Lies of the heart update Wednesday 25 March 2020

Lies of the heart 25 March 2020: Dad says to umri that they broke all ties with aditi. Sam gets furious when some one talks abt aditi…Umri says what did she do that he is so upset…Dad says she spoiled the reputation of our family.

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Urmi says aditi did nt do anything wrong..Mom supports Urmi……Dad says aditi didnt listen to us..So we have closed the doors for her…Dad says dont talk before sam abt aditi..he says this is jst for ur info abt one here wants to talk abt aditi…

At sam hotel..some customer is unhappy woit food..Sam asks the waiter to sent the new cook to hotel…Urmi calls sam to ask permission to make cake for her dads birthday..he says make and dont disturb me…Urmi says can she go to get the reqd items to bake cake…

The cook comes to sam cabin to meet him…Sam asks him to taste the paneer cubes made by him..but thy are very spicy..Sam says finish it off…Urmi calls her mom..she asks if she has an idea abt sam real says no…

Mom is shocked to hear this…Mom says she is mistaken..Urmi says thy have broken all ties with her…Urmi says no one talk abt her…mom says how did thy hide this frm us…Urmi sees some folks molesting a woman..she says how bad thy are…Its aditi..and she slaps the man…Urmi says gd..

Some men throw the guyts who tried to misbehave with aditi..urmi sees the same men following aditi again…Sam calls urmi but she cuts the call in middle…She tries to follow..aditi…The men enter the lift with aditi…Urmi says this men will harm aditi..

Episode begins with two goons entering forcefully in lift of Aditi. Urmi sees this and runs to save her but goon’s moves lift to topmost level.Aditi tries to stop goons but they misbehave with her and when she slaps them, goons’ stops lift in between two levels.

Urmi informs guard about the goons who behaves helpless in stopping lift.Urmi tries to call police but gets Samrat’s call which she cancles to call police first.

Urmi reach level of lft and speaks from outside that police and they all there for her and she should not fear at all.Goons moves lift to ground floor and tries run but police comes on time and catches them.

Urmi reaches home and tells about the incident to her in laws. Samrat comes and makes fun of Urmi for her bravery and asks how dare she cancel her call.

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