Lies of the heart update Monday 9 March 2020

Lies of the heart 9 March 2020: Ishaan comes to home with urmi. Shashi asks urmi to stay there, and not enter before the puja is done. As the entire family comes to welcome urmi inside, they are surprised not to find samrat there. urmi is tensed too.

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While all are tensed, ishaan offers to go himself. Ishaan goes upto samrat’s room. Ishaan says that everyone’s waiting for him to come downstairs, for the ritual to start. Samrat again acts indifferent to the rituals and urmi’s feelings, saying that this isnt anything important and nothing catastrophic shall happen if he doesnt come downstairs, as he has an important work to tend to. Ishaan says that the most imp work is to meet urmi right now. Samrat says that he got trapped marrying urmi, as he doesnt get enough of these rituals. Ishaan says that he doesnt care and and drags him out.

Meanwhile, urmi is getting sad and tensed, at samrat’s not coming down. samrat coems down, and urmi lightens up, but is shy, as samrat is asked to come and stand beside urmi. He resignedly does so. urmi smiels at him. he takes a cursory glance at her and looks away, and painfully goes through the ritual. shashi asks them to enter after having completed the puja and the tilak. They comply.

In their room, samrat is working, while urmi takes out samrat’s gifts from the packets, that her family has sent. she goes to him and asks him to stopm now as he has done enough work, and asks to be given some time for her too. She shows him the gifts that her parenst have sent. He sees through them and compliments that they are good, and she gets excited and goes onto say that they would have loved if they had made him wear it. He says that he wanted to come, and urmi finsihes his sentence saying that he couldnt come.

She says that she knows and that he would have come if he had the time and says that work is indeed imp. He looks surprised. She says that she understands. He thanks her. She asks if he liked the gifts. he says yes, and asks them to be kept in the almirah. she is super happy and complies. she starts talking animatedly about the preparations that her family members had done for samrat, in terms of culinary expertise, and how ishaan had to bear through it.

She says that had he been instead of ishaan, he wouldnt even have been able to taste it. he says that then its good that he didnt come. She says that she would tell this to anu and she would scold him them. He says that he’s just joking. Sheb again gets into her dream world. she eys the sweater that she had made, and goes on to see the fitting of it from his back. He asks whats this. She shyly says that its her gift for the first night, that she had herself made for him. he looks at it in surprise.

she says that she knittedv it for him, in mere three days. he again compliments her and she is happy. she asks him to try it on. but he says that he would do it later on. she insists, despite him telling her to try it later. he gives in and tries it on, and they glance at it in the mirror. she asks if its good. He says that it is, and starts expressing his doubts about the colour, but she says excitedly says that its looking very good on him. He takes it off, and asking if she’s happy, asks her to keep it inside. He gets back to work, while she does the household things. He finds her seeing in other drawers of the almirah and asks her if she doesnt want to sleep tonight. he asks her to go change instaed of doing work all night. She smiles and asks seductively if he doesnt want to work now. they eye each other romantically.

the next morning, trisha gets urmi’s call, despite being ill and sick. She is relieved to hear that urmi is fine. urmi says that she’s very okay with her life, and can only share it with her. Trisha says that she knows. urmi asks why doesnt she talk then, as its okay that she hurt her, and apologises for her behaviour, as situations were different then. she says that she cant live without talking to him, and kn ows that she was tensed for her, but she is very happy now. trisha gets happy and says that everything is okay if she’s happy.

urmi asks her to meet trisha and goes onto tell how much everyone takes care of her, just like she had wanted to, and thought of. trisha says that she understands that she’s very happy in her inlaws place. Urmi says that love and right have a strange happiness, and asks trisha to fall in love too, then she would understand what she is trying to say. trisha asks her to stop her advise. urmi remembers that she has to wake samrat up, and cancels the call. Trisha is happy for urmi.

Devishankar says that he is very tired now. saroj says that now that the work is done, they can relax. He says that the whole of bhopal is talking about this marriage and is lucky is that urmi got married to such a big house. saroj says that not everything is money, and says that she feels tensed for samrat, his behaviour, his conversation skills, which make it difficult for him to be understood, and she doesnt get, what he thinks, he says, what he wants and what he actually does. He asks what happened. She talks about Samrat’s absence today. Devishanker says that she shouldnt worry as samrat must have had some really imp work. She says that he may be urmi’s father and love her very much, but he wont understand that pain of her heart, as money cant buy happiness and comfort to a girl, and thats something he wont understand. He is tensed, while she doses off.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
urmi comes to samrat’s room and finds him asleep. she eyes her wet hair and idea strikes her. she comes by samrat’s bedside. Urmi tries to wake up samrat, with stroking his face, with her wet hair. he gets the taste of hair in his mouth, and wakes up puzzled and with a start. He sees urmi descended on him, with dreamy eyes, and romantic behaviour. He gets her close to him, by pulling her near him. That intimacy wakes urmi from her dream, and she starts smiling at her own dream world. She slowly progresses towards samrat’s bed, and sits beside him. She lowers herself on him and strokes her hair on him. He wakes up with a start and shoves her away. he wakes up and asks whats all this nonsense, and such a wild way of behaving.

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Samrat severely snaps back and reprimands urmi for such immature and childish act, and asks if this is the way to wake up someone. he asks her never again to even try it. She tries to say that she just wanted to wake him up. He tells her that she doesnt even have brains or manners or civic sense, and is now tied to him for a lifetime as his wife. urmi is distraught and scared too to see him behaving so much in contrast to what she had expected. he asks her to move aside angrily, as he wants to go to the bathroom. she leaves a little stunned. He goes inside. She remembers his anger and is shocked and distraught. A sudden voice calling out to her, makes her compose herself and she finds nirmala asking her to come down. She complies, still sad.

In the kitchen, all are excited about her Chulha Pujan Rasam, that this is the start of her new life. Shashi tells her what she has to do. nirmala says that this is a test for her, as she would be rewarded later on for this. The servant asks her to make something that would impress her husband too. Shashi asks what would she make now. Urmi says that she wants to make something different. she says that she wants to make a cake. all are surprised and boggled, that she chose something so diff. They are concerned, while urmi says that she would make use of the Gas for the cake. they are surprised but asks her to go ahead nevertheless. all leave, while urmi begins with her work.

All gather at the breakfast table, while ishaan explains that he has to leave. he says that he has to leave tomorrow. Samrat says that he cant go so soon, and should leave after 4, 5 days. His father also asks him to stay on. Samrat asks shashi to ask urmi to hurry up for her sweet dish. when she comes, they all compliment qas to how good it looks. samrat asks them to cut it, to find out if its just bful, or tastes good too. urmi is asd while all are shocked at such behaviour. Diwakar however supports urmi. Samrat again taunts urmi saying that its not necessary that the thing that looks bful is good too. Shashi asks urmi to let samrat cut it. She does so. samerat cuts it while all clap. he tastes it. and then asks urmi to cut and give to everyone. urmi is tensed but asks them to wait while she serves everyone.

Evereyone begins eating and complimenting. They all bless her to be happy always and reward her. Ishaan asks samrat to stop eating and tell if its good or not. samrat indifferently says that its okay, while uyrmi stand stensed. He also adds that had there been something traditional like kheer,( rice pudding) it would have been better. They all condemn for being so rude, and he just manages to say that the cake was okay too.

Scene 2:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Saroj goesonto express her doubts with gaurav. He says that samrat may be a bit rude, but he always favours the right. Saroj tells about rashmi’s parents chat with rashmi. Gaurav gets emotional, and asks rashmi about this. He asks if she hasnt hidden anything. she understands that saroj was behind this. Rashmi gives an indirect answer, saying that they are hurting her byb asking such questions. She says that even gaurav is the angry types, but she never complains. urmi too should get used to adjusting. Devishankar comes in to ask and rashmi vents out her frustration. He asks them to be in peace, as they should let urmi be adjusted in her new life. Saroj and gaurav are tensed, while rashmi is angry herself.

saroj is tensed that there’s tension between gaurav and rashmi due to her, and granny says that they would solve matters easily. Granny tries to tell saroj that she is worrying unnecessarily. rashmi comes to them, and starts taunting saroj. rashmi begins to vent out her frustration again. Granny asks her not to think like that, as saroj should be concerned for her daughter, and they arent bothering her. granny just asks if there’s any problem with samrat. rashmi says that there’s imperfection in everyone. Saroj tries to speak, but rashmi says that she doesnt want to talk to anyone, as by doing favour, she has put her own foot in trouble. she leaves, while saroj is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Urmi stops ishaan, asking if she’s going to samrat. he says that he is, and asks if there’s a special message that she wants to give him. she denies, but then says that he can ask him if he had his lunch. He says that she can herself ask it, and gives her the phone. She denies repeatedly. Ishaan asks urmi what happened, and if they had a fight or something. Urmi is tensed. The screen freezes on her face

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