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Grandmother consoles Mona at home.
There is someone at the door. Mona opens it thinking Samaira may be back, but it’s Yash.
He asks why she’s crying?
Grandmother doesn’t want him involved, so she says it’s nothing serious. Mona complains that her daughter is missing, yet grandmother is saying it is not a serious matter!
Yash is surprised.
Grandmother tells him not to worry as Sid, DD and Roshni have gone to look for her.
Yash is surprised to learn Sid is with them. He asks where they have gone, so he can join them?
Grandmother tells him not to bother, as it is a family matter. He asks if he’s not a part of the family too?
Roshni is cleaning the house.
Mr Baweja tells her to make lunch and to make extra. She asks if someone is coming over? He tells her to mind her business! Roshni sees the bedroom key and decides to get her hands on it.
She throws down a case and cuts her hand. She moans and tells Baweja to get her ice.
When he leaves to get it. She takes a bar of soap and gets a print of the key.
When he comes back with the ice, she tells him that she has to go and see a Doctor, while Baweja continues asking her to prepare the food and then go.

Sid’s Grandmother and Simran are decorating the house in preparation for the festival.
Grandmother asks why Roshni isn’t helping and Simran says she’s been out all day.
Raj says he gave her permission to go and visit her NGO.
Rajveer wonders where Roshni might have gone? Rajveer goes to the balcony to talk on his Phone. He asks an employee why DD was given permission to leave the Office?
He instructs him to call her back in, and tell her she will will be fired if she makes any more excuses!
Raj asks him what’s going on?
Rajveer says he was called from the Office and told that DD is not around.
Raj says the employees are not slaves and DD is a family, so he can’t treat her like that. He instructs him to call the Office back and tell them not to call Mrs Patel. Rajveer does as he’s told. Raj tells him that this is a final warning! Rajveer tells himself that Roshni gave him a warning the other day and he needs to find out what she’s up to.
Roshni is with Sid and DD.
They panic when they see the cut on her hand, but she tells them she did it herself. She also tells them she needs to get to a Locksmith.
Rajveer meets Baweja and gives him his tickets to Delhi and says they will leave the Country for Malaysia from there, because Sam’s family already knows about their trip to China.

Baweja says his lawyer is already taking care of the marriage papers for him and Samaira, so soon, he will marry her.
Rajveer complains that they’re having a lot of problems with the plan!
Baweja says he ordered food and Rajveer should relax and eat.
Rajveer asks why he’s ordering food when he has a Servant?
Baweja says his Servant travelled to the village and brought his Sister who doesn’t look or act like a maid, but more like a Model, as she wears Makeup and does Manicure, Pedicure, and even cut her finger when she was cleaning.
Rajveer is not interested in the story and tells him to stop his rubbish!
Roshni, Sid and DD return home to see Yash. DD apologises to him for not taking his calls.
Yash says she should have called him.
Roshni tells him she doesn’t want to trouble him with family matters, it’s her family’s problem and they will handle it and she hopes he understands.
He looks confused and says he should never have come.
When he he leaves, DD asks Roshni why she treated Yash that way?
Roshni says they should focus on the plan to get Sam.

Sid says he doesn’t like her plan and he won’t let her go back there alone!
Roshni says he can come with her as a distraction.
Sid’s Grandmother calls Sid and asks where he is? Sid says he’s sorry he got caught up and won’t be able to make it for dinner.
Roshni takes the Phone and says they will be there for dinner.
Sid tells her to change her clothes from looking like a Maid, else his family will start giving her salary seeing her Servant dress. Roshni’s Grandmother laughs.
They get home and join the family at the table. Simran asks Roshni where she went, as Grandmother had told them to do the chores together, but Roshni left her all by herself instead!
Roshni apologises.
Rajveer starts stretching his neck to see what’s poking out of Roshni’s bag.
Roshni sees him and quickly hides her bag, so he doesn’t see the cheap clothes she wore as a maid.
Sid sees him too and tells Roshni to come with him, so they can go get ice cream for the family since they all seem to be in a bad mood.

Roshni tells him they can’t just leave. She looks at Simran. Grandmother asks her to go when her husband calls and asks her not to take Simran’s permission. She leaves with Sid, while Simran angrily looks at her. Rajveer thinks something is brewing between them.
Baweja is trying to feed Sam.
She refuses. He tells her to eat something especially as they are getting married tomorrow.
Sam refuses.
They hear Sid with a loudspeaker, telling Baweja to come out of his house. He calls him a dirty rotten scoundrel.
Sid is on the lower roof of the house.
Baweja peeps and sees Sid, then he calls the Police to report and the Police says they will send someone.
Baweja tells Sam he has to carry her back into hiding because the Police are coming! He makes Sam unconscious again and hides her back in the Cupboard.
A small crowd has g athered outside. The security guards attempt to bring Sid down, but Sid pretends to be drunk.
Baweja tells them to get Sid away!
Sid tells everyone that Baweja is a dishonest man.

As Sid is talking, Roshni sneaks into the house and opens the bedroom with a copy of the key she made.
She opens the wardrobe and sees Samaira. Samaira is unconscious.
Roshni holds her and tries to wake her up.
Rajveer enters the room and hits Roshni on the head with a metal decoration. Roshni is rendered unconscious. He says she came here to rescue her Sister, but will get killed herself. He says she told him that she will expose him, but she doesn’t know it is not easy to reach Rajveer Ranawat. He thinks to hide Roshni’s body before the Police comes.
The Police arrive and ask Sid to come down.
Sid continues to act drunk. Baweja asks the Inspector to get this Sid out, else he will lose his control! Sid asks him to relax, else he will get a heart attack.
Rajveer drags Sam and Roshni through the house.
Sid eventually comes down and the Police inspector tells him to stop troubling Baweja or he will go to jail.
Rajveer is disguised in a burqa. He also covers Samaira with it and puts her in a taxi.
Sid turns to look at them, but all he sees is a Woman going into a taxi with her body covered from head to toe.
He calls DD on the Phone to tell her he’s going into Baweja’s house because Roshni has not come out.

DD says she is coming over.
Sid enters the house and attacks Baweja by holding his collar, asking where Roshni is!
Baweja says he doesn’t know who Roshni is! Sid is about to hit him when
they hear DD screaming Roshni’s name.
Sid runs outside to see DD cradling an unconscious Roshni in her lap.
Sid begs Roshni to wake up.
Baweja sees them and says Roshni was his Maid?
Roshni wakes up and attacks Baweja, asking where Sam is!
She tells them that she saw Sam in the wardrobe, but then someone hit her on the head and she passed out.
They all go back into the house with the Police but couldn’t find Sam in the wardrobe. Sid holds Baweja’s collar.
Baweja’s lawyer arrives and instructs the Police to arrest Sid!
The Police takes Sid, Roshni and DD away.
As DD is being escorted out of the room, she sees the envelopes containing the tickets Rajveer gave Baweja earlier.
Baweja wonders where Sam will be?
At the Khurana home, Simran complains that it’s almost 2am in the Morning, but Sid and Roshni aren’t home yet!
Grandmother tells Raj to call Sid on his Phone. Raj says Sid’s Phone is switched off.
Krutika is also worried that Rajveer is not back, but she doesn’t let the family know.
At DD’s house, Mona complains to Grandmother that it’s almost 2 in the Morning yet, DD, Sid and Roshni are not back home.

Rajveer calls Baweja on the Phone.
He teases him about getting old because he didn’t bother to check the new girl who came to work for him today and says he was the one who saved him by taking Sam away, otherwise the Police would have found her! Baweja thanks him. Rajveer demands money from Baweja and tells hin if he wants to see Sam again, then he should give him 20 million, else he will send Sam to the Police station and get him arrested! Baweja gets afraid and agrees to his demand.
At the Police Station, Roshni tells the Police to find her Cousin, Sam.
Sid signs the bail papers and says they will leave now.
As they leave, Roshni asks Sid what they will do? DD says she saw a Mukta travel envelope in Baweja’s house and she thinks they should go there. Sid says they will go in the Morning and he has someone who will keep them posted on Baweja’s movements. Roshni says family must be waiting for them and they should rush home. They both rush home.
Sid and Roshni arrive home and the lights in the living room are off.
They are about to sneak up to their room when the lights suddenly come on and the Parents are all seated in the living room.
Raj asks Sid why he would do this sort of thing, inform the family they were going to get ice-cream, but return so late?
Sid says his battery went flat and he had a flat tyre.

Simran says she know he’s lying! She asks Roshni if she’s creating trouble again?
Sid’s Grandmother asks Roshni to tell them what is wrong?
Roshni is about to speak but Sid interrupts and says he already told them. Grandmother tells them all to go and sleep.
Sid comes out of the bathroom and Roshni says they lied to his Parents again. Sid says he doesn’t want his Parents stressed out and if they tell the truth, he knows his Mother won’t allow him to help find Sam, so he will only tell his Dad. He says he doesn’t want to lie too, but he has to protect his family, and Sam is a part of his family, so he will handle both families carefully.

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