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Raj returns home. Sid asks if he went to see Roshni? Raj says he did. Sid asks why he went and what she said? Raj tells Sid to stop drinking because alcohol will not help him. Sid says he tried his best with Roshni and he’s tired. Raj asks if he wants to forget her? Sid says he wants to forget and move on. Raj says he can’t forget her.

Sid says when they thought she was dead, she was alive to him but now she’s dead to him.Neel invites Ragini into his Office. She is shocked to see Sid. Neel introduces Sid to her as Anya’s husband and the biggest sponsor of their magazine. Sid brings out his hand for a handshake. He is holding the bracelet he once gave Roshni in his hand.

She shakes his hand but looks like she’s about to cry. Neel assures him that they will keep their commitment. Sid laughs and says people usually keep to commitments. He asks Roshni what she thinks? She doesn’t respond. He says he’s no longer comfortable with them as a Company and has decided to cancel the deal. Neel asks why he’s saying they don’t keep to their commitments? Sid tells him to consider the deal cancelled.

Raj walks in and Sid is clearly wasn’t expecting to see him. Raj introduces himself to Neel and says he has come to apologise as he was the one who told Sid to cancel but he has decided to go ahead and Sid would work on the project with Ragini. Neel says Sid already accused them and it would be best they just cancel it. Raj tells them to put their differences aside. He takes Sid out of the Office.

Neel tells Ragini that Sid has lived off his father’s money and he won’t stand for his attitude! Kesar hands Roshni an envelope. Neel walks in and Roshni tells him she has decided to move to London and she would like him not to ask any questions. He offers to drop her off at the Airport himself.Raj drops a lot of Roshni’s Photos on Sid’s desk and tells him to put his hand on his heart and say if he can forget Roshni.

Sid places his hand on his heart and says he will forget her, and her existence no longer means anything to him. Raj says no problem but he has to work with Roshni and be a true professional life and if he succeeds, he (Raj) won’t interfere again.

Neel is with Roshni in her hotel room. Roshni asks why he is being so nice when the deal was cancelled because of her and he didn’t tell her. He asks who told her? She says Kesar told her. She says there was a time in her life that she had a loving Mother husband and in-laws but never had a friend like him that supports her without any selfish interest.

Neel says he’s a business man and doesn’t do anything unselfishly and he hopes she can repay his kindness some day. Roshni changes her mind and says she would stay.Roshni is having a meeting with Neel and Sid. She shows Sid the designs she has come up with. Sid says he doesn’t like the designs so she has to come up with something else. She says they are the classiest in the market.

He tells her to raise her standards. Neel tells him his partner recommended it. Sid says he’s the boss and he calls the shots, not his partner!

When Sid leaves, Neel tells Roshni he thinks Sid is trying to get back at him for the way he made his dislike obvious when he met Sid. Roshni is unable to tell him the real reason why Sid is upset. Neel says he would handle it. Sid gets to his Car and sees some men holding placards and threatening to destroy Mauve Magazine.

Roshni is in her hotel room. Room service delivers a cake to her and she asks who sent it? He says someone did. She throws the cake on the floor and tells him to leave. She picks up her Phone and sees many missed calls from Sid. The doorbell rings again. She opens and sees someone holding a bouquet of flowers. She thinks it’s the room service man again and tells him to leave. It’s Sid. She tells him to leave as he’s Anya’s husband. Sid says he’s not Anya’s husband. He tells her all that led to the confusion.

He asks if they can go back to normal? Roshni says she will talk to Anya.Anya is out shopping with Simran and Kritika. She gets a call from Roshni who asks that they meet urgently. Anya tells Simran that she has to go back to the Office. Simran begs her to stay. Roshni calls back and Simran takes the Phone from Anya. She’s shocked to see Roshni’s photo.

She asks Anya who she is? Anya says it’s her boss Ragini. Anya leaves and Kritika asks Simran what’s wrong? Simran says she can’t believe she (Roshni) came back.Anya meets Roshni at the Office. Roshni tells her that she can share all her secrets with her. She asks where she first met Siddharth? Anya says she used to work for him.

Roshni says she went on to marry him. Anya asks if Neel sent her? She gets upset and says they need to accept her decision and accept that she and Sid are married!

Roshni hugs her and assures her it’s okay. Roshni gets into her Car and wonders why Sid lied to her. She also wonders if Anya is under pressure and had to lie? A Car stops in front of hers. She looks and sees Simran is behind the wheels. Roshni is happy to see her. She gets down and tries to touch her feet but Simran moves back. Simran says she should have known she was back when Sid changed and became miserable.

She begs her to leave him alone so he can be happy.Roshni meets up with Sid. He asks if she found out the truth? She says she found out the truth. She asks why he wants to hurt Anya and destroy her life? He asks what Anya said to her. She tells him to just leave her alone!

She goes to Neel’s house. He asks if she’s okay? She asks if he’s her friend? He says of course. She says she feels at peace when she’s near him. He asks what’s going on? Sid walks into Neels’s house but they don’t see him. Roshni asks Neel why they can’t take their friendship to the next level? Sid tears up. Roshni picks up a red rose from the vase on the coffee table.

She gets down on her knee before Neel and offers him the rose while asking him to marry her. Sid is devastated.Anya walks in and asks Sid why he called her over? Her Aunt walks into the living room and sees Roshni with Neel. Neel smiles and pulls Roshni up. She says he didn’t answer her. He says he wasn’t prepared. He accepts the rose then gets on his own knee. He accepts her proposal and says he’s been longing to marry her.

Anya’s Aunt calls for everyone to come and see… Sid takes Anya outside to ask why she didn’t tell Roshni the truth that they are only pretending to be married? Anya asks who Roshni is? Sid doesn’t know how to respond. She reminds him that they agreed to tell people the truth only when they find her boyfriend.Neel’s Mother tells Roshni that she’s so happy.

Roshni says she wants a small wedding with just immediate family. Sid walks in holding Anya. He says Roshni and Neel can’t get married. He tells Anya to say the truth. Anya faints. Neel tells someone to call a Doctor. He carries Anya upstairs.Kritika and Raj are home. Raj says he can smell something burning. Kritika says it’s coming from downstairs.

Simran is burning Roshni’s remaining belongings in the house. Raj and Kritika rush down to stop her. Simran says she found out that Roshni was back and nobody told her! Raj is surprised that she knows. She says she won’t allow her to ruin Sid’s life again! Raj says Roshni is Sid’s world. Simran says she won’t allow Roshni to come back into their lives or house and Raj has to make a choice, either Roshni stays or she does! She walks away in a huff. Raj tells Kritika to get water. Kritika pours water over the fire. Raj retrieves one of Roshni’s photos.

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