Kulfi the singing star update Monday 7 November 2022


Kulfi the singing star 7 November 2022: Kulfi tells Mohendar I dreamt about this place, did sikander meet with this accident here, amyra says dirty girl, you are jealous of dad spending time with me, so you troubling him, can’t you see he is unwell, you aren’t even thinking of him, say him baba for once and all and get out, Kulfi says I’m not trying to, amyra says don’t you understand he doesn’t love you, non one wants you here just go away. Mohendar hugs Kulfi and calms her down.Lovely tries to calm sikander, sikander says when I think of that accident I get scared, that I was going to loose you, Lovely says calm down all will be fine, sikander says it’s not easy and holds lovely’s hand and rests his head on her shoulders, Lovely finds it weird and says Amyra is out, sikander says please stay, Lovely thinks is he really changed. Mohendar knocks and walks in, and says I need to talk to you, Lovely walks out.

Kulfi sits alone and says why is behaving so weird with me, phone rings, Kulfi goes receives the call, Kulfi is informed her friends are down to see her, Kulfi rushes to them and hugs her. Everyone informs Rajan is incharge now and all is very good there, rocket asks you were crying what’s wrong, and all insists her in sharing her problems, Kulfi tells them about sikanders weird behaviour. Kulfi says I always feel that he isn’t my Baba but someone else and feel like my sikander is lost in this place and keep dreaming of it, friends say I know this place, Kulfi says let’s go please.Mohendar asks why did you get so angry over kulfi, sikander says I lost my clam but you should talk to your daughter, Mohendar thinks oh sikander has given kulfis responsibility to me this is why is his behaviour and says see amyra is well now but the truth can’t change Kulfi is your daughter, Sikander says god my head is spinning, Kulfi is my daughter, no one can understand, what I’m going through.

Sikander thinks god two daughters, sikander asks Mohendar how will I keep both my daughters happy, I keep forgetting their names, please talk to me about kulfi so I can recollect, Mohendar says okay.Kulfi and friends reach sunset point, Kulfi starts looking around the place, Kulfi sees a gods idol and walks towards it. Sikander says to Mohendar Kulfi went through a lot I wish I didn’t meet with an accident, my both daughters were in hospital and I wasn’t there with them, Mohendar says now you are give them equal time, Kulfi is missing you a lot, give her your time, sikander says I will. Mohendar says stays in room and Sikander leaves.Kulfi says god I fought with you but I’m sorry, her friends join her pray, Kulfi says my baba is behaving weird, why did you show me this place, why is my baba so changed, who will answer me please help me. Sikander walks to Lovely, she gets scared, and asks what’s wrong, sikander holds her hand and kneels down and says I’m thinking from the day I’m here why are you distancing from me,now I know you are angry with me because of nimrat, Lovely asks what, sikander says she is my past and you are my present and future, Lovely says that’s correct and I’m not upset, sikander says take a seat, you know you are so sweet now please forgive me, I know I made lot of mistakes but I promise I won’t commit anymore and I will repay for it, Kulfi I brought her home and made you deal with it, how bad of me, but not now i have just you and amyra,in my heart and home, Kulfi has to leave.


Lovely in shock, sikander says you were so right Lovely but I never understood, and now I have taken a decision Kulfi won’t stay here, she has to leave, Lovely gets scared by sikanders behaviour. Kulfi imagines Sikander talk to her, and rushes to him, her friends try to stop her, Kulfi realises it was her imagination, Kulfi feels sikander is calling her, she follows the voice.Kulfi says I wanna go downstairs, there’s something calling me down. Rocket says let’s go, it’s gonna be late,Bansi says says cmon, Kulfi says you all go and thank you for coming but I’m going down, Kulfi again feels like sikander is calling her, rocket says you won’t go alone we are coming with you, Kulfi about to slip imagines Sikander giving her support, rocket asks her where she is lost, Kulfi touches a stone and feels weird and says why do I feel so painful,Kulfi proceeds ahead, Zinda asks do you see something, Kulfi says I feel something, something is drawing me here, Kulfi finds an ID card, Bansi says holy hospital batch, Kulfi says I’m taking it home, rocket says okay but now it’s going to be dark let’s go home.

Sikander says lovely, it’s just us now, I want your happiness and will do anything for it, even send Kulfi away, Lovely thinks why is he behaving so weird is he trying to test me, sikander says you don’t trust me where is Kulfi I’m sending her right away, Kulfi calls uncle aunty, sikander hears it and says now she will see my wrath.Sikander says listen Kulfi, Kulfi says you want to talk to me,I was dying to,Lovely gets scared and thinks why is he doing this may be testing me but he is wrong I’m changed and says stop sikander, Kulfi baby go in, sikander come with me, she won’t go anywhere she saved my amyra she won’t leave this house, sikander says you are like your name Lovely, you want my mistake to stay with you, you are goddess, Lovely says I don’t think so all I know is Kulfi won’t go, Lovely thinks I’m all good with Kulfi how much more he wants me too.

Kulfi rushes to Sikander and says I was waiting to talk to you , why didn’t you see me, why are you behaving this way, when you know the truth, I’m dying, sikander says my head is aching I have gone through an accident I need time to recover, and leaves, Kulfi says Lovely is right I need to be patient.Kulfi sees Sikander playing with Amyra and his friends, Amyras friend push her, Kulfi says no worries Baba is here he will manage the situation, sikander walks to that boy and scares him, Kulfi in shock seeing his behaviour, amyra very happy seeing sikanders take,sikander says Amyra if someone scares you, scare them more, Amyra says cool.Kulfi dreams of Sikander and sunset point, she dreams rushing to Sikander and him going missing, Kulfi finds the batch and Sikander cAlls her down the hill, Kulfi smiles but sikander goes missing again, Kulfi wakes up. Kulfi says Ma why are these weird dreams.

Sikander in balcony drinking, Kulfi sees that and pulls his bottle and says you are unwell and you drinking this, sikander scolds her, lovely Mohendar and gunjan walk to them, sikander lies Kulfi had a bad dream so I brought her here, Kulfi confused, Mohendar asks kulfi is she fine, Sikander says yes she is, Mohendar says come Kulfi let’s go. Lovely looks at Sikander and says I can smell it till here you were drinking why were you, sikander says I know it’s dangerous I feel lonely, accident memories don’t let me live in peace and also you aren’t with me,sikander hugs lovely, and says I need you, Lovely in shock, Lovely says I’m with you, don’t drink it’s not good, sikander says I won’t do anything that you don’t like, Lovely says okay good night and leaves.Sikander starts drinking again. Kulfi in her room says why do I feel that there is something fishy, MA tell me something, I have to do something Ma, is he really my baba sikander Gill or not.

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