Lies of the heart update Tuesday 7 April 2020

Lies of the heart 7 April 2020: Rashmi asks her not to bother about society, and that everyone should go for jogging. granny doesnt like it and leaves. gaurav says that if she does so, who would take care of the household work and make breakfast. saroj asks him to let as she would manage herself. Gaurav is tensed, while rashmi is overexcited.

The next morning, while shashi is making panjiri, she is frustrated with the latest work that is added since urmi’s diet chart. Her husband comes in asking about the ration card, and teases her about working. she vents out her frustration at samrat for putting her to work for his wife, urmi. Her husband asks her to do this for the happiness of grandchildren. she is unable to digest samrat’s change at the prospect of a boy. He is amused at her irritation.

Meanwhile, in their room, samrat finds urmi with nausea and a vomitting sensation. She rushes to the bathroom, and he gets concerned for her. she comes out finally while she is tensed. She says that its just morning sickness. He asks if she has a stomach problem. She eyes him surprisedly, and says that its normal in such a condition. He asks her to come to the office so that they can go for a doctor’s medical check up later on. He asks her to leave all work and relax and rest, while he sends kanchan to assist her.

Scene 3:
Location: Coffee shop
trisha and urmi meet and discuss about urmi’s expectancy and urmi asks about trisha’s latest crush. trisha says that she is confused at his overexuberant display of love. urmi asks her to find out where is amrit, as she has to meet samrat and is in a bit of hurry. Trisha and urmi are waiting, where trisha calls amrit up to ask when he is coming. He says that he would be there in five minutes. urmi is desperately getting impatient, looking at the time, and then running out of topics. She tells trisha that she would have to leave, as samrat would get really furious, and requests her to make a meeting some other time. trisha complies asking her to wait inside. Both hug each other as amrit finally makes his entrance in the parking lot. urmi and amrit both are oblivious of the other’s presence there. urmi begins to move out of the cofee shop, while he enters the complex. She is unable to see him, as just then, she gets samrat’s impatient call, and fidgets in her purse to take the cell phone. she tells samrat that she would just come, as she is halfway there.

Amrit apologises profusely for having turned up late, while trisha scolds him for being late. He asks about his sister, and she says that she left after waiting for long. He says that she wanted to talk to her about asking for her hand in marriage. she is shy. But then determinedly says that she hasnt decided to get married now, as her life has just started, and that she chas reached this destination after much struggle. Sh says that they should know each other better, before taking the most improtant descision of their lives, and hence they should focus right now on their careers. He says that she is right, as her career is paramount for him too, and that he would never come in the way for her career and success, as she has the potential to change the way society thinks, and he would always be by her side, as she finds her dreams fulfilling.

She gets impressed. he eyes her lustily, seeing that his cheap tricks are finally making an impact on her. he asks her to prtofess that she loves him. but he teases him and vehemently denies. But seeing the glow and shyness on her face, he is evilly smirking.

Scene 4:
Location: Doctor’s clinic
Samrat is tensed, as the gynaecologist finishes with her medical checkup. She tells him that urmi’s BP is a little high. He gets furious and asks how can this be. She sdays that there could be several reasons, and that BP is the biggest problem in pregnancy and should be closely monitores. He asks if his son is okay, as she had vomitted. urmi is surprised. The doctor says that everything else is fine. urmi asks if everything is okay and the doctor complies. He asks why didnt she check urmi’s stomach. the doctor says that its too early for that right nowSamrat, in his over display of affection, tells the doctor to use the most expensive care and treatment to keep his wife and his son safe, as after all he is his son. the doctor sdays that she would take all care of the child and the mother but questions as to why is he referring to the child, as son as it could be a daughter also. Samrat defiantly says that it would be a son, and there’s no chance of a daughter. Urmi is shocked at his stance. the doctor says that its good that he is hopeful, but he should be open to either s*x and there shouldnt be any difference meted out if its a girl and not a boy. samrat smirks at this lecture. the screen freezes on urmi’s tensed face.

The doctor prescribes the meds on samrat’s instructions, who ignores her requests to accept a daughter. she tells some dietary recommendations to urmi, and asks samrat to ensure that she isnt tensed at all.

Location: Annu’s residence
Makhan shows the various model’s and actresses’ pics, and rashmi and buaji are star struck by this. Granny says that it isnt a big deal. makhan goes on a rant of self boast of how he sits with the top notch people of the film industry. gaurav is in a hurry, and makhan stops him that he was to see the location with him. gaurav says that there’s an urgent work. Makhan says that he being a native, is more adapt to the place, and that he can easily show him around. Rashmi offers to go with makhan and show him the place. all are shocked. gaurav says that his team also would be there. But makhan says that he has a personalised car. Rashmi asks if now there’s no more problem. Granny explians that this isnt a visiting hour, and that she would interrupt his work. But makhan himself says that this wont be a problem as she would go as the guide.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s and annu’s residence
Shashi gets the food made for urmi according to the dietary chart given by samrat. As they come back, they ask what the doctor said. samrat is angry that there’s a Bp problem, and asks urmi how can this be. shashi and her husband asks her to sit and rest, and then ask what did the doctor say. samrat gets irritated and says that the doctor just said the usual, trivialising the situation. Samrat says that a woman shouldnt be worshipped just because she is bearing a child, and then taunts urmi what else does she need to be happy. kanchan asks samrat who can laugh when he is around. Diwaker shuts her up. urmi is tensed for her. shashi’s husband tells urmi that they would make and keep her happy, but she has to take care of herself too. Samrat instructs her that her BP shouldnt increase, as if there’s any problem to her child, he wont bear it. He leaves in a huff. Shashi’s husband and kanchan say that he himself is the reason for BP. Urmi is tensed.

In his room, samrat is unable to get the TV on, and hollers for urmi. she come rushing while he gets impatient. He asks her how did she reach so fast. she says that he was calling hr so many times, hence she did so. He says that he is habituated to screaming but she shouldnt be affected and taker the necessary steps. She complies, and he asks her to give the cells. She complies to that too, while being tensed. she gives the cell, and then her call comes from her mother. Samrat says that she must be giving a minute by minute report and that she must have spoken a lot about him, and that they must be hating him. she says that it isnt so. meanwhile, when saroj finds that urmi isnt picking up the cell phone, she calls again.

Samrat asks her to talk on the speaker phone. urmi is scared but has no other option but to comply. saroj asks about her and the doctor. She says yes. granny asks if samrat is okay with her now. samrat smiles evilly. She complies. Granny asks if he takes care of her. she says that he takes very good care of her. Samrat smiles as his thinking came true. granny tells her that its good that she came back, and all is right, and she was thinking about aborting the baby for nothing. samrat is shocked at this, and in a rage, while urmi stands scared and guilty. Granny continues to advise urmi, oblivious of the situation, and says that she had told that a child would change samrat’s attitude towards her. Samrat leaves the room. urmi rushes after her. Samrat hollers at the entire family to come together, while urmi asks him to listen just once, running down behind him.

samrat asks them to ask urmi what she was about to do. Samrat is in a rage, as he lashes out at urmi, asking her how could she even think of doing something like that, and tells everyone that she isnt the goddess that everyone claims that she is but instead she is an evil soul, as a woman could never think of doing something like this, that she so shamelessly conducted and again asks her how being a woman, she could do something like this. the entire family is tensed, while urmi is shocked at his outburst of anger and frustration, as tears keep streaming down her cheeks. He tells them that urmi wanted to abort his baby, and kill him, and that she is a murderer.

He asks them to find the reality behind this innocent face. All are shocked. shashi asks him why’s he talking like this. samrat’s father asks urmi if this is true and what samrat said is right. When she is speechless, samrat hollers at her to answer. VBut she doesnt respond. He says that he wouldnt have known, had he not heard the speaker phone chat with her granny. Kanchan says that this is wrong. samrat’s father says that if this is true, then for the first time, he is embarassed and disappointed in her. diwaker too says that this isnt right.

Samrat asks them if they now know the truth, and ask her whats to be done now. he leaves in a huff, while shashi too is furious and leaves to her room. kanchasn is disappointed in her too, and she leaves for her room, along with her husband. urmi stands guilty and emotional, facing samrat’s father. she is about to reach out to him, when he stops her and leaves for his room too. Urmi is distraught at this.

In annu’s residence, all are tensed for rashmi when she doesnt reach late night, and gaurav is frantically trying her phone. meanwhile, rashmi ahnd makhan come in late at night, giggling. Gaurav comes to her and asks her to take care of the time atleast, and remember that she is the daughter in law of this house. Rashmi stands hurt. makhan says that his car broke down, nd hence they got late. Buaji asks him to have atleast called. rashmi says that there was no network coverage. Makhan complies. He also adds that rashmi was very tensed and got him tensed too. gaurav comments that it doesnt seem like so. Rashmi says that she went as gaurav couldnt help him. rashmi tries to defend herself, but they are all tensed and angry at her. meanwhile, makhan smiles with an evil smirk.

Scene 4:
Location: samrat’s residence
The next morning, finding samrat dressed early in the morning, she asks where is he going. He says that he has some work. She offers for breakfast but he says that there’s no need. urmi is tensed. Samrat tells her not to pretend at all, and not for a minute think, that she has been forgiven for such a big mistake. urmi stands shocked and hurt.

Location: Samrat’s residence
Samrat tells urmi angrily that he just kept mum due to his baby, as if anything had happened to his son, he wouldnt have left her. urmi is shocked. Samrat tells urmi that he wouldnt bear this at all, that she does anything that might harm or cause any trouble to her would be son. And that he wont tolerate at all, if she is even a little bit careless, and should always remember that she is siring his son. He says that if anything happens to his son, then everything would be ruined, and he would destroy everything and everyone, without even sparing her.

Urmi is shocked and scared too. urmi says she had thought so as their relation was about to break off. samrat says that her talks can go to hell, as she was thinking about detroying the identity of his son, as he wont bear anything in front of his child. urmi is shocked with his stance. he asks her if she ate panjiri and milk. urmi is unable to respond, and then finally says no. he says that he wont be reminding her again and again. Seeing urmi tensed, he takes her downstairs to eat breakfast, while her hopes again get shattered.

Downstairs, at the dining table, samrat asks urmi to go and eat, if not for herself then for her son. she resignedly goes, after repeated instructions. sam,rat leaves. all behave with hostility to her at the dining table. urmi gets tensed, when shashi and kanchan dont let her do anything. diwaker too gives a cold shoulder to urmi, when she tries to assist him. urmi is sad. She finds samrat’s father wanting tea, but he doesnt let her pout it for him.

Shashi tells her not to do all this, but just ensure that she shouldnt kill the heir of this family. She is stunned, but finally says that she knows all are angry with her, but asks them to understand once atleast from her point of view, as to why was she forced to think to take such a step. she says that they all knew why she left the house, what all she had to suffer, and samrat’s behaviour had broken her from inside. shashi gets frustrated while others listen intently. She says that she didnt see her future, then how could she think of bringing a child in the world. she says that the atmosphere that samrat had created in the house, she hadnt wanted her child to grow up in such an environ.

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