Lies of the heart update Saturday 20 June 2020

Lies of the heart 20 June 2020: As all wait excitedly for Urmi’s arrival, they are happy to see her finally coming. She greets everyone and then performs the ritual of Bhaiya Dooj. gaurav gives her some money and urmi finally takes it, after much insistence from the family.

After that is done, all sit down and ask urmi what shall she do now. urmi says that with the recent torture that samrat has started on shaurya, by forcibly taking him away, she is left with one option, and thats to divorce him legally, to get shaurya’s custody. All are shocked. Devi, styanding in the doorway hearing this is shocked, and vents out his entire frustration of his insult to his daughter. He tells her that he is dead for her, and dead as Devi Shankar. Saroj tries to ask him to calm down, as he collapses having had a stroke. All rush to him, and rush him to the hospital

Scene 5:
Location: In the hospital
As urmi and her family waits outside, the doctor comes out and says that he had a partial paralytic attack, and he is okay now, but he shouldnmt be exposed to any kind of stressful environment or any stressing news. All are tensed. Annu gets ishaan’s call. Ishaan asks how is everything now. anu tells about her father’s paralytic attack. He asks what happened. Anu says that samrat is responsible for everything. Annu tells him that Samrat has ruined urmi’s life. She is asked to explain everything clearly. Annu tells ishaan that urmi left Samrat, forever, and that she bore everything, and then relates what happened. He is shocked. Anu relates urmi’s plight and torment.

Location: Samrat’s residence
Mandira and shaurya concoct their new plan, and starts fighting for the remote, bickering at each other, while samrat walks in wih a heavy head, to relax after a long tiring day. He shuns them both out, asking to sleep or play, as they wish, but not disturb him, as he goes to sleep. samrat wakes up with a start, as his body falls on the bed filled with water. Mandira blames shaurya for this, and he apologises to samrat, while he is frustrated. They start fighting yet again, and samrat shuts them both, saying that he is fed up of them, and vents out his frustration at them, asking them to get lost. shaurya says that he would sleep with mandira, and that samrat should fend for himself. Samrat is irritated. Mandira is amused at samrat’s plight, while samrat reprimands her too. He starts venting out how urmi turned him into such a naughty brat. He thinks that he would have to concoct another plan to get urmi back.

Location: In the hospital
As the entire family gets together, the doctor comes and tells them that their father is stable, and that they can meet him, but shouldnt give any kind of tension to him. Urmi is about to get in tensedly, when granny stops her asking what does she want now, to take his life, and asks why is she going in front of him, when the doctor clearly said that he shouldnt face stress, and that she is his biggest tension and asks to be left away.

Urmi asks saroj to make granny agree. saroj tells urmi that this is right, and it wont be right for her to meet devi. Saroj breaks into tears, while urmi thinks how could she too turn like this. Saroj says that nothing is more than life, and she too thinks that she should stay away. Urmi expresses her wish to see him just once. Granny says that she should stay away from them and the family. granny walks in angrily. saroj asks urmi to understand, as devi wont be happy to see her, and would be angry again, and what if loses his temper, seeing her, and asks her to understand for the sake of his life. Saroj folds her hand and apologises, and urmi is left stranded and shocked.

Inside, seeing a paralytic Devi, saroj, anu, gaurav and granny assure him that what he wants shall happen in this house, and nothing they shall do to hurt him, and that his will shall be their topmost priority. gaurav apologises for talking to him like that, and on Granny’s insistence, gaurav says that will happen what he wants for urmi, and if he wants that they shouldnt meet urmi, then so be it, and shall not keep any relation with her too. saroj and anu are distraught. gaurav says that he wont be able to bear anything wrong with him, and apologises profusely, and that he just wants them to be okay again. saroj too breaks down, promising not to meet urmi.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
As urmi drives home in the auto, she remembers what happened at the house, and the hospital. she gets aditi’s call, and talks to shaurya, who assures her that everything is right, and then says that he wanted to talk to her. He asks her why is she crying. She manages to lie, but he says that he knows that she is crying, and assures her, that she neednt cry as he is completely okay and taken care by aditi. She asks him to remain so. Aditi is emotional too. shaurya tells her that when she can, she should come to take him. urmi says that she is going to keep him forever, hence its taking sometime, and soon she shall manage everything and get him to herself. She agrees not to cry, and tells him to gho to school, once his Diwali vacations are over. she asks him to take care of himself, and call again if he wants to talk. he complies.

Scene 4:
Location: Samrat and sushma’s residence
The next morning, shashi has a hard time to get shaurya to agree to take a bath. She starts panting for breath, while he asks if she got fed up already. He says that she should then tell samrat that he should be sent back to urmi. She says that she doesnt want to commit suicide, and asks him to do so himself. Samrat hollers from downstairs, and shashi gets tensed and alert. Samrat comes to his room, to find shashi struggling to keep up with his son. He asks shaurya whats the matter, and he mischievously says that shashi is fed up of him. Samrat says that he shall not have to worry about that, as he plans to get him a brand new mother, who would take care of shaurya. Samrat shocks shaurya, with this news, while shashi too is boggled. She asks him if he would marry again, and she asks if he has any problem with it. He shows her the pics of prospective brides, and asks shaurya to search for a new mother. Shaurya says that he doesnt need a new mother. Samrat says that his old one isnt returning, and that samrat never falls short of girls, nor mothers for him. Samrat scarees him this his step-mother shall treat him very sternly. Shaurya says that he doesnt want anyone. He leaves. shashi isnt liking the girls that samrat selected. samrat gives her full freedom, to choose one, and she excitedly complies.

Meanwhile, Sushma and her husband try to compose urmi, asking her not to lose faith. when she remains sad, sushma asks if she is doubting her descision. urmi says no. Urmi says that she is just hurt that her own mother didnt let her meet her father. susham assures her that she was helpless in the situation, and that one day she shall realise what she did today. Her husband too assures urmi the same, that one day devi shall understand. Shaurya calls up urmi, asking when would she come. urmi assures him that she would come soon as promised. Shaurya tells urmi, that if she doesnt come soon, then samrat would get a new mother, and tells how he was asked to choose a new mother from the pics he had got. Urmi is shocked. Shaurya tells urmi that if another mother comes, he would be hit badly by her, and he is very scared. urmi tells him that she shall come asap, and take him from there. samrat, hiding behind the pillar, is amused, thinking that what he thought, did finally happen.

Sushma and her husband are tensed and disturbed when they find out what samrat is planning to do. Urmi however sees through samrat’s plan, and tells them that this is his vicious new move, to try and scare her to get back in his life, and have what he is trying so desperately, but she isnt falling in the trap.

Sushma and her husband are shocked as to what lengths a man like samrat can drop down too. They onder whether he wpuld ever realise that he is deteriorating by the day.

Samrat gets a cheque from the bank, of 50 lakhs, and is overjoyed along with the family. Mandira and Shaurya decide to irritate samrat. Shaurya takes the cheque and makes samrat run behind him, until they finally reach the terrace. As samrat thinks that he is about to win, shaurya throws the cheque much to his horror, down the roof, and in the gutter. Samrat gets angry when he finds his improtant, expensive cheque, crushed and crumpled and turned into a dirty paper, and starts venting out his frustration for shaurya. Samrat gets angry at shashi too, for not being able to control a small kid.

Samrat is frustrated, and threatens shaurya to never repeat something like this again. Shaurya tells samrat that if he so fed up, then they should think about giving him back to urmi. all are shocked. Shashi tells samrat that he was intentionally doing all this to scare him, and irritate him so much so, that they send him back to urmi. Samrat is shocked. Samrat shockingly asks shaurya that he was playing these games all along with him. Samrat is about to hit shaurya, when aditi and the other ladies stop him, and ask mandira to take shaurya away, while samrat is frustrated that he is trying to be oversmart. Rudra and others are tensed.

Upstairs, mandira and shaurya are scared that their plan didnt quiet work well. They are sad and tensed. Shaurya is upset.

Location: On the road

urmi takes an appointment with a laywre who agrees to take her case. she thanks him and moves out. On the road, Urmi waits for the auto, when she finds granny and gaurav passing by, in the car. she hollers at them, and gaurav stops. Granny reminds him of his promise to devi, and asks him to keep driving. Gaurav resignedly agrees. He drives off, while urmi is shocked.

Scene 4:

Location: Annu’s residence

All are concerned, as to when devi shall start responding. Granny starts lamenting that she cant see her son like this. Saroj and gaurav shut her up, and she again gets to blaming them, that this is how they used to shut devi and turned him to paralysis. granny blames them all, and urmi. She starts crying, while gaurav says that he agrees that devi is angry for urmi, but urmi has no crime to be blamed for. Granny says that they just care for urmi, and not for devi. Asha continues with her nonsense, while granny is frustrated. they hush asha up, but she is determined in her mind, to try out her own way to get devi out of the paralysis.

Scene 5:

Location: Samrat’s residence

As samrat is talking to somneone on the phone, he is super happy to find that urmi is coming inside the house, and thinks that the second marriage worked like a charm, and that she must have been so tensed since yesterday. He comes and starts taunting her that she finally did return. Urmi tries to speak, but he shuts her down. samrat says that he knows what she wants to say, and starts saying that now she is trying to salvage the situation. urmi eyes him sternly. samrat says that he doesnt want to listen to her say sorry, but she would have to come in this torturous jail for him to be able to bear her and sustain the relation.

Urmi tries to speak, but he again shuts her. samrat says that such historic statements need witnesses, and decides to call everyone, for her confession. urmi stands resignedly, shocked that a man could be full of such ego and machoism. All the family gathers and eye her tensedly. Shashi is shocked too. samrat says evilly that she had to come, just as he suspected, to beg him to take her back, and forgive her, and not do this grave injustice to her and her son. he says that he wont forgive her, but this house shall be her captivity. He asks her to go ahead with her confession, as its enjoyable to hear apology out this egoist woman. He asks urmi to speak.

She then calls the lawyer to come in, surprising samrat and the family. samrat smirkingly asks if she wants to apologise through the lawyer. He asks the lawyer to say whats to be done. the lawyer says thgat samrat has received a notice from the court. As he takes it, samrat is shocked. Kanchan asks samrat to tell them too what the paper says. samrat is stunned as he is handed with divorce papers by urmi’s lawyers. All others are shocked too.

Samrat is shocked to receive a divorce notice from urmi. Shashi starts reprimanding urmi as usual. Rudra too asks what does she want. samrat asks whats all this. urmi tells him that this is for his good only, as he wont be able to marry again, till he divorces her officially first. shashi is left speechless at that. Samrat asks her not to be oversmart. she asks him to stop being smart, and that she isnt in the same league that he is, and that she is not like him, and doesnt play with their own people. she says that their marriage is broken, and if by calling it a name, things can get better, then why not so. shashi starts lamenting. samrat asks her to stay in her limits, and not cross her limits.

She asks him not to scream, stoically, and that she doesnt have anything to do with him, if shaurya wasnt in the frame. samrat asks if she would be able to get shaurya. Just then, shaurya rushes down, and hugs urmi, and she too hugs him back. She too is happy and hugs him tight. Shaurya screams that he shall go with urmi. urmi tells him that he has got the notice, and now noone can stop her from taking shaurya.

Urmi says that she had told him that she would get shaurya to her forever. Samrat is about to take her hand off from shaurya, when the lawyer instructs samrat that he cant do this, by law. Samrat waives it off too, while the lawyer says that the notice has been given that shaurya shall stay with her. samrat is still egoist, and rudra asks him to let go now. the lawyer says that he has no other option. rudra tells her that this is a big step, and she should think again. urmi says that this is after much deliberation, and that samrat has forced her to take this step.

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