Kulfi the singing star update Tuesday 25 October 2022


Kulfi the singing star 25 October 2022: Pandit stands on eliminating kids, crew comes on stage and take Kulfi and friends away, sikander turns around sees kulfi missing and rushes inside, amyra follows him, Lovely and Mohendar follow. Kulfi and friends scared and crying and their defeat. Crew walks in and gets them water, Kulfi says tell them we aren’t cheaters Mia walks in, and scolds them for lying, and says I’m sorry you guys will have to leave, Kulfi says we have no place to go, Mia says I don’t have any option you have to go, my crew will have to send you out. Pandit says mahesh I told you not to trust them look now. Sikander lovely and Mohendar try get to kids throw crowd, Mia addresses crowd and says even we learnt about this now, crowd starts throwing stones, sikander gets to kid, and gets the, inside. Amyra throes to reach Sikander.

Sikander picks kulfi in his arms, Sikander says lovely you know what you have to do, Lovely says yes I will tell police she is innocent, Kulfi pushes Sikander away and says now you care for me, why are you here now, you pushed me away, threw me out of house, I won’t leave my friends, Kulfi runs, sikander about to follow, amyra stops him, Mia asks to record everything. Mia says I’m sorry sikander i hope you are fine, I think you should leave with your daughter, Sikander says I won’t leave those kids alone, Mia says police will send them to remand home. Amyra says dad she said she don’t want you, stay with me don’t go to her, mom tell him, remind him of his promise.Lovely says Amyra listen, amyra says no one cares about me, it’s all unfair, amyra starts panicking, sikander asks to get a doctor. A,yea is being examined by doctor. Amma walks to kulfi and friends. Amyra says dad I won’t feel better I’ll you say you won’t help Kulfi, Lovely says Amyra all these things later, amyra says I learnt kulfis truth and so I purposely removed her mask so she could be sent back, she always follows dad, I want to stop all this, you are my dad and my teacher and you can’t break promises made to me, so promise me you won’t stop Kulfi, let her go, I’m with you. I’m your only daughter, you won’t remember her, promise me please.

Amma says you saw right what happens when you run away from Amma, you don’t have any existence and will never have. Lovely says Amyra we both are best friends I never break your promise right, I promise dad won’t stop Kulfi, he will stay with you, now don’t take tension, go home with dadi, amyra leaves with Bebe and Gunjan. Lovely looks at Sikander, Sikander asks Mohendar go see Kulfi. Amma says to kulfi,168 black room is waiting for you, take them away.

Mohendar walks in and tries to stop Amma, Gunjan tires to talk to Amma and not take kids away, gunjan asks Mia to help, sikander sees Amma, and kulfi being taken away with her friends, sikander takes a step ahead, amyra stops him. A car stops Amma and kids, commissioner hands a letter to Amma and says you can’t take these kids away, Amma says I can, he says home minister sent me here, Amma says they ran away from my remand home, he says they did it in worst situation and home minister take their guarantee no one can deny that, Sikander smiles, Mia thinks how home minister is involved.

(Lovely to Sikander, sikander you are free to help Kulfi, I have promised Amyra, there is a way to help Kulfi, you are on good terms with home minister, and sang on his daughters wedding a song on daughters,he had loved it, he will surely help. )Kulfi and friends smile, sikander thinks Kulfi you at run away from me but the connection will always be there.Mia thinking about who must have contacted home minister and says of course it’s Sikander how will he let his daughter go so easily and now I will make him reveal this truth on his own.mia sees Sikander in her office and says I was wondering, kids like Kulfi and friends who are criminals, sikander says kulfi isn’t criminal, Mia says sorry dont feel bad but that’s what everyone says and how did home minister learn about this, who must have involved him, who do you think, sikander says I don’t know, Mia says I know it’s you, and shows him a clip where kulfi takes his blessings without anyone’s notice, Mia says you can keep lying and we both know the truth, and so who is Kulfi to you. Sikander asks why are you doing it, your work is to run this show, drama TRP and controversy makes show but my life isn’t your show so please keep it that way, your show is good, don’t spoil it and leaves.Mia says it’s a reality show and I will show the reality to audience and in next round you will reveal it on your own.

Every parent in show judge kulfi and her friends, sikander about to help, amyra stops him, sikander thinks I can’t see pain in my daughters eyes, what will I do to cheer you. Mia comes and address everyone, and says as home minister addressed us i would pass it that same, these kids might have ran away from remand home but are kids so cheer up and continue your practice with your guru for nostalgia round, Sikander thinks I can’t see you this way Kulfi I have to do something to cheer you up,sikander says Amyra stay here I will get something to eat.Mia asks mahesh to focus on training kids and not other consequences as it could be winning team. Crew gets kids ice cream, Kulfi remembers an old episode, where she complains Sikander how she feels weird in new school, and feels left out, sikander says stay here I have solution and gets her Vanilla ice cream and says it’s Chandu Kalia cures every sadness. Kulfi loves it.

Kulfi smiles looking at ice cream and hands each to her friends and explains sikanders philosophy to them, sikander smiles seeing her smile. Amyra also having ice cream. Mia is handed a black suitcase, by falana, Mia says good, nostalgia and these old mics will look good on stage and will,do our work on stage too, and don’t tell dhimkana about it she is emotional about those kids.Sikander calls lovely, and thanks lovely for helping. Lovely starts crying and says I really did very bad with you, Kulfi and my own baby, don’t thank please, I’m really regretting, I can’t live like this, sikander says enough, if you can convince someone it’s Kulfi, if she can forgive you, may be your regret can reduce, you have filled so much hatred in amyra look what she has turned into and poor kulfi look how she is surviving. Amyra hears them talk and walks in, and asks what were you talking, sikander says your next round what’s pending, amyra says rehearsals, sikander says cmon then.

Mahesh walks to kulfi and friends, and says let’s forget the past, you are still part of this competition and your aim should be to win, and I have to see the fire in you. Amyra asks what is menacing of nostalgia, sikander explains its missing or reviving old memories. Amyra asks what song will we sing then, sikander remembers ones kulfi runs to him laughing hard and says I saw amyra dancing on this song bang bang, sikander says I love this song too, Kulfi starts dancing, sikander thinking of kulfi gets up and says sorry and tells amyra about the song, amyra says omg I love this song, I have danced on this song so many times, sikander says I know, amyra says that’s because you are my dad.Mahesh says old songs have heavy emotions because time flied never comes back,Kulfi says I know one old song which my Baba taught me,shall I, mahesh says sure, Mia says Sikander the time to speak up truth is here.

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