Lies of the heart update Wednesday 15 July 2020

Lies of the heart 15 July 2020: Saroj and asha get urmi down to ishaan, he overwhelmingly eyes her breathtaking beauty, as she stands before him dressed as his bride. damini points out to urmi as a bad omen, wrapped beautifully, while damini watches angrily, as she leaves no stone unturned to taunt him. they both eye each other, as they get ready for the jaimala. Someone is shown to observe them from a distance mysteriously.

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s Residence
Granny asks saroj to begin with the jaimala and she complies. All start teasing ishaan not to give in easily. As urmi’s family raise her high, so does ishaan’s family, and he finally gets the garland around urmi. Saroj then asks urmi to do her turn now, and she is hesitant, but finally complies. all tell ishaan not to bow his head easily, but he instantly bows in front of urmi, surprising her overwhelmingly. sandhya as usual taunts this to damini, who stays silent, but is angered from within. sandhya reaches the stage and asks ishaan not to do so, as its not becoming for a man. He asks her to relax, as he was only bowing down inf ront of his wife, as its his fortune, that he got a chance to be with urmi, for his life, and that she should focus on his love and respect, that he has for his wife, for all eternity. he assures that a husband should always bow to the wife, to get her love, and if that doesnt happen, he would be lifeless.

damini and sandhya are frustrated. Granny commends him for his thinking. All are happy. Asha gathers them all for a family pic. people start commenting on umi’s pre-dirvoced and motherly status. the photo session continues. damini is super tensed, and finally gets up on the stage, and asks her to go and change for the pheras, and offers to help hr. but asha volunteers and asks her to go and change. They comply, while damini smiles. Ishaan asks urmi to take care of herself, and asha complies. Someone is shown to be eyeing them from a distance.

Asha continues her nonsensical rant in the doorway. urmi stumbles and gets a sprain. She tells asha that she is weirdly restless, but asha asks hr not to worry as she is here. Suddenly, asha remembers that she kept the lehenga for urmi, in her mother’s room and goes to get the keys, while urmi walks restlesssly, and nervously towards the room. she is aware of someone’s presence behind her, but doesnt see anyone. she enters her room.

Downstairs, all are happy that everything is going normally. Asha comes to ask for the keys to saroj’s room, and saroj says that she gave it to sanaya. asha goes to her. Suddenly, just then the lights go off, and all are tensed as to what happened. They all enquire about urmi, and fingers point ot asha as she was with urmi. The police immediately gets to action. gaurav leaves to find out too. Asha stands speechless, as saroj asks her angrily, how could she leave urmi alone, in the room, in such darkness, when ishaan asks where’s urmi and if she is okay. Suddenly, Urmi’s scream for saving her, addressing everyone, shatters everyone present there, as it reverberates in the banquet. ishaan is distraught. they are all shocked and rush towards urmi’s room. people start commenting of the bad omen.

Meanwhile, urmi’s room is alight with fire, and she is extremely scread, screaming for somneone to save her. ishaan rushes to her room, and is shocked, to find the room locked from inside. The family members come too, while ishaan asks if she is okay and to open the door. All are scared for her. The police finally comes in, and all try to get the door to open. Damini eyes the entire drama tensedly.

Finally, urmi gets into a daze and falls unconscious on the floor. ishaan notices smoke coming out of the room, and are scared that the room is afire. anirudh asks ishaan to break the door open, and he complies, with fullest strength and finally succeeds. He is shocked to find urmi unconscious. All others are apalled too. Despite the police and damini trying to protect him from going inside, on anirudh’s urge for him to be careful, ishaan dives inside in the fire to rescue urmi.

Gaurav finally arrives there too. ishaan tries to get urmi unconscious, but when she doesnt, he takes her in his arms, and tries to find his way out, of the fire, without hurting urmi, while all are tensed for both of them and their safety. He finally comes out with steely determination, saving urmi without a scratch. the crowd makes way, while sandhya and damini are shocked at the length to which ishaan went for urmi.

In her room, while urmi finally regains consciosuness, all are tensed, particularly ishaan. he nudges her asking if she is fine. she fights back tears and complies. saroj assures urmi that the unfortunate didnt happen, and asks ishaan not to worry, as all is okay. ishaan complies. He asks how did this happen. saroj asks him not to bother, as urmi is safe. gaurav comes inside. ishaan asks gaurav if they found the cause of the fire, and gaurav says that it was a short circuit. Ishaan asks gaurav if he is sure. He says that the electrician told this to him himself, and even the police has checked. Urmi asks why is he so tensed. He is, and asks her to take care of herself every minute. they both ask sanaya and saroj to be with urmi all the time, as its not right to leave her alone. they all comply tensedly.

Meanwhile, the stranger that saroj first spotted, finally takes off his hood, in an isolated room, revealing it to be a person, who was paid by Damini to do this. damini is angry that he couldnt fulfill the task properly, while he says that he isnt at fault, but her son is, who saved her like a hero. he says that he should get the money, as if she doesnt pay, then the world might know. She throws the money and asks him to get lost forever. He complies.

While the rituals are going on, Sandhya takes the oppurtunity to taunt damini, that all her plan fell flat, and she has no other option, but to fall flat on her face. Finally, the kanyadaan begins, as the priest explains the ritual and its significance.

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All watch as urmi is on her way to become happy once again. urmi goes through the rituals tensedly, mixed emotions surging through her. ishaan is happy and relieved. Sandhya’s husband applauds anirud’s and ishaan’s effort in helping the marriage materialise. The priest asks them all to begin with the pheras, after asha does the gadhbandhan. Ishaan extends her hand to help her stand up, while she eyes him emotionally. the pheras begin amidst much cheer, as the priest starts narrating the promises with each phera, and ishaan reiterates it, behind the priest, meaning every word. The pheras finally get over and Ishaan dons the vermillion on urmi’s forehead. Then the priest asks him to help her wear the mangalsutra.

damini gets up and gives it to him. he then extends his hand, and puts it around urmi. All are happy and overwhelmed, while urmi has mixed emotions. She looks at him with overwhelming emotions. Their romantic eyegaze is broken off by the sound of Samrat clapping, congratulating them on their marriage, while he is himself dressed as a groom. Gaurav and others are shocked. ishaan and urmi are shocked and boggled, as samrat congratulates them all. the police gets to catching him, while samrat continues to address ishaan as Saala. ishaan asks him to get lost, and stop his nonsense. samrat asks him to think before he speaks. samrat says that his relations change with time, and hence he always keeps them joined, as they have just exchanged relations, as first urmi was his, and now she is ishaan’s, but along with it, they have a new relation, and that he thought on this pious day, when ishaan and his ex-wife are getting married, samrat himself too got married, and that they shall celebrate together, the double wedding, which would kill two birds with one stone. He says that now he would make them meet his wife. All are boggled.

He hollers for Mrs. Samrat Singh Rathore, asking her to come and take everyone’e blessings. he extends his hand, and tani walks in and stands beside him, dressed as a bride, and acting as Samrat’s wife. Both of them are shell shocked, while samrat eyes them evilly. the entire family is boggled and outraged.

Scene 2:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Later, tani is slapped tightly by anirudh, asking how dare she do something so stooping low. samrat is shocked. Anirudh asks how dare she get married with a person, who is a low life, who spent six years in jail. She is angry, while he asks her how could he not think once for their family’s reputation and respect. He says that she drowned everyone along with herself. he says that he is ashamed to call her his daughter. he is about to slap her again, when samrat steps in, addressing him as father, and asks him not to say anything to his wife, as he would bear the brunt of his anger, but not say anything to tani, as he loves her dearly. ishaan and urmi are shocked and frustrated to the core. samrat asks him to take it positively, while anirudh asks him to stop calling him father, addressing him as Bastard, and asks him not to even dare tie a relation with him. he insults him saying that he wont even see his face, leave alone having a relation with him.

ishaan too asks samrat to get lost, but tani steps in, saying that he cant talk to samrat like this, as he is her husband. She says that if anirudh doesnt understand it, he should atleast. Ishaan asks if she is in her senses. He asks if he even realises that she has made the biggest mistake of her life. He says that this isnt a person, but an animal. urmi too tries to say that she has no clue who he is. tani boggles them saying that she knows very well that samrat is urmi’s ex-husband. they are shocked to hear this, and rendered speechless. ishaan asks how could she marry him, after knowing everything, and asks if she has gone mad. she is defiant. damini asks tani, why is she playing with her life. Tani says that she and he love each other. urmi says that he just pretends to love, and tries to make her see along with ishaan, what samrat actually is and whats he trying to do here actually. He tries to tell tani about the recent phone calls, when samrat intervenes, saying that he saw him after six years, and asks ishaan not to lie. He says that tani knows everything, and that he might not have gotten along with urmi, but urmi can stay happy, then why cant he.

ishaan shoves him away, asking him to stop this pretense, and asks him to get out, grabbing him by the collar. samrat remains cool, and asks him to be patiebnt, respecting their relation atleast. Tani comes inside, and shoves ishaan away, asking him to stop insulting samrat like this. Tani says that she isnt an idiot. anirudh is super angry, while sandhya silently enjoys the drama, thinking that the old couple, have come to live again together in the new house, one has ruined damini’s son and the other Damini’s daughter.

Devi comes and asks tani that she doesnt realise what samrat has done, while tani is frustrated with his rant. Saroj too stands up for urmi, and how smarta spoiled urmi’s life and would do the same thing to her too. tani asks them not to speak in this, as they dont have the right to tell her anything, as what samrat did, was exactly what urmi deserved, and they both are vastly different. Tani tells them all that samrat wont spoil her life when the truth is that urmi has spoiled his life. samrat smiles evilly. the screen freezes on urmi’s shocked and hurt face.

Location: Ishaan’s Residence
Tani is beyond any advice offered, and in turn blames urmi for samrat’s debacle, as she speaks completely brainwashed the way samrat did. samrat asks gaurav to respect the fact that he is married to tani now. Gaurav asks him to stop this pretense, as he would throw him out rightaway, and rip him to pieces. samrat tells gaurav to understand something very clearly, its that he loves tani to the core, and nothing can separate him from her. He says that he might cut him to pieces but he wont get tani out of his mind. Gaurav and others are shocked. urmi asks saroj and devi to leave, as she would handle the matters here, while they are tensed. she asks them to take care of shaurya. Ishaan apologises to saroj and devi, with folded hands, for what tani did. he along with urmi asks them to go. After they leave, Urmi continues to try and tell tani what samrat out her through, and she says that urmi infact deserved it only. She blindly relates all the romanticism that samrat expressed for her, which he didnt for urmi.

Urmi tells her about his flirt with sanaya too. samrat watches the drama. Urmi tries to convince her, but she is beyond reprieve. tani says that samrat told her everything, and that its all in the past and she is the present. All are shocked at her stupidity. urmi says that he has manipulated her, while tani accuses her instead of that. ishaan asks her to stop, as she needs to remember that she is speaking to his wife. she asks how could urmi be so important that he is screaming at her, as she had thought that he would have been happy with her, but now she feels urmi has snatched him from her. Ishaan says that he is the same brother, and that today he wants to save her from ruining her whole life, as samrat uses her as a pawn.

Samrat gets into a pretense mode yet again, and asks for another chance. tani asks him not to plead, while he says that he loves tani, and wants to live for her only, and asks them all not to insult her yet again. tani asks them to accept this relation now. Anirudh says that she has spoken enough, and that if this marriage means more to her, than her family, they she doesnt deserve to stay here. He says that if she still wants to live with the fraud, its her choice, but asks her to get lost. All are shocked. he asks her not to step inside the house ever again, as she would walk out today breaking all ties with this house, and ever member of this family, and from here on, he shall have just one child. damini asks how is this possible, and where would tani go in the middle of the night. He says that it would happen, while damini says that this cant be.

samrat says that they shall leave, and takes tani along, saying that he has the strength to keep her safe, as urmi wont let them live in peace as it is. He decides to take her to jhansi. But she refuses to leave, saying that she shall stay here, as its her house, and she doesnt care what anyone things. She comes to her father, saying that she owns this house, as much as he does, and if urmi can stay with her past, then samrat too can stay in this house, as the son-in-law of this house. All are shocked. tani takes samrat’s hands, and asks him to come along, shocking everyone, while urmi and ishaan are distraught. samrat is barely able to conceal his smile, as they walk up. urmi sees through samrat’s intentions, and is extremely tensed.

Downstairs, all are still tensed at tani’s foolishness. Anirudh asks them all to rest, as they all had a tiring day. they all retire for the night, bidding goodbye to Ishaan and urmi. urmi apologises to ishaan, taking the blame, that tghis wouldnt have happened had she not married him. he asks her not to talk like this, as samrat would have found some other way to irritate them. urmi is tensed for shaurya being here tomorrow, in samrat’s presence. Ishaan assures her that they would be here by shaurya’s side, while urmi is still tensed.

Location: Ishaan’s residence
In their room, Samrat starts gloating that he has a new house, new car and a new business, and that this is jackpot, which is on the base of their enemies’ ruin. He guffaws evilly. He thinks that he has toiled enough to come to this, as it was a tough job to get this foolish girl in his trap, as he did this for revenge, but instead got entitled for free entertainment of family drama. Tani comes to hug him, while he wonders if she head. she asks what was he blabbering about, and he makes an excuse by yet again flirting and romancing her. he takes her in his arms and says that he is very happy, and that she is the perfect wife for him. samrat tells tani that a wife’s greatest duty is to give and preserve her husband’s self respect and dignity, and she got a perfect score at that on the first day itself. Tani says that she can do anything for him, as this was a very small thing. Samrat smiles evilly, as she hugs him, and says that this is their first night, and their room is so simple.

samrat asks her not to worry, and makes her sit next to him, saying that the bride and groom are the most important and not the decorations. he hugs her, saying that this is indeed a night to celebrate.

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