Lies of the heart update 2 July 2020


Lies of the heart 2 July 2020: While shaurya is playing in the garden, samrat kidnaps him and gagging him, he puts him in the car. shaurya is shocked and scared to see him. Samrat shushes him, and shaurya says that he wants to go to urmi. samrat asks him to shut up, and says that if he loves his mother, and wants him not to hit her anymore, then he would do exactly as he says.

He instigates shaurya that he has to testify against urmi in court. Shaurya says that he wont tell lie. samrat warns him that he would kill urmi, if shaurya doesnt comply to his wishes. Samrat shows him the gun, and threatens him, that he would fire at urmi and kill her. He asks samrat not to kill her, saying that he would agree to anything.

whhile urmi and ishan wait anxiously for nidhi to arrive, and wonder whether she got successful or not last night, and if the hearing would go in their favour, nidhi comes casually. Ishaan gets angry at her, asking what took him so long. Nidhi gives her the pendrive, saying that she did what was best, as he couldnt go to the room, and tells what happened. urmi is tensed. Ishaan checks the CD, and finds samrat dancing, and is disappointed that there’s nothing else. she tells about Niranjan’s arrival.

ishaan says that this wont prove anything. urmi asks if this video can be proved, and ishaan says that this shall be rejected within a minute, and doesnt prove that samrat is characterlss. urmi asks what they shall do now. Ishaan says that things went wrong at the last minute, and that now they are stuck. urmi is tensed. Nidhi tries to clarify, saying that their purpose isnt solved, and they are right where they were. ishaan gets an idea for evidence, and says that they shall have to testify through Nidhi, and they ask her if she can help them out in this.

Nidhi says that this is a huge work, and demands for money to be paid. When ishaan gives the money, nidhi happily counts it. She then begins to take her leave, saying that what she does is illegal, and she cant risk court or legal affairs. He promises that her business shall not come up in the court. But Nidhi says that she wont. Nidhi says that he can keep his money.

Urmi pleads and begs her to understand her helplessnes to get her child back, as a woman to understand her pain, and testify for her. she says that she wont ever forger Nidhi’s favour. Nidhi asks her to not get emotional, as this wont affect her, and let her be as she is. she takes their leave, while they stand distraught. the peon announces that their hearing is about to begin.

As the proceeding begins, Niranjan is asked as to where is samrat. Niranjan says that samrat is coming and is also bringing a strong evidence with him. urmi and ishaan get tensed. samrat comes and signals niranjan that the work is done. Niranjan presents a dramatic portrayal of calling this evidence, and then calls shaurya, after the judge permits.

As samrat enters with shaurya, urmi and ishaan are shocked. shaurya is scared, while samrat kisses shaurya. Samrat eyes urmi with disgust. Samrat presente shaurya in the witness box. He then pretends to care for, and kisses him. niranjan asks samrat to leave shaurya and stand in the opposite witness box. He complies.

Samrat and shaurya take the swear of truth. urmi asks samrat how and why he got shaurya here, as she didnt want him to be involved. niranjan says that this is imperative, as its shaurya’s custody, and samrat didnt want to drag him here, but he had to. Niranjan says that shaurya too began to start voicing how his mother tortures and traumatises him. urmi screams that this is all a lie. She tries to point out how tensed shaurya is.

But the judge asks her to calm down and sit. ishaan requests too. Urmi complies. niranjan asks samrat what forced him to get shaurya here in the court, when he was so against it. samrat pretends to be very emotionally traumatised, and says that when he reached the court, he found shaurya’s call, who in his crying tone, told him to come and take him, as his mother has beaten and burnt him badly.

Urmi is outraged while ishaan is stunned. urmi says that this is a total lie. samrat says that urmi has committed an inhuman thing. niranjan shows shaurya’s hand carrying the scar of burns on his hand. Urmi comes to him and asks how did this happen and who burnt him. She is apalled, and carries him in her lap, and asks what happened. ishaan is apalled.

Niranjan points out that this is all a pretense and drama, and says that this is just a sympathetic gesture. urmi begs him to speak, as he shouldnt be scared at all, but the judge asks her not to interrupt the proceedings and sit down. She is disgusted by what samrat did, and complies silently. Niranjan tries to pretend to assure shaurya that he shouldnt be scared, and asks him to repeat just what he told samrat on the phone. urmi is in uncontrollable tears, while niranjan and samrat both coax him to say the truth.

Location: Sushma’s residence
Sushma and her husband try to find shaurya for food, but are unable to find him. they get tensed, when he isnt to be seen anywhere.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Shashi starts throwing a tantrum that she wants to change her room, due to the humidity in it,which is giving her health problems. rudra and kanchan are amused. she says that she is thinking of changing her room, and kanchan asks whose room shall she chnge with. She tells that she shall have samrat’s room, and they both are shocked, and ask where shall samrat stay. Shashi says that he shall stay in her room. kanchan asks if this is possible. shashi continues to throw her weight around as the property owner. rudra and kanchan are irritated and leave. shashi says that she would have to find s method to get this all to herself, permanently, and very soon.

Scene 4:
Location: Jhansi Court
Ishaan comes and shaurya, and is shocked to find the burn mark. he is apalled, but hides it. he desperately asks shaurya, not to be scared and tell the court the truth, as to who he wants to stay with. niranjan tells the judge that this is emotional blackmail and manipulation. Niranjan pressurises shaurya to look at samrat and tell exactly how urmi used to burn and beat him, while samrat gives him scary looks. ishaan asks him not to think of samrat and tell the judge. Urmi is uncontrollably crying, as she finds her son in such a moral dilemma.

urmi and ishaan wait with bated breaths, while samrat wait anxiously for him to answer. Urmi stands up. Shaurya is scared as tears stream down his cheeks. He finally breaks saying that his father and not his mother hurt him, as he burnt him. urmi is disgusted.

Samrat is shocked at shaurya’s replies, and asks himnot to lie. Ishaan applauds shaurya for speaking the truth, unscared, and asks him to tell everything to the judge. Niranjan sks him not to put words in shaurya’s mouth. Ishaan asks him to stop.

the judge asks them to stop, and then asks shaurya how is his father, and he starts narrating all the atrocities that samrat has put him through, and how urmi is the ideal mother. samrat is shocked, as shaurya narrates everything, as to how he was threatened. Urmi is disgusted and apalled, and asks samrat how can he do this to his own child, and how he burnt his own hand. Samrat says that urmi has created a pressure on him, and hence he is saying such things.

A series of accusations and counter allegations begin, where niranjan blames urmi for being a manipulist and sympathy gainer. She asks if he forgot humanity by professions. Ishaan asks him to stop manipulating, as he can try the best, but he wont be able to get a child to lie. Niranjan says that lets assume he did it, but then why did he bring shaurya to the court too. Niranjan tries to get the court in his favour.

Meanwhile, shaurya has a fainting spell, as he dizzies through. ishaan and urmi rush to him, while niranjan signals samrat to pretend to be a concerned parent, and he rushes to shaurya. Urmi asks samrat not to even dare touch him, and asks him to stay away from shaurya. samrat is stunned. Ishaan tries to get him to gain consciosuness. samrat points this to the judge as overbearing nature of urmi.

The judge asks him to be quiet and stand in the witness box. As shaurya gets bnack to senses, the judge is assured that he is okay. Urmi stands with shaurya in the lap, pleading shaurya to be kept to her, and out of all these allegations. samrat pretends to stop this now, and niranjan asks him to calm down, and gives him water. Samrat pretends to be very upset. urmi asks him to stop dramatising, asking how can he do this after behaving so barbaric with his own child, just for the sake of a win.

Samrat continues to allege her of doing this always. samrat asks niranjan to let it be, and asks her to keep the child. the judge asks him to stay within his limits, and not order him, as to what should be done. samrat pretends to be upset. urmi says that she begs the judge to decide whats right. T

The judge silences her too, asking what kind of parents they are, as they both are careless, as between their fights, the son is getting hampered. The judge says that if anythin ghappens to the child during the court stay, they shall be punished. The judge orders both the lawyers, to gather solid evidence, and then call for an early hearig, instead of wasting their time. Urmi is distraught. Samrat eyes them sternly.

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Murti is scared, while shashi orders him to continue with the shifting, throwing tantrums and ordrs around, as the owner of the house. She is shocked, to find samrat standing behind her, aangry and full of rage. Samrat asks her if she has so much guts to throw him out of his own room. He drags her outside, and says that today she shall be taught a lesson. he drags her forcibly out and down the stairs, and tries to throw her out, while she lets her hand off with a jerk.

She reminds him that she is the owner of the house, and asks him to shut up, saying that if she gets angry, he would be thrown out. He dials the number so that he gets the property back in a day. She asks him not to do so, as he got so angry, and that due to the pain, she couldnt think clearly. samrat gets irritated and asks her to stay in her limits now. kanchan and rudra are frustrated with the drama everyday. Samrat hastily goes to his room. Shashi is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Sushma’s residence
urmi and ishaan are shocked at what samrat did, and urmi spews out venom against the child, while shaurya sits inher lap, stunned and dazed, and psychologically affected. She hugs him, saying that she is very scared that samrat can hurt shaurya. Ishaan assures that he has hired a security guard for shaurya, and now samrat cant hurt him, even if he wants to.

Scene 4:
Location: Lawyer’s office
Shashi shows the lawyer the property papers, and says that they shall purchase the property. She doesnt realise that she is actually being befooled, as they do a completely profitable deal, quoting one third the price, as 1 crore, and shashi vehemently agreeing to it. they keep a condition, tht they shall pay 20 lakhs on paper, but give the remaining 80 lkhs in cash. She is more than happy. She alspo allows them to visit the house tomorrow, for a site seeing. She leaves happily, having gotten an advance of 5lakhs. They say that the actual estimate is 3 crores, and they shall get in mere 20lakhs. They are amused.

Scene 5:
Location: Samrat’s residence
the priest tells samrat, that he would have to change the entire layout of the house, to get her son back, and if he doesnt do it, he would lose the court and the son. Samrat agrees and decides to shift to their guesthouse tomorrow. Just then, Shashi comes in asking who is selling the house, when she is present. Samrat is irritated, and shashi asks whats this problem of shifting to the guesthouse. Samrat tells her what they are planning, and makes an excuse of having gone to a friend’s house. Shashi wonders to use this to her advantage.

Scene 6:
Location: At the temple
Urmi prays saying that so much happened, she never complained, but she wont be able to bear that her son gets harmed, and that he would have to take responsibility of keeping her child safe. she turns around, to find radha praying, and is surprised, as she eyes her wih her eyes closed, praying. She descends down the stairs. radha finishes her prayers. Ishaan and urmi decide to distribute food packets to the starving children.

As urmi and ishnaan stand outside the temple, they find radha going past them, and both recognis her, from having seen her somewhere, as she is very familiar to this face. urmi says that she saw this girl at samrat’s house the other day, she she went over there. ishaan says that when he saw her in the market, she was buying a mangalsutra. Urmi is surprised. They both wonder what she was doing at samrat’s place and wonder who is she.

Samrat is flipping through his files, and radha comes in asking why is he packing stuff, as she would do it for him, tomorrow, before leaving for the guesthouse. he says tht he just has files surfing through. She then gives him prashad, and he asks whats this for. she says that she went to the temple, to pray for his success in the case, and to get his son. He says that he isnt tensed fr his son, as that lady has made his life hell.

Radha starts blaming urmi as to how she tortured him. He says that he would teach urmi a lesson, and that he is sick of the child too. radha asks him not to say like that, as he is his son after all. He says that he should fire two bullets, one on urmi and one on shaurya. She asks him not to do so, as once he gets shaurya, she would make him a good son, and love him just the way she loves him too.

Smarat wonders where he has landed himself, and asks whats he doing. He then begins to get romantic with her, trying to take advantage of her blind worship. He closes the door behind her, while she shyly waits. He is tensed with the CCTV as radha gets in his room, and he tries to get intimate with her, and he covers the camera with a handkerchief. As he gets down to business, he doesnt realise that the hankey slipped off, and the camera records their physical intimacy, while he asks her not to be tensed, as she should just worship him.

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
The next morning, ishaan and urmi come in Blue Peridot, and wonder if the manager and the waitresses confirm that a room was booked for samrat for over a year, for his infidelity. The manager comes and asks her how can he help him. She identifies herself, and then says that she must be knowing about her divorce and custody case of the child. He asks what can be done. She asks about the special room booked for samrat.

He says that it was for his special guests. She asks that he knew what were those special guests. He is silent. ishan asks him to come and testify in in the court, as to what samrat did in the rooms. he is shocked and asks how can he talk about his illegal business so openly. She assures him that nothing wrong would come to him and the hotel. He refuses to help, despite their insistence. They are tensed, wondering what to do now.

Scene 3:
Location: Guest House
All come at th guesthouse, and shashi comes in searching for the best room. Samrat asks rudra to see the unloading of the stuff. He eyes Radha, and then gets mukti busy in getting the stuff inside. He starts to tease radha, while she tries to wriggle free from his grip. Just then, Ishaan and urmi pass by, where they find samrat overpowering radha. She identifies her as the same girl, who they sw in the temple. ishaan wonders whats samrat doing here with this married girl. they are baffled as to whats the matter.Then they find mukti, and ishaan thinks that this girl shall come to their use, and that she would definitely testify against samrat in the court.

Scene 4:
Location: Sushma’s residence
Saroj and granny come and thank sushma profusely for taking care of their daughter, when they deserted her, being her family. sushma says that she is doing very miniscule compared to what urmi does for them. Saroj says that they are indebted to her. Sushma says that saroj has been blessed with a gem and that they should give her the rightful right, respect and love. granny agrees. sushma says that she wont let urmi go.

They all smile. saroj says that they wouldnt even take her, and that she is much better than them as urmi’s family. urmi and ishaan come back, and are pleasantly surprised to find saroj and granny there. urmi asks about anu, and all get tensed. saroj says that she is fine but she didnt come. Granny laments that she has cocooned herself. sushma says that she has to come out of this shock. granny says that she should get married, as that would divert her mind from the sadness and grief. Urmi agrees, and saroj says that she would talk to anu, and asks ishaan to talk as she listens to him.

Scene 5:
Location: Niranjan’s office
Samrat starts snubbing the lawyer, for not having done anything credential. Niranjan instead points out as to how he failed him all the time, despite all the innovative ideas that he got. They both continue blaming each other, while a series of allegations and counter allegations follow.

finally samrat is unable to control any longer, and asks him to get a final hearing, and that he wont take any more risks, and asks him to come up with something in the next 24 hours. Niranjan asks what would happen if he doesnt comply. samrat says that he would extort back every penny. samrat leaves in a rage, while niranjan fumes that he is being threatened.

Scene 6:
Location: Guesthouse
kanchan and radha get to unloading and unpacking shashi’s stuff to set up her room. while she is working, radha’s dupatta slips from the shoulder. Shashi notices the mangalsutra, and is shocked to see it. she raises a hue and cry over it, while kanchan is stunned. Shashi asks kanchan whats the reality and this drama. kanchan too asks her.Radha stands helplessly speechelss. Samrat, who has just come in, is shocked to see this scene, as he remembers putting it on her

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