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Sid and Roshni are still standing outside DD’s house. She gets intimate with him and asking him to hold her hand once more, as she will never separate from him for life.
SId kisses Roshni’s hands and says he needed to hear her says those words and doesn’t want anything else.
He tells her to sleep and wake up tomorrow with hope for the two of them.
He walks away. Roshni smiles as she watches him go.
In the morning Sid is very happy and cheerful at the breakfast table.
His Grandmother says she has never seen him this happy.
Sid gets a call from Mona and says he’s on his way.
His Mother asks what’s wrong but Sid tells his dad he’s going to Roshni, then he dashes out of the house.
The landlord is trying to get people to throw out DD’s property for not paying her rent. DD asks why he won’t give them enough notice?
Mona says they are Women and he can’t treat them like that.
Roshni tells him to leave.

The landlord agrees to leave, but says they have till tomorrow morning to vacate the place!
When the landlord leaves, DD complains about where to get the money to pay up. She gets a panic attack and faints.
Sid arrives.
The Doctor comes to treat DD and he explains to the family that she needs to take things easy because she has high blood pressure.
When DD wakes up, she says She’s such a failure, her family is falling apart and she wants to get a new house for them, but She’s failing them.
Mona and Pratima are with her in the room. DD cries and says she has looked after them for 20 years but now, she is unable to.
Mona and Pratima console her and cry with her.
Sid and Roshni are standing by the doorway.
Mona tells DD that they have 2 Son-in-laws in the family that can help, who are so good and She is very lucky.
DD says she will rather die than ask for handouts from her Son-in-law!
Sid is in tears. DD becomes hysterical and says she can’t afford the house.
She takes off her jewelry and tells Mona to sell it off.
Sid, Roshni and Pratima are crying.
Mona holds DD and begs her to calm down.
Roshni is sitting on the Kitchen floor, crying. Sid joins her.

Roshni says she hated the fact that her Mum was a business Woman, but she liked the self esteem it gave her and now it is gone; DD spent her life helping her family but now, she can’t do that anymore.
Sid consoles her.
Roshni says she wants to see her Mum happy again and her dignity restored.
Sid cries with her and promises her that soon her Mum will get her dignity and her possessions and he will perform his duty as a Son-in-law.
Roshni hugs him in gratitude.
Sid wipes Roshni’s tears and says he has to go. She thanks him for always being there for her. Bin tere o sajan… song plays in the background.
Sid kisses her forehead, wipes her tears again, then leaves.
Roshni tells herself it’s just one more day and everything will be over and they won’t get divorced.
Sid is on the balcony at home with his Mother. He says he has decided to accept her conditions but she will have to accept his too.
Simran says she is happy he is putting the family first and she’s proud of him. Sid tells her not to be proud of him because he’s ashamed of himself and he is only doing it for Roshni’s Mum.
He tells her to give DD everything she took from her and says a deal is a deal and he won’t say anything to anyone like she requested.
He walks away and she looks confused.
Next day, Roshni tells DD that she has to go to the temple before going to Court.
She tells DD she’s so happy.

DD prays that all Roshni’s wishes come true.
Roshni is in front of the Judge, still excited.
The Judge asks for Sid and he soon joins them.
The Judge asks what they have decided?
Roshni thanks the Judge and says if not for him, she wouldn’t have known how much Sid loves her and her eyes opened to lot of things, so she doesn’t want a divorce.
Sid shocks them when he says he wants a divorce.
Roshni finds it amusing and tells him it’s not a time for jokes.
Sid tells the lawyer that they tried their best and it’s not working out, so he wants a divorce.
The Judge asks Sid if he’s sure because his wife doesn’t want a divorce?
Sid says it’s not working.
The Judge says now he has made a decision, the Court will grant it.
The Judge grants the divorce.
Roshni asks Sid what he’s doing?
Sid closes his eyes as the Judge stamps the approval for the divorce on the document.
Roshni is completely numb.
Sid walks out and the Judge hands over the document to Roshni.

Sid is outside the court, walking in a daze to his Car.
He’s in tears as he thinks of Roshni.
Roshni is still seated in the Judge’s Office as she thinks of Sid.
Sid breaks down by his Car, sobbing.
Roshni comes out to meet him.
He discreetly wipes his tears then he tells her to believe he had no choice and did it for her own good.
Roshni asks why he did it?
She says she loves him and knows he loves her too, she made a mistake and apologised and she’s willing to serve any purnishment, but she can’t accept the divorce.
Sid says it is done.
Roshni begs him, saying she can’t live without him.
Sid begs her not to make it difficult because he made the decision for their families.
Roshni holds him and asks him to tell her everything he said last night was a lie?
Sid says it’s over.
He has tears streaming down his face.
Roshni says it will never be over for her and she refuses to accept the divorce papers.
She tears up the papers.
DD comes out of the Court to meet them. She’s very excited as she tells them she won the case against the Khuranas and her entire property has been given back to her.
Roshni tells DD ‘Congratulations!’ but she looks really sad.
DD asks what’s wrong?

Sis also congratulates DD, looking worse than Roshni.
DD asks what’s wrong with him?
Sid gets into his Car and drives off.
DD asks Roshni why he left like that?
Roshni says he divorced her.
DD is too shocked to say anything.
They watch as Sid drives away.
Sid is driving and crying as he replays his conversation with Roshni back in his head.
He stops the Car and gets out.
He remembers when his Mum gave him the documents.
Simran told him that she can’t bear to see Krutika upset while Roshni’s family is happy, so Sid has to divorce Roshni!
Sid says he would rather die than divorce Roshni. Simran threatens that if he doesn’t do it, he will lose both his Sister and his Mother forever!
Sid begs her not to do it. She tells him to read the terms and conditions of the deal. Sid reads it and sees DD’s business documents.
Simran says she is willing to give them back to DD, so he should prove himself a worthy Son-in-law and help DD get her property back, but nobody should find out about the deal, his father inclusive, and once he has made his decision, there will be no turning back from it .

She tells him to let her know his decision before going to Court.
After DD fell ill and Sid sees what her financial status is doing to her, he goes back to accept the deal.
Sid breaks down again. It starts raining and he’s drenched.
At home, DD tells everyone that she knew this was going to happen, now Sid divorced Roshni!
She says today was supposed to be a happy day as they are going back to their Old house.
Mona and Pratima are in tears.
DD tells Roshni that she knows she loves Sid, but he has now done this to her!
Roshni says Sid did a lot for their family and even helped with Sam over the Baweja issue but today, he changed his mind.
DD says Sid knows his family will never accept Roshni again and that’s why he did it.
Roshni says Sid loves her.
DD says such a Man is not worthy of her. She says she will forever be indebted to Sid for all be has done for their family, but Roshni has to move on with her life.
Roshni breaks down.
DD hugs her and says her family will always be with her and she hopes they will never have to seek help from outsiders again.
Raj comes home and tells his Mother that DD got her property back today and Sid also went to Court and should be coming with good news, so it calls for a celebration.

Sid arrives and Raj asks where Roshni is, if She’s in the temple? Grandma also asks him the same thing. Sid says Roshni is not coming back because he divorced her.
Raj tells him to stop joking and asks Sid not to lie on this auspicious day. Sid says he’s telling the truth, he divorced Roshni.
Krutika and Simran are happy.
Raj gives Sid a slap and says he’s never been so ashamed of his Son before!

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