Lies of the heart update Sunday 15 March 2020


Lies of the heart 15 March 2020: servant gives clothes to urmi, she says keep it and go. urmi calls home, her mom says did she get the clothes? umri says yes and her mom says i was worried…

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Urmi says they are nt going to goa again she says her mother in law slipped and fell down..urmi says even thy cant leave says dont be sad..thy can go later… mom says all will be fine and that she needs aashirwad of be happy..

Ishaan and sam talk…ishann says we polanned for hm..and it gt cancelled..sam says to ishann u go..he says i knw what is gd for me..sam says jst go…ishann says u always talk ab t money…sam says i dont have money plant…he says money is imp for me..he says i cany see my hardwork going dowen the drain…sam says urmi wants to stay with mil..ishann says wht is this…

ishann says respect umri feelings…sam and ishann argue..sam says u sleep to ishaan…ishann gets message frm anu saying are u going i m nt feling good..he says even i am nt feeling gd bt i have to go…both keep chatting.. anu asks if he wld mis her in london..he says i will miss all of you..anu feels he is talking abt her…anu says i m talking abt me…will u miss me or not..ishann understands…he recollects all that happ with anu…

sam comes to his room..he says talk something which will make me happy nt sad..urmi says do we have to go when there are so may probs at home..urmi says u r going..why shld u go..she says now that u r only going…sam asks what is ur brain…

sam says what ur problemn..sam says i will go…cant i go all alone…sam says u told u will nt come not me…urmi feels bad…sam says are u coming..he says u thn stay at home…he says tickets cannt be cancelled..who will pay will ur dad pay for the same..

sam says if u dint stay with me for 4 days u will nt die…urmi goers to her mil seeing tv..after seeing her husband she starts again…husband says how come pain came again…hubby says dont make shoos him away…

DAD coems to ishann saya did i disturb you..ishann says asks abt video rec on phone..isahnn teacheds him…how to do leaves frm there..its morning..urmi gets all thngs for sam…sam doesnt like urmi not keeping thngs properly…sam says why did u remove my clothes..sam says hurry up…mom talking to herself…she gets to drink water..she feels better…she lies doen again..she says how long will i do drama…she says lket someone learn frm me…her husband comes…she lies down again…

dad takes his phone…and sees the says no one to take care of me…mom and da dhave an says iu have atoot illaj…he shows her the video…

mom is shocked to see the video…dad says this is what u have done.,.u jst pretended..and did u feel ashamned..what did thy do wrong..he says sam aggreed woth grt difficulty..he says dont break the says shall i shw this to peoiple at home..he says please stop the drama…all will enjoy…he says shall i release the movie..

Location: Samrat’s residence
While Kanchan talks to urmi that she should also go, urmi tells her that its no use, as she has to take carte and samrat’s descision to go is a good one too, to save on money. urmi leaves to get food for shashi, while kanchan goes on her jibber jabber. samrat comes down discussing business with diwaker. Urmi and they all are shocked to see shashi come down normally, after her husband’s coaxing. kanchan asks her how did she get alright in one night. shashi is at a loss of words. As urmi asks her to relax, samrat asks shashi point blank as to how did she miraculously got cured. Diwaker too asks it. Her husband eyes shashi angrily.

Shashi places it on the miracles of the lord, and the superstitious ways that her husband tried on her. Samrat tries to ask wt happened, but shashi diverst the topic. shashi resignedly tells urmi to get dressed and pack up for her honeymoon with samrat to goa. samrat too is happy, thinking that there qwont be any monetary loss. ishaan cheers her up, while urmi is asked if she’s happy now. she starts smiling shyly. samrat teases her and asks her to start packing. she happily leaves. Shashi is irritated.


Scene 2:
Location: Urmi’s and samrat’s residence
Anu is getting impatient to talk to ishaan. she calls up urmi to ask her first, and urmi excitedly tells her how she too is going now. She asks about ishaan and is told by urmi that he is in his room packing. she hangs up and calls ishaan instead. ishaan gets anushka’s phone and is tensed. but he cheerfully picks it up and says that he is going. anu asks if he wont meet her before leaving. He apologises saying that he has too less time and too much work. anu insists, and gets frantic. Ishaan is tensed at such ferocity. Anu begins to plead saying that its very urgent for her to meet him today. he asks her why would she go out to meet him. but anu cancels the phone saying that she would be waiting at a particular spot. ishaan is boggled.

saroj is tensed that anu is taking off the palster while anu distracts her by saying about urmi’s plan to go to the honeymmon. Saroj is very happy for urmi. later, anu sneaks out before anyone can see her, to meet ishaan.

urmi is excitedly packing up stuff, while keeping the diary that ishaan gifted her, to keep as a memoire of her time with samrat. samrat finds her singing while packing, and teases her to control her happiness. he asks her if she’s happy now. Seeing her packing, he asks if she isnt thinking of taking sarees. She says that she isnt that big a fool. He says that she is a little. she gets emotional and runs to him, as he gets busy in his work. he teases her to save her romance for the honeymoon. Urmi hugs samrat, and he too responds romantically. Shashi sees him and her like that and goes onto tease them. they compose themselves, while shashi tries to advise urmi to keep him attached just like that. samrat however ruins her mood by asking her to go to rest and not take too much strain. Shashi leaves fuming with rage.

Scene 3:
Location: In the temple
Anu is waiting impatiently, and gets happy when she finds ishaan coming through and composes herself. ishaan is tensed to see her. He asks her why did she call him here. She is about to talk, when she finds buaji coming in. she tries hard to get them to hide. She tells ishaan about it, and makes him take off his shoes, and they hide behind the peepal tree. ishaan is tensed and is shocked when he finds her hugging and clutching at him. Meanwhile, buaji decides to take pious circles around the tree much to anu’s horror. ass he begins and anu is tensed, ishaan is worried to find this change in anu’s behaviour. the screen freezes on his face.

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