Lady luck update Friday 17 January 2020

Lady luck 17 January 2020: Varun tells Pavitra that fake Bhoomi will not come now. Someone knocks door and Pavitra opens it. Surbhi enters with cupcake and candle and says she wants to wish happy birthday to Varun. Pavitra says lallantop is her husband now and she bought it from her, so she does not have any right on her and pushes her out. Surbhi falls down.

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Bhoomi comes and extends her hand. Surbhi pushes her hand and asks to stay away. Bhoomi asks why is she afraid of Pavitra. Surbhi asks to stay away. Pavitra asks her to take her cake and get out. She leaves. Bhoomi angrily tries to slap Pavitra for her misbehavior, but Varun holds her hand and says how dare she is to slap his wife and says she is neither his sister nor Ansh’s wife. He continues if she is Bhoomi, then she would have remembered his birthday and performed even pooja for him.

Bhoomi holds Varun’s hand, takes him to call and shows him birthday cake. Whole family gathers. Pavitra says cake does not prove she is Varun’s sister. Bhoomi brings aarti thali, applies tilak on Varun’s forehead and performs his aarti. She says his birthday comes after raksha bandhan and he promises her to protect her. When a brother can protect his sister, a sister can also protect her brother. She is very sad now that he forgot her sister and tauji says right he has forgotten relationships, he did not lose his sister, but she lost his brother, how can he be her brother when he considers face than character and says she accepts that he is not her brother from now. Badi maa says everyone has forgotten the value of relationships here.

Ansh comes to Bhoomi’s room and says whoever she is should return back to where she came from as she is neither sister nor wife here and nobody will accept her.

Varun in his room reminisces Bhoomi’s words that if he finds his brother somewhere, he should tell that his sister loves him a lot. Pavitra comes and asks him not to think about fake Bhoomi as she has come here well prepared. He says does not want to talk about and sleeps.

In the morning, Bhoomi does not find her depression pills in her box, calls chemist and asks him to send her medicine. He calls her divya madam and says worker has not come yet and he will send it by 10 a.m. She agrees. Pavitra hears her conversation standing near door and smirks. She goes to her room and asks Varun what will happen if depression patient does not take medicine. He says if patient hears high sound and sees tension around, he/she may get nervous breakdown. Pavitra says he will get his best birthday gift tonight.

Bhoomi/Divya waits eagerly for her depression pills, calls pharmacist and asks if he sent her medicine. Pavitra takes medicine from watchman and says whenever someone comes to deliver medicine, he should tell them that nobody ordered and asks him to throw it away.

Pandit comes and Bhoomi asks whom he wants to meet. Pavitra yells if she did not learn manners in Shukla family and greets Pandit in. She then tells Bhoomi that seeing her love for her brother yesterday, she realized that she is Bhoomi and arranged pooja for her lallantop’s birthday. She asks her to perform pooja for her brother and leaves. Pandit asks Bhoomi to bring fruits and halwa and flowers for pooja within 30 min. Bhoomi arranges everything with great difficulty as she gets nervous breakdown without depression pills. Pavitra smirks watching her weakness and thinks she will send her to hospital today and then to jail and prove that she is fake Bhoomi.

Pandit asks Bhoomi if she prepared halwa as he told 15 min ago. Bhoomi says she will prepare right now and goes to kitchen while Pavitra smirks seeing her condition. Whole family gathers and even Varun comes. Pavitra wishes Varun/lallantop happy birthday. Vasndhara sees music instruments and panditji and asks who arranged all this in such a short span. Pavitra says her fake bahu. Latha is surprised to hear that and goes to kitchen and asks Bhoomi why did not she inform her, she would have helped her. Bhoomi says she told her she will take care of all work and asks her to rest, but stumbles herself.

Guests gather for pooja. Pavitra calls Bhoomi and asks to bring some snacks for guests. Bhoomi makes lemon juice with great difficulty and serves it to guests. Pavitra enjoys and asks pandit to start pooja. She asks Bhoomi to come and perform pooja. Bhoomi comes stumbling and gets panic nevous hearing sounds.

Pandit asks to start aarti. Pavitra asks Bhoomi to perform aarti. Bhoomi performs aarti with great difficulty and stumbles. Vasundhara holds her and asks if she is fine. Bhoomi says she is losing hope and feeling very weak. Vasundhara asks her not lose hope and says till now, she was her inspiration and now she will be her inspiration and asks to move ahead with the help of god and not lose her motto.

Pavitra sees that and thinks whatever Vasundhara tries, she will get this fake Bhoomi’s true identity out. She gets her puppet’s call who says he found Divya’s boyfriend. She asks him to get more info about boyfriend and thanks god for help her.

Vasundhara drops Bhoomi to her room and asks to rest. Bhoomi thanks her and gets into room. She calls chemist and asks why did not he send her medicine yet. He says his boy delivered it 2 hours ago and she should enquire her family. Ansh comes and asks what medicine she takes.

Divya calls chemist and asks why did not he send her medicines yet. He says he sent already and she should enquire her family members. Ansh enters and asks what medicines she takes and says he saw her panicking and badi maa holding her.

She can fool everyone and not him, she can leave silently and he will not inform anyone. Bhoomi says when she met with a fire accident, like he lost his wife, she lost her husband, badi maa and whole family. Her condition was very critical and she was in a big shock, so doc gave her antidepressant and she takes it to be strong.

Pavitra meets her goon who informs that Divya was married to a businessman from Shirdi who abandoned her and she went into depression after that. Pavitra gets happy.

Bhoomi’s lawyer meets her and says they will win case for sure. Pavitra enters and says she should take back case as she knows about Shirdi and marriage, etc.., else she will be in a big loss. Bhoomi gets tensed. Ansh hears their conversation. He stops Pavitra and asks what she knows about Divya’s past.

Pavitra says he remembered his sister now and says he himself will know soon. He says she is just shooting arrow in air and waiting for Bhoomi to make mistake. Pavitra says he is right, she is waiting for Divya to make mistake. She continues that since that girl came, she is boasting herself as Bhoomi, that means she is his wife and he has right to get intimate with her.

Bhoomi speaks to someone and tells Pavitra was talking about her past, but not to worry she will manage her. She turns and sees Varun. Varun says he came to apologize her and says though he does not know who she is, he is from Shukla family and knows his sanskars and accept his mistake.

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