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King of hearts August teasers 

Roshni and Sid are sitting on the bed.
He puts his hand on her stomach and promises to give their little princess all she wants in the world when she is born.
Roshni says what if it’s a Prince?
Sid says the boy will be a brat like his father.
He says he wants to experience Roshni.
Roshni says she wants a boy like Sid.
Sid suggests they have twins.
He thanks her for giving him the greatest happiness.
DD is worried about Roshni.
She complains to her Mother that Roshni after going to her in-laws’ house, hasn’t called them since 2 hours.
Her Mother reminds her that Roshni is with her in-laws.
DD says she doesn’t trust Sid!
Her Mother says Sid has proven himself over time and time again, so DD should just allow the Couple to enjoy themselves and call in the Morning. DD agrees.
In the morning, Roshni is dressed but Sid is still in bed.
She wakes him up.
He gets romantic with Roshni. He says the baby might be thinking dad is naughty and not letting go of any chance to get romantic.
He says he has always wanted to have a Morning like this and it’s finally here.
He says even after the baby is born, he wouldn’t change his ways with Roshni.
Roshni says she will bring tea and tries to leave the room but Sid stops her and sings her a song not to leave him.
He applies Vermillion on her forehead and says you are now Sid’s Roshni.
Roshni goes out. Sid thanks God.
Sid is back in bed, sleeping.

DD calls him to find out where Roshni is and why she hasn’t answered her phone?
Sid jokes that her daughter is just in love.
She tells him to stop cracking joke and get Roshni on the Phone! Sid says okay.
Sid sees Kritika and asks for Roshni.
Kritika says she doesn’t know where she is.
DD berates Sid for not taking care of Roshni!
Sid asks her to relax and he will ask Roshni to call her.
Sid goes into the living room.
His Grandmother asks Sid, where is Roshni? Sid gets shocked.
Raj and Simran also say they don’t know.
The Servant says Roshni accompanied GrandAunt to the temple.
Raj says it’s a busy day at the temple and Roshni shouldn’t be there.
Sid asks why his GrandAunt keeps causing problems? He says it is enough of her interference!
DD suddenly appears and tells Sid not to blame his Aunt but himself for not looking after Roshni!
She says his GrandAunt is so stubborn to get the rituals done, and she doesn’t care about her daughter! Sid says he will see to that.
DD tells him Roshni is his responsibility and he can’t fulfil his responsibilities!
She asks if anyone found out whether Roshni had eaten?
None can respond.
She blames all of them for not taking care of her!
Raj assures DD that they will make amends.
Roshni arrives and DD fusses over her, asking if she’s fine and all.
GrandAunt tells DD that she came to her daughter’s house only after a day of marriage. She complains that DD is already acting as though they would kill Roshni even though Roshni is now married!
She says this is Roshni’s home now and talks about the rituals. DD says she doesn’t care about the rituals!

Raj accepts that they have made a mistake and promises they would do better.
He tells his Aunt to go inside.
DD says she’s sorry but because of Roshni’s pregnancy, she isn’t comfortable allowing her partake in the rituals Sid’s GrandAunt keeps talking about, so she would want Roshni back home with her for a while.
Sid agrees, saying Roshni is in a delicate state and needs proper care, as she hasn’t been able to get that at his house because of the old rituals. Everyone looks on sadly. DD goes with Roshni.
Back at DD’s place, they all fuss over Roshni, giving her different things to eat. Her GrandAunt says Roshni didn’t have anything and no one bothered about her there! Roshni says she did a mistake and forgot to have food.
Roshni starts coughing and there is blood.
DD is shocked.
Rishni’s GrandAunt asks how can you let go of a daughter-in-law within a day and calls them modern in-laws. She says she won’t leave DD if anything happens to Roshni!
Sid is in the living room with his Parents.
He gets a call from Roshni’s Grandmother informing him of Roshni’s health.
He says he will be over right away.
Sid tells Simran that he has to go.
The Doctor checks Roshni and asks her what she had the night before?
Roshni says she had ice cream.
The Doctor says that’s the cause and Roshni needs to be careful with what she consumes.
She prescribes some drugs and leaves.
Sid tells DD that it’s his fault, he gave Roshni the ice cream.
DD says until Roshni delivers the baby, she will be staying with her!
Sid is shocked.
DD says her decision is final and Sid should tell his family!
Sid is back home and has broken the news to his family.
His GrandAunt complains the rituals must be observed.
Sid’s Grandmother asks why he allowed Roshni live with DD?

His GrandAunt starts complaining again. She instigates them against DD and says that’s why the elders have made the customs! Sid’s Grandmother says she is right.
Sid blames his GrandAunt and asks why she took Roshni to the temple knowing she’s not well?
His GrandAunt goes off on a tirade.
Sid says there is no point talking to her, he would go and stay with his wife instead.
His GrandAunt says he wants more insults by going to stay at his Wife’s place as a live-in Son-in-law!
Sid says he has stayed there before and he would do anything to take care of his Wife because insults mean nothing to him.
He says he doesn’t care about her customs and he’s only going to stay with Roshni because he can’t bring her around his GrandAunt’s customs!
Roshni tells DD that she asked for the ice cream and it’s not Sid’s fault.
DD tells Roshni that the Khuranas doesn’t care for her and didn’t even know she wasn’t home!
Roshni tries to protest but DD tells her to promise that until the baby is born, she won’t go back to the Khuranas.
Sid gets a call from Roshni telling him about the promise her Mom made her make till after the baby is born. She says she is feeling helpless and don’t know what to do?
Sid tells her not to worry because he has a plan.
Sid’s GrandAunt tells him his plan is not a good one!
Kritika tells Sid she understands what he is doing and why, so She’s with him.
Raj says he understands but thinks Sid should call DD because she might not like it.
Sid says it’s the best way to be with his Wife and there is no need to call DD because she took the decision to take Roshni away and nobody challenged her.
DD gives everyone at home a printed instructions on how to care for Roshni. She gives work to everyone. She asks her Mother to monitor Roshni’s exercises and food. Her Aunt says she will keep an eye on everything.
Roshni enters the living room and asks her what she’s up to?
DD tells her to go back to bed.

Sid enters the house and asks what they are doing, standing in line… and DD asks why he’s here since they already agree that Roshni will remain with her!
Sid says he came to talk to her.
He says he has no objections to Roshni staying but it’s not DD’s call to make the father of the baby and the Grandparents to be kept away from the baby.
DD asks what he’s saying? She says she is not prohibiting them.
Sid’s entire family including his GrandAunt come in with their bags. Roshni smiles.
Sid says they have also taken a decision. He says they have all come to stay and take care of Roshni.
He asks her to imagine the baby, and says he will be very lucky to be taken care of both by his Paternal and Maternal family.
DD says no! She apologizes and says it’s not possible.
Sid’s GrandAunt says they really didn’t want to stay but Sid insists!
Roshni’s GrandAunt challenges her and asks how convenient as you all came here, following Roshni!
DD tells them it’s enough!
She tells Raj that it’s not right for all of them to pack their bags and come over.
Raj says Parents would do anything for their Children and she can remember they had to move into a poor flat just for Sid to impress Roshni, so now they have come to take care of Roshni.
Roshni’s Grandmother says he has spoken wisely.
Sid says he has stayed in DD’s house before and DD should get ready to have them stay for 9 months as his family is ready to go to any extent for their Grand son and Grand daughter.
DD says it’s her house and she makes the decisions!
Sid says there is no problem because they didn’t make the decision at her house, they made it at theirs before coming over.
Roshni stands with Sid’s decision and asks DD to accept it happily.

Roshni holds Sid and tells DD that she needs to be with him and can’t keep the baby away from his father.
She asks DD what the problem is; she made her decision and they all agreed to it, why can’t she now agree to this one?
DD says it’s not possible!
Roshni says in that case, she and Sid will go elsewhere and not stay with either DD or Sid’s Parents.
Sid says he agrees but he has to work, so Roshni will have to be by herself sometimes.
He turns to leave but DD tells them to stay.
Sid whispers to Roshni that he knew the plan would work.
Sid tells DD to trust him as they all want what’s best for the Child and says it’s a promise from her Grand Child’s father. Everyone smiles.
He brings out a bar of Chocolate and tells DD to have a piece.
He congratulates her on becoming a Grandmother soon. DD refuses to eat from his hand and says you must have not washed your hand! Sid says he washed it two days before. Roshni’s Grandmother smiles and asks DD to eat it. DD takes it hesitantly.
Roshni’s Grandmother tells Kesar to show the Khuranas to their rooms and settle them in.
Sid’s Grandmother and Roshni’s Grandmother hug each other.
Everyone clears out of the living room, leaving a furious DD behind.
Sid is in Roshni’s room.
He says their baby has already started uniting their families.
Roshni tells Sid that she hopes everything will be fine and says only you get these type of idea.

He shows her an App on his Phone to track the pregnancy and some books he got on pregnancy.
Roshni gets emotional. Sid asks if she wants the baby to say that Mummy is crying? Roshni nods no.
He gives her a gift and tells her to open it.
She opens it and gets emotional seeing the Photo album with a message “Happy Baby”. He says they will capture the baby’s every joyful moment in the album, and when their Princess grows up, they will share it with her. Roshni gets more emotional and says I love you while hugging him.

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