Lady luck update Wednesday 22 January 2020

Lady luck 22 January 2020: Divya tells Ansh she has some work and nervously goes to kitchen. Yuvraj follows her and holds her hand. She asks to stay away from her and asks how did he come here. He says she is his begum and he will come whereever she goes.

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She says she is Ansh’s wife and Prajapati family bahu, not his begum, so he should get out from here. He tries to hold her again. She throws things. Servants enter in and ask what happened. She says this dholwala came here by mistake, so they should show him door. They all catch Yuvraj and throw him out of house. Pavitra taunts Yuvraj that she told him that his plan will not work and asks him to do as she says now.

Waiter informs Divya/Bhoomi that badi maa is calling her outside to meet someone. Divya walks outside. Pavitra gives money to waiter and sends. Divya searches badi maa outside house. Yuvraj comes and asks how is she. She calls watchman. He forcefully smells her chloroform and she falls unconscious. He puts her in truck. Pavitra says now he got his begum and should go from here and never come back or send back his begum. Varun gets jealous seeing Surbhi dancing with her friend and walks out of house jealously. He sees Bhoomi in a truck and runs behind it.

Varun sees Bhoomi unconscious into moving truck and follows it. After a while, he stops truck and slaps driver. He does not find Bhoomi in and thinks where she must have gone.

At Prajapati house, badi maa asks Ansh where is Bhoomi, panditji gave 9:45 p.m. pooja muhurath. Ansh searches here everywhere and does not find her. Pavitra taunts that Bhoomi eloped to escape marriage. Badi asks her to shut up and says she knows she must be involved in this, but she trusts devi maa. Pavitra says devi maa will not help her now as Bhoomi does not want to marry Ansh. Badi maa starts praying devi maa.

Bhoomi wakes up and sees herself in front of a havan fire in a locked room. She tries to open door, but cannot. Yuvraj enters and she gets afraid. He says his begum cannot escape from her. She says she is not his begum and pleads to let her go. He walks near her. Varun reaches there and asks who is he. Yuvraj starts beating Varun and tries to strangulate him. Bhoomi gets angry seeing that, takes devi’s trishul and hits Yuvraj’s head repeatedly saying Varun is her brother. Yuvraj falls down. Bhoomi cries that she killed him. Varun check’s Yuvraj’s pulse and says he is alive and takes Bhoomi from there.

At home, badi maa continues praying god.. Varun reaches home with Bhoomi. Bhoomi hugs him and says he fulfilled his responsibility of a brother. He asks her to go in and finish pooja while he goes from backside and dresses his wound. Pavitra continues taunting badi maa that her pooja is also finishing, but Bhoomi will not come as she has escaped. Ansh thinks something must have happened to Bhoomi, else she will not go away like this. Pavitra continues where is Bhoomi. Bhoomi enters and says she is here. Badi maa smiles while Pavitra is shocked.

Bhoomi apologizes Badi maa for coming late as she had been out on some important work. Now, they can start maha aarti. Ansh sees scratches on Bhoomi’s hand, but silently performs maha aarti with her, looking at her other wounds. Bhoomi thanks devi maa for helping her. Ansh asks if she is fine. She nods yes. After aarti, badi maa asks Ansh and Bhoomi to exchange rings and start a new life.

After pooja, Badi maa asks Ansh and Bhoomi/Divya to exchange rings in front of devi maa and get engaged.. Ansh apologizes real bhoomi and exchanges ring with Divya/bhoomi.

Bhoomi cries in room. Ansh enters and asks why is she troubling herself so much. She gets nervous. He says he saw her wounds and applies ointment on them. Tu mera hum dum in the background. Bhoomi gets emotional and reminisces Ansh protecting her from goons. Ansh then says if she has any problem, she can share with him as she has to anyways. If she does not want to, it is her choice. Once he leaves, she thinks he cares for her so much even after being a stranger, but Yuvraj being her husband tortures her.

Pavitra sees Varun applying medicine on his wound and asks what happened to her. He says he injured while playing dandiya. She asks if he played dandiya with hands or head.

In the morning, whole family gathers for pooja. Badi maa asks Varun what happened to her head. Pavitra says her lallan tap injured while playing dandiya. Badi maa asks Ansh to take Bhoomi to some temple. Bhoomi tells temple’s name. Ansh shouts he does not want to go. Badi sadly goes to her room. Ansh follows her and apologizes for shouting. Badi maa asks when he himself accepted Bhoomi as his wife, then why is he hesitating to take her to a temple. Ansh agrees.

Pavitra goes to Yuvraj’s hotel room and sees him getting afraid of injection. Doc gives him injection and leaves. Yuvraj says he was about to marry Divya when her brother entered and freed her from him. Pavitra reminisces Varun’s injury and shouts at Yuvraj how dare he is to touch her lallan tap and warns not to touch him again and if he needs Divya back, he should obey her. Yuvraj fumes.

Ansh takes Bhoomi to temple and asks her hurry up as they have to go home soon. Bhoomi also reaches temple with nurse’s help. Pandit tells Ansh and Divya/Bhoomi that badi maa called him and informed they got engaged yesterday and asked to perform special pooja for them.

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He asks their names. Ansh tells he is Anshuman Prajapati. Divya says she is Bhoomi Prajapati. Real Bhoomi hears their names and gets emotional seeing Ansh…

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