King of hearts update Wednesday 5th June 2019


Wednesday update on King of hearts

The episode starts with Rajveer seeing Sid walking towards empty cartoon box. To divert his attention, he add more fuel in havan fire and Roshni’s hand gets burned. Sid runs towards her. Whole family start worried for her, and DD asks Bablu to get ice. Sid says he will take her to hospital. Roshni says she is fine. Samaira says let us take selfie. Mona scolds her for thinking of selfie when Roshni is in pain. Samaira says her life’s biggest event is being ruined by Roshni. Rajaveer asks her to control herself.

Raj sees Krutika watching TV with loud music and asks her to lower volume as he is working on laptop. She increases volume to the fullest. Simran comes and asks him to go to some other room and gives Krutika coffee. She throws it saying it has a lot of sugar in it. Simran gets sad. Krutika says it is just the beginning and she will punishher more for ruining her childhood and walks out from there. Raj says Simran he will speak to her as she is ruining her own life. Simran says Krutika will change soon. He gets Sid’s call and her what to tell him.

Sid sees Roshni trying to apply bandage on her wound and says he will help her. She says there is no need. He goes back closer to her, she thinks he will kiss her and closes her eyes, instead of apply bandage he ties her hand and places cello tape on her moth. He then says he knows she kissed him yesterday night and starts applying ointment and bandage on her wound. She silents watches him doing that. Kabie ye barish barse… plays in the background. They both get romantic.

Samaira shows Mona her new flat’s interior design. Mona gets impressed and says she is happy that her daughter’s life is settling. Samaira asks her to come and stay with her. She says how can she stay in damad’s house. Samaira says when Damad like Sid can stay in DD’s house, why can’t she stay in her house. Rajveer waits for his associate’s call and once he calls he starts acting as getting panicked and runs towards his fake factory.

DD and whole family waits for Sam eagerly. Roshni tries to give moral support to Sam, but she says she does not need her drama. Sid and Bablu bring distressed (acting) Rajveer home. DD asks what happened to him. He says his factory, warehouse, dreams, etc., burnt into ashes. Bablu says Rajveer’s factory burnt due to short circuit. Sid asks him not worry, they can get insurance claim. Rajveer says he cannot claim it as he did not get insurance yet and lost everything. He asks Samaira to pack their bags, they will leave for US tomorrow. She says as you says and they both walk towards their room. DD stops them and say they should not go anywhere and says Rajveer that he can work with him from tomorrow. Sid says even he wanted to say the same and says Rajveer that DD has a family business and she needs trusted people. DD asks Rajveer to go and relax in his room and start his left afresh from tomorrow. He thanks and hugs her and thinks this was his first move and soon he will get DD’s money.

Raj asks why is she packing gift. She says her friend’s daughter got well after illness and she has thrown a party for that. Krutika comes and says she will accompany them. Raj says she can go some other time. Krutika asks if they want to take their son and asks why he does not stay with them. Simran says she can go with her. Raj says she is doing mistake and angrily walks out. Sirman asks Krutika to get ready.

Sid sees DD carrying water mug and starts taunting her. He promotes Zee award show and says they can win trophy if she behaves like a family with him. She asks if he is challenging her. He say no, but just wants to win. She says lets see.

Sid calls his mom, but she does not pick, he thinks since 2 days his mom is not picking his call.

Roshni sees a news about terrorist suspicion in crowded places and asks Sid not to go by local train today. He says forget about that and tell me if mom called her. She say no. He drinks tea and asks why did not she add milk in it. She says milk got over. He says these are essential items and she should have given him list and walks out saying he will not drink her tea.

Simran attends her friends’s party with Krutika. Friend asks who is this girl, if she is a gatecrasher. Simran says she is her friend’s daughter and is staying with her since some days. Krutika starts misbehaving and asks waiter to give her alcohol. Ladies hear that and discuss why is Simran keeping such an arrogant girl, what relationship she has with her.

Bablu while going to office asks Rajveer to accompany him. Pratima says it is good DD has agreed to help him. Samaira gets irked hearing that and says Pratima that her husband is not like Sid who is spineless and is living under DD’s sympathy. Pratima says she is just trying to cheer up Rajveer. Samaira says she knows what plans they all have and says they all are under DD’s sympathy. Roshni asks her to stop her drama and says Pratima said right that as a family they can work together. Samaira says she does not need he sympathy.

Mona comes there and asks what happened. Roshni says it is waste talking to Samaira and asks Bablu to drop he at her NGO. Mona asks Samaira what did she tell them that they went without even taking their lunch boxes. She says it is obvious that she always blames her instead of Roshni.

Krutika steals jewelry at Simran’s friend’s party. Guests says it is obvious to happen when some one brings outsider and suggests to check everyone’s bag. Everyone’s bags are checked and they don’t find jewelry even in Krutika’s bag. Simran tells her friend that she insulted her and her guest by checking their bags and angrily tries to walk out with Krutika. Krutika picks her return gift. Simran throws gift bag saying they are already insulted a lot and don’t need their return gift.

Jewelry is found in gift bag. Krutika blames it on Simran. Simran’s friend says Simran is their old friend and knows she cannot steal, says she will call police. Krutika forces Simran to tell that she stole it. Simran says she can call police now. Friend says it is okay, they got back jewelry. Simran walks out with Krutika with tears rolling down her cheeks in shame, while Krutika smirks.

Roshni gets a call from Sid that he is boarding local train. Pratima watches news about bomb blast in that train and shows it to Sid. Roshni panics and falls unconscious. DD holds her.

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