears her to many.

She is also a special agent with Colombian intelligence and has taken part in numerous operations to infiltrate drug cartels. She has a good heart, but a series of physical and emotional wounds have made her bury herself in her job, leaving her personal life aside.

Still grieving for her beloved Marco Mejía, Leonor stays on the trail of Aurelio. She is convinced he is alive and won’t rest until she finds him. She finally succeeds in apprehending him.

Ximena Latrán played by Ximena Herrera

Ximena Herrera

She is the daughter of Don Cleto and married to Aurelio, with whom she became involved when they were young. With the arrogant good looks characteristic of northern women, Ximena has grown up around drug traffickers and, although she has never been directly involved in either her father’s or lover’s businesses, she understands perfectly how they operate.

For a long time she had a more or less open relationship with Aurelio, tolerating his continued infidelities because she knew she was the one he really loved. Once they decided to get married, however, Aurelio promised he would be faithful.

Ximena isn’t willing to let him break his promise until she finds out about his relationship with Mónica Robles (Fernanda Castillo). She feels trapped by the rules of the criminal underworld to which her family belongs, and her relationship with Aurelio begins to suffer.

She sees a chance to get her children away from the poisonous atmosphere that surrounds her husband in El Turco, but soon she discovers to her chagrin, that El Turco is even worse than Aurelio.

Matilde Rojas played by Sara Corrales:

Sara Corrales

She is Chacorta’s wife. When Víctor first met her on his first forays into the Colombian drug world, she was singing in a seedy bar in Bogotá. They married and Matilde moved back with him to Mexico.

She has never been an easy person to get along with: she is sneaky, jealous and dishonest and looks out only for herself. Her relationship with Víctor is based on a macabre combination of sexual dependency and jealousy, and she repeatedly betrays him with other men.

Matilde wants to pursue her dream of singing professionally, but Chacorta’s jealousy gets in the way. He does his best to distract Matilde with alcohol, on the one hand, and the attentions of his nephew, Heriberto, on the other. Matilde will do anything to get what she wants, without regard for morals or appearances.

Elsa Marín played by Erika De La Rosa:

Erika De La Rosa

Elsa was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, but moved to Mexico City when she was very young with her parents. Her parents are administrative employees in the Ministry of Justice.

As an ambitious child, Elsa was never contented with the middle-class world of her hardworking parents. She has always dreamed big and been determined to “make it to the top,” and this has been the guiding goal in her life.

She earned a law degree and, thanks to her parents’ contacts, got a job as a telephone operator in the Ministry. Helped along by her academic credentials, she rises rapidly through the ranks, finally gaining a position in the attorney general’s office.

Her ambition is paralleled only by her lack of scruples and, heedless of the gossip that spreads through the halls of the Ministry and reaches her parents’ ears, she begins a torrid romance with one of the country’s top prosecutors, a much older married man with children. Thanks to her powerful lover and his contacts, Elsa herself becomes attorney general at a very young age.

Rutila Casillas played by Carmen Aub:

Carmen Aub

Born in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Rutila is the favorite daughter of Aurelio Casillas, the most powerful and feared drug trafficker in Mexico’s history. Only she, her mother and her two brothers know that Aurelio is still alive, along with her cousin, Víctor Jr., the person she loves most in the world.

Thanks to traumatic experiences they shared as children, Rutila and Víctor have become very close, and over the years they have come to think of themselves as brother and sister. Rutila is now a young woman, with her father’s looks and her mother’s temperament.

A probable reason why Rutila and Ximena clash so much: They are so alike, with such strong personalities, that they know how to push each other’s buttons. The two have fought bitterly since Rutila turned 15, though “Ruti” may be a fair and decent person, she is also terribly rebellious.

Modest and determined, the princess of the Casillas loves to go horseback riding on the family’s ranch with her dog, “Muñeco 2,” a Labrador retriever her brother Heriberto gave her before he left for Europe. But Rutila can’t bear to take orders from anyone, especially her mother. She thinks Ximena has made too many bad decisions about men to be entitled to give her any advice.

Victor Casillas Jr. Played by Miguel Melo.

Miguel Melo

Víctor Jr. was born into a poor household in Sinaloa, he is the illegitimate son of Víctor Casillas (“Chacorta”) and Aída, a schoolteacher who died in an assassination attempt against Aurelio.

For Víctor Jr., who hates guns and violence, growing up in the shadow of a man like Chacorta was a painful experience.  For him, all of these things are a nightmare that bring to mind his mother, bleeding to death in the midst of a hail of bullets, gazing at her son with sadness and resignation at leaving him alone in the world.

Víctor Jr. knows that destiny requires him to be strong and that he will have to get over his trauma and his memories.  He can’t show his weakness to the other members of his family, who make their living through violence.  He knows it would an unspeakable insult for Chacorta, who hopes to make him his heir, to know that his son cries in secret and goes to Father Lázaro to confess his sins.

He also dreams of dedicating his life to the church instead of the world of drug trafficking, but not even Rutila, the person he loves and trusts the most, can know his secret. He tries to keep up appearances, pretending to be braver than he really is to make her feel safe.  The love he feels for his cousin is not romantic: They adore each other because of the kinship they share and the experiences that have driven them together since they were children.

Ernesto Gamboa played by Sahit Sosa

Sahit Sosa

Ernesto is from El Fuerte, in southern Sinaloa, and is the nephew of Father Lázaro, the parish priest of Culiacán.

Ernesto’s father abandoned him and his mother, Leticia Gamboa, when he was very young.  The betrayal destroyed Leticia, who fell ill from cancer and died when Ernesto was only 6.  Since then, he has been raised lovingly and responsibly by Leticia’s brother, Lázaro. But Ernesto has never been interested in his uncle’s faith and values; a rebellious boy, he would rather pray to Malverde, the patron saint of drug traffickers, than to Jesus.

Ernesto has always admired the drug traffickers and want to be like them, identifying with these criminals more than with the churchgoing men and women in his uncle’s world.  He is drawn to their outlaw code and the mystique and respect they command in their perilous profession. To his uncle’s chagrin, Ernesto thinks the local drug traffickers are more honorable than the politicians or police.

Pepe Johnson played by Ausencio Cruz.

Ausencio Cruz

José Antonio Gutiérrez Velarde took the stage name “Pepe Johnson” at a young age for his first television appearance.  From supporting roles, he rose through the ranks to become the host of a popular quiz show, keeping the audience laughing with his jokes and good-natured teasing of the contestants. He is a longstanding alcoholic and cocaine addict, forging relationships with top dealers to satisfy his cravings.  This is how he meets Chacorta, with whom he sets up a network for distributing drugs in show business circles.


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