Kulfi the singing star update Friday 26th July 2019


Friday update on Kulfi the singing star 

Lovely’s party starts off but Kulfi cannot join the party as she still has a stomach pain. Sikandar makes an entry and falls on his knees and gives a red rose to Lovely.

Sikandar, Lovely and Amayra enter party together. Everyone sings happy birthday for Lovely. Kulfi is amazed by the grand party. Kids dance for Lovely. Kulfi goes to washroom as she has a stomach upset. Kulfi sees her old self in the mirror.

Old self teases Kulfi and tells her to forget her stomach pain and give happiness to Lovely. Kulfi promises to sing for Lovely. Lovely takes blessings from Sikandar’s mother. Lovely’s parents come for the party and Lovely is tensed. Sikandar says that he has called them.

Sikandar asks Lovely not to forget her parents. Kulfi wishes Lovely for her birthday. Kulfi says he will give her a surprise. Amayra gets very angry and asks her friend to do something to stop Kulfi. Mohender announces that Sikandar will sing a song which he has written for Lovely.

Lovely terrified to meet Tevar

Sikandar and Kulfi together are about to start the song but all of a sudden some music starts playing and Tevar makes an entry. Lovely is shocked to see Tevar. Mohender gets angry that Tevar gatecrashed their party. Lovely looks terrified.

Lovely goes and stands near Sikandar. Lovely is about to leave but Tevar holds her hand and everyone is shocked. Tevar holds Sikandar’s hand too and joins Lovely and Sikandar’s hand. Tevar gives a gift to Lovely. Lovely is tensed. Amayra asks Lovely to open the gift. Tevar unwraps the gift.

Lovely opens the box and finds green mangoes in it. Everyone laughs. Tevar says that life is like green mangoes. Tevar says that he wanted to get a gift which would shock Lovely. Lovely reluctantly says thank you to Tevar. Tevar celebrates with everyone and Sikandar looks at him.

Kulfi asks Sikandar when they will sing. Sikandar says that he does not know as the atmosphere of the party has changed. Sikandar says they will sing tomorrow. Kulfi is distressed as he has not given any gift to Lovely.

Sikander sees Kulfi and doesn’t drink,Tonny asks whats the matter that you arebt drinking, Sikander says just trying to quit, Tonny says is it that you are upset that im promoting Tevar, actually it was like i hadn’t introuduced anyone in long run and he has that talent,

Sikander says no you did good and i told lovely its good to have competition,Tevar walks to him and says there isn’t any,your all songs are hit and mine just one,but what to do Father in law found me late and hugs Tonny,RK walks in and says Tevar soon you will reach greater heights how about a selfie and both click a picture.

Lovely asks Minti on call when did she meet Tevar,Minti says i don’t want to share any details with you,and why do you have interest in Tevar,and whats the matter with you, Lovely says Tevar is here singing for me when Sikander was gonna to,Minti says what he is there, Lovely says don’t you know where your boyfriend is,Minti says im coming right away,

Sikander with dadi,sees Tevar alone and asks is he alright,you need anything,Tevar says all good i would like to see your daughter, Sikander says sure here is my princess Amyra, Sikander confused seeing Amyra and remember Kulfis face, Sikander says Amyra look who is here to see you,Amyra excited to see Tevar,and says im your fan,i like your song,and can rap ike you too,Tevar says you are better than me,

Sikander sees Kulfi and thinks this boy is sardar so i took him as girl and asks who is that guy, Sikander says Kulfi very sweet boy and has great voice,and calls Kulfi, and introduce him to Tevar, Tevar says he surprised me,full on desi,not like today’s kids, Tevar says Amyra you did these preparation,Amyra says yes i did all the shopping and diamond set too,

Tevar says only a princess can know worth of diamonds,and kulfi you,Kulfi says me and Sikander sir were but you, Sikander stops Kulfi and says later,Amyra says shall i get you something to eat,Tevar says your voice is enough but i need some time of you,i want you to feed that pastry please,Amyra gives her hand in his,Tevar picks her and kisses her, Lovely says Amyra get down this is not how you behave,Amyra gets down, Lovely leaves.

Kulfi sees Amyra and her friends play, Sikander asks why aren’t you playing with them,Kulfi says no reason but why aren’t you with everyone, Sikander says no reason,go have something, Kulfi says i don’t feel like, Sikander says me too and both ask for Lovely and say lets find her.

RK says Tonny this Tevar is great he will kill everyone, Tonny says Sikander you learn to rap too, Lovely says dad you love mustard sauce right, Tonny says yes, Lovely pours it on sandwich,Tonny says this is too much, Lovely says this is the difference Sikandar is fab but Tevar is like this sauce no one can too much of this, Tevar says she is so right, Sikander in tears,

Tevar says sir no one can steal your magic its yours,and i agree to your wife every word of it is right,your next album will be super hit and drops drink on his jacket, Sikander asks for tissues,Tevar says Lovely maam please show me way to bathroom, Sikander say Lovely please escort him,

Mahinder says his music and heart are two different poles. Amyra teaching friends how mimic Tevar,Kulfi tries but Amyra insult her. Lovely shows Tevar the washroom,Tevar doesn’t let her leave,Lovely says what are you doing Guddu, Tevar says who is that, Tevar closes the door and says Guddu was that person whoes love left him,Lovely says this is my home,see who ever you are my family is out and my daughter and husband are out,Tevar says i saw her,

Lovely says why are you wanna shout at me ,get angry,tevar says no, I’m here for you, Lovely says your love iisnt here,Im Lovely Sikander now forget our past, Tevar says we will get back together, Lovely says i have a daugther please get away,Tevar says i will love you more than him and Amyra is mine too,Lovely says i have moved on you too,Tevar says shutup i haven’t and wont leave without you.

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