Lies of the heart update Friday 4 September 2020

Lies of the heart 4 September 2020:The lawyer says that they shall now fight a robbery case of the stolen van too along with the rape case, and maybe the garage owner is the rapist himself, since the van is his. urmi asks him to be sensitive on the issue and then asks him not to mislead the court.

he asks Sultan if he got an Fir done, and he says that it did happen. urmi produces the copy of the fir. He still defiantly asks how does this prove that the rapists stole the van. She says that the van was found in the exact location, where these three people’s phones were traced on that day. urmi continues to point out how is this a co-incidence.

Nigam says that he has already stated that the phones of his clients got stolen. urmi asks if its possible that the people stole the phone and then the van too, and took it to the exact place, where these criminals’ phones were last traced. urmi says that this cant be a co-incidence, while he continues to point out to produce solid evidence, and not probable assumptions. he then says that he has an important witness too, and presents one of the rapists’ uncle. the man lies that they were in shirdi, where they had gotten work, with much difficulty, after which they got arrested. he asks urmi to question him if she wants.

she gets up and tells nigam that they dont interrogate bought witnesses. he asks how much did she pay to her witnesses then. He asks her to prove her case then. She asks for two minutes of the court’s time that the rapists were in the city itself on the day of the crime. The judge grants them permission, overruling the lawyer’s objection. urmi turns around and finds shaurya gone. she along with anirudh and diya are tensed, as they dont see shaurya.

Just then, shaurya walks in, apologising for the delay, as he holds up a projectorscreen. he gives the control to urmi, who asks for permission to play the CD. he grants the permission. The CD begins to play, where the three rapists are seen in the area where they stay. urmi and shaurya stand victoriously, while the rapists and the lawyer stand defeated. urmi says that the footage is from the first of july to the 14th when they were in Mumbai only. urmi points out that they had sketches and posters painted of them, on the 12th and they disappeared a day after that. she says that they ran for the fear of being caught.

She says that this is a clear indication that they were lying about being in shirdi when they were here. she asks nigam if he needs any other proof, and that this is sufficient enough for now, to get these man back into remand custody, for their heinous crimes. Nigam objects, saying that the court cant do that, since there’s no evidence yet that his clients are the rapists, and that would be unnecessary torture on them, even though they can assume that they were in mumbai then. She says that she shall prove this too, but for now, on the basis of this footage, they should immediately be taken into non bailable custody.

The judge grants this as they are crime suspects. Anirudh and shaurya along with others clap. urmi stands emotional. diya is relieved. The police asks the rapists to come along, as they spend a long time in jail now. Urmi turns to diya, as they both eye each other emotionally. She hugs her.

Scene 2:
Location: Unidentified location
Mr. Nigam expresses his doubts about urmi’s sharp witted lawyer skills, against their expectations, and that she is producing evidence that they havent even fathomed, thats slowly tilting the case in her favour, and if urmi goes like this, without being taken care of, then in the wake of the rapists being punished, they also stand the risk of him being exposed, by the rapists themselves, as she already got the judge to reprimand them to non bailable custody.

The sponser hears this quietly and then gets angry and throws and breaks the table, as the glass shatters into pieces. Nigam is tensed. finally, the sponsor is revealed, asking him to shut up, saying that he has never learnt the art of victory, and that he didnt employ him to talk about urmi’s skills, and that he shall win at any cost. Nigam says that urmi is fighting ferociously and he asks why cant nigam fight like that. He says that they can still control urmi somehow, but she has an ace card, and thats karan as the eye witness.

The man asks who is karan, and nigam tells everything about him. The man wants a way out. nigam says there are two ways, one karan takes back his statement, or diya takes back the case. the man shuts hum saying that now miraculously diya shall take back the case and then neither shall be the case, nor will urmi fight. nigam eyes him tensedly.

Scene 3:
Location: Urmi’s residence
The next morning, while shaurya is getting late, he hollers at ishaani to come along, as she is getting ready to meet akash for the interview. They are all amused. Ishaani comes dressed in a gown, and all admire, except for shaurya. he asks her if they are going dancing, and then talks about her sense of clothing, while she says that she is looking okay. he says that they arent auditioning for heroine. they all ask him to let be, but he insists her to change. he asks her to hurry up, as she shall wear a jeans top and come rightaway. She hurries back up. urmi asks shaurya to let be, as she is childishly excited.

Scene 4:
Location: Akash kumar’s residence
As they arrive, Shaurya finds ishaani startstruck, by his pics itself, even when she hasnt seen him. she continues to praise him galore, while he tries to point out the truth and fake lives of the actors. Just then, he makes a starry appearance, after having practised some dance moves, and then comes to them. Shaurya identifies himself. Ishaani is completely start struck, and shakes hands with him. shaurya is amused yet irritated.

Anand Kumar is a nice host, and then shaurya begins with his interview. he gets to the stinging questions straightaway saying that he isnt getting yunger and is approaching 35, and yet is paired with heroines aged 20, and asks why the discrepancy. He is tensed but answers casually that he doesnt want to think about this horrific nightmare. He says that for the commercial business, the producers place their money on veterans and successful people like him, and not newbies. Shaurya listens intently. he thanks akash by his first name, and thanks him for the interview. they wrap it up, and after a formal goodbye, shaurya asks ishaani to come along.

She complies. As they begin to go, Anand Kumar asks shaurya that he forgot to ask him, that Diya works in his newspaper? Shaurya and ishaani are tensed. Akash asks him to tell diya that she is brave and inspirational, and that what she is doing needs guts and that akash appreciates it immensely, as what they do in just fake heroism but she is the real life hero. shaurya is highly happy and excited. then he introduces ishaani, as his sister who is gaga over him. she starts blabbering about her immense liking for him.

Akash thanks her, and then enquires about her qualification, and then assures that if they have a vacancy for a designer they would call her up. she thanks him proufsely. They thank him and he takes their leave. She tells him that she had told he is a nice man. He asks her to stop gloating and come along. Akash sees this from the top and eyes amused.

All commend urmi as they find her good lawyer skills getting a worthy mention in the newspaper. they find ishaani tensed, and ask whats the matter. she says that its nothing, its just that akash kumar didnt call. they are amused.

Shaurya asks if she is seriously waiting for the call, and says that big people are like that, they say things they dont mean, hence she shouldnt take him seriously. He asks her to forget and move on. damini comes with a picture and says that whatever happens is for the good, and then shows a good relation for shaurya, as a prospective bride. they are all surprised and boggled. sandhya asks about who. damini gives the background, and says that she instantly liked the girl. shaurya asks urmi to intervene.

Anirudh asks damini to take shaurya’s consent, as he has to get married. Shaurya denies saying that he isnt interested in this at all. He gets up and begins to leave. Damini says that even though he isnt related to her, but still she has that much right to think for him and his life. Shaurya is surprised to see her talk like this. urmi says that she has full right, but shaurya hasnt thought about marriage yet. Damini says that he should start thinking, and if not this girl, then someone else, and then asks about diya.

They are all shocked and boggled. Shaurya says that the question isnt about marriage, but about how he can just decide to spend his life with someone who he doesnt even know properly, just because society or family expect him to do so. damini asks if he wants to get into love marriage, and if he has a girl in mind then he should tell them, and anirudh shall approach the girl’s parents, even if they arent in touch with the girl, hinting at diya’s parents.

They are apalled, while shaurya says that he wont go in for such a hasty decision. Shaurya says that marriage isnt a game, and that it isnt so trivial, and that they should know each other well before taking the plunge, as urmi too had arranged marriage, but they all know what happened then, and that he shall refrain from becoming another Samrat singh rathore ever. he leaves hastily. urmi is distraught. All are tensed.

As shaurya sits tensedly on the roof, diya comes with coffee. Shaurya says that she should have called rani to do this. She says that its okay, and then jokes that if rani had come, then who would have cheered his mood. He is amused, and asks if she still finds him snobbish. she says yes in cheer. He says that he likes diya far better and asks her to keep smiling. he cribs about the coffee, and diya instantly places the blame on rani.

They have a good laugh. damini sees them from hiding, and presumes that diya is trying to trap shaurya, but she wont let her succeed at all, as she would ruin her along with her plans. rani comes to damini, and asks what are the necessities for tomorrow’s rakhi’s celebration. She sends rani with the list. damini gets an idea, and thinks that tomorrow, on rakhi, they shall know who protects who, and who is whose brother, and find the truth about diya.

Scene 2:
Location: Unidentified location
karan is agape at the huge and grand luxurious office, and thinks that it must be some big producer, director’s or financer’s office. the peon gets him water, and he tries to find out knowledge abut the office. but the peon didnt know. Karan tells him that he has been called here and didnt come uninvited. the peon asks him to wait as he shall find out soon. Someone calls him from behind, and its the rapists’ sponsors, and he asks karan to step in. He comes cautiously.

He interviews karan, saying that he saw him on TV. Karan gets emboldened, and says that he must have seen him on news. Karan keeps trying to point out how and what a noble fiancee he is, that he stands by diya in her problems. the sponsor praises him for being a true lover, and says that he is a hero in real life, and would he like to become a reel life hero. karan luringly says yes. the sponsor says that once he is trapped in the court proceedings, that would take up a lot of his time. Karan says that diya is right too, and that he cant step back, as he has to stand by diya.

The sponsor says that here is his golden period for his acting career, and in the court, he faces thousands of trials and hearings, and not get anything, and his abs and biceps shall go in vain. He asks karan if he got any filsm. karan says that he has given many auditions. The sponsor of Nigam, talks to Karan in his office, asking if he has got films or if just struggling. Karan says that he is very talented, but laments that mre than talen, luck works in the entertainment industry, and he is waiting for his luck to click.

The man proposes what if he changes his luck and destiny forever, and if he can make his own film and launch it, and that he can give him 5 crores, to launch his own film. karan is unable to believe this, and asks why would he give him that kind of money. he is immediately greedily interested, and says that he knows that he shall have to do something inreturn, and is ready for compromise, hinting on casting couch.

The man asks for a small convincing, and karan emphatically asks who he has to convince. the man says that he shall have to convince his fiancee diya. karan says that he understands that they need to break up. the sponsor denies, and says that he should marry her, as if he wants to become a hero, then he should get married, and if they have to start the life with respect and take the step towards career, then she will have to respectfully take back the case.

karan is surprised and boggled. the sponsor gives him ten lakhs in advance, and asks him to start with his marriage preparations. Karan greedily eyes the money. The sponsor says that if he cant convince his wife for such a small decision, then his acting is in vain. karan sits tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Urmi gives the maid, rani a wonderful government scheme of life insurance at a very loe premium. rani is happy, and hanks her for taking such good care of her and her family. urmi says that its her responsibility. she then explains the entire scheme to her.

Later, karan turns up at diya’s room, super exciteda nd jubiliant. she asks him why is he so happy. he says that he got something very precious. She asks him if he got a role. He says that better instead, he got her. She asks what he means. he asks her to extend out her hand, and she complies, confused. he places his hand on her, with a mangalsutra that he gives to her, saying very happily that he can finally be with her and marry her, since his mother finally agreed to their marriage.

Diya happily says that she always knew that his mother would come around. he asks if she is happy. she says that she is indeed. He says that along with his mother, they both would die to have her in their life. He says that the tragedy changed a little of that equation too, but its back to track now. He presnts that she has one small condition though, and she asks what. He asks her to forget about the past, and move ahead. He says that they can start a new, married life. he says that his mother wants her to take back her case. diya is shocked and apalled. he says that they can start to live respectfully getting ahead of the past, only if she takes back her case, and they move on to a brighter future.

She seems unconvinced and tensed. She asks how can he suggest it. he says that his mother agreed after much difficulty, and now they should reciprocate by marrying asap, and after that take back the case.

Location: Urmi’s, akash kumar’s and karan’s residence
Urmi comes to diya, in her room, to ask about her. diya says that she wants to talk about something. But first urmi tells her that she spoke to a good advocate who told her that they have an upper hand advanteg in this case, due to having a first hand eye witness of the incident, and she is fairly sure that she shall win the case in the next hearing. diya remembers karan’s condition to marry and tries to talk.

but just then, damini storms in with the maid, who has botched up the sweets for tomorrow’s celebration, by making it too sweet, taunting urmi that she should also pay attention to what happens inside the house too. urmi tells the maid to go while she just comes. but damini asks her to hurry, and leaves. She turns to diya and asks what she wanted to talk about, and diya thinks that being function tomorrow, she shouldnt upset the mood, and refrains frm talking. urmi leaves.

The next morning, gaurav comes wih asha and chiku, to celebrate rakhi. They do the honours. All wait for ishaani, who takeas her own time to dress up. Damini surely thinks that she shall make this rakhi celebration utterly interesting and dramatic once diya comes down. She waits for diya to come. finally ishaani comes down, looking gorgeous. shaurya teases ishaani, and she asks his gift. He says that he already gave it, by taking him to Akash kumar’s interview.

She conveniently forgets it. He is angry. anirudh asks her to be fair. ishaani agrees saying that shaurya doesnt have to, but chiku does. he asks her to tie the rakhi first. she complies and then collects the gift. They all enjoy amused and happy. Damini meanwhile wonders why hasnt diya come down yet. Shaurya surprises diya with a gift. finally diys descends down, and greets everyone. Gaurav asks how is she, and she says that she is okay. damini asks how is this possible, as today is rakhi, and diya must be missing her brother, and that this too is her family, and asks her not to be upset, as she can tie Rakhi to Chiku.

Urmi and anirudh are tensed as to what is she upto. But others like the idea and ask diya to go on. she complies, and chiku gives her the shagun. damini gets up and says that diya should finish by tying the other rakhi too. All are boggled. Damini says that one more brother is left. urmi asks which brother. damini says that the true brother, who has supported diya tremendously in these testing times, and thats shaurya, as if she is chiku’s sister, then she is chiku’s brother, shaurya’s sister too. Urmi is shocked. anrudh is frustrated with damini’s behaviour.

damini asks what possible problem can be there. but just then, ishaani says that shaurya is just her brother and noone else can tie rakhi. damini asks her to relax, and let diya tie. Shaurya too asks her to chill, as he too has space only for ishaani. Damini says that since everyone has decided on the relation, they should clarify whats the relation between diya and shaurya then, and asks urmi tauntingly, that she has an answer to everything. urmi says that it isnt important that a relation has a name, and sometimes many relations are such that do many things for people, and the bigest relation is humanity. all are tensed, while diya is upset. Damini fumes angrily.

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