Lord of the skies season 6 back on telemundo, Araceli is making an appearance!


The long awaited 6th season of The Lord of the skies is starting on telemundo by 16th March 2020  and Aracely joins the great cast assemble of the series…

The Mexican actress made her debut in the successful Telemundo superset on the skin of Altagracia Sandoval, a character who played Luis Miguel’s ex-partner from the hit soap opera La doña (2016).

Her arrival, however, was not enough to calm the discontent of the unconditional fans of fiction, who have lost interest in the superset since their main beau, the renowned Mexican actor Rafael Amaya, stopped after his character went in a coma.

Far from pleasing the viewer, the emergence of Arambula in The Lord of the Skies only increased criticism for the direction the series is taking without Amaya.

However, presently telemundo fans in Africa are excited to have the series return to their screens. Below is a little info about the series…

Plot/Summary Lord of the skies season 6

Aurelio Casillas recovered all the lost fortune and finally feels the need to retire. But it is time for retribution, the hatred that he sowed since he sold his soul to the drug trafficking demon is now knocking on his door with the face and blood of the many innocent people he destroyed. Aurelio will understand that his riches are an illusion, and that after being the great hunter he was, he will now become the prey. The women he mistreated, the men he betrayed, the political puppets he put in power, and even his own children will turn against him.

Main casts of Lord of the season 6

Rafael Amaya


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