King of hearts update Wednesday 15 January 2020

King of hearts 15 January 2020: Satya cries like a baby. Doctor tells that it is retrograde amnesia and tells that he went back to his past and he is now 10 years old kid. He asks Mahi to take care of him and goes. Satya calls mummy. Payal thinks Satya played a new trick, but I will expose him. Mahi is sitting at Satya’s bed side. Satya sleeps on her lap, and says you are good, others are bad. Mahi feels bad to see his condition and says I couldn’t believe that mamma would have been acting like this. Payal tells Shom that she will prove Satya is acting. Next morning, Shom sees Satya wearing his clothes. He asks how dare you? Satya says this is my clothes. Shom calls Payal. Satya slaps him. Mahi hears Shom calling mad to satya and goes there. Satya asks who is this witch in saree, I am very scared of her. Mahi is shocked. Payal looks on angrily.

Mahi tells Satya not to say like this. Satya says he was taking my clothes. Mahi asks him to keep the clothes. Satya says I want even this, and tries to get clothes from Shom’s hand. Shom says it is mine and gets angry. Satya hits on his back and runs. Shom calls him mad. Payal says we shall send Satya to his mum, until when we will take care of her. Mahi says Satya is in this condition because of us, and says we shall take care of him. Naina comes and tells that Satya’s mum doesn’t know about his marriage and she might file police complaint seeing Satya’s condition.

Payal tells Mahi that they have to keep an eye on Satya. Mahi asks her not to worry and tells that she will take care of him. Naina smiles. Mahi stops Koel and says she wants to talk to her about something. Just then her phone rings, and she excuses herself. Koel thinks chipku aunty is stuck. Mahi comes and tells that she got an important call. Koel asks about her phone bill. Mahi says she is smart and uses Jio Sim for free calls. Koel says she will use Jio now. Payal asks Mahi to make tea for her. Satya shouts asking her for give food. Mahi asks Payal to take her tea, and says she has to give food to Satya else he will get angry. Payal throws the tea pot and thinks he has become important for Mahi.

Satya says that he will finish it. He puts it in his mouth and feels hot. Mahi blows on his mouth. Satya says now his mouth is not burning. Mahi makes him have pav bhaaji. Payal thinks to expose Satya’s childish act. She asks to be ready. She comes to Mahi and asks her if she will come with her for party arrangements.

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Mahi says I will just be ready. She goes. Payal signs Shom. Naina knocks on the door and calls Satya. Mahi and Payal come back home and unlock Naina. Naina tells her that they have taken Satya forcibly. Mahi asks who and where. Koel and Shom are seen putting Satya’s head in water barrel. She sees Shom and Koel dipping Satya in water barrel. Shom tells that he has fallen in the barrel while playing. Koel says they were trying to save him. Mahi tries to revive him as he gets unconscious. She revives him and gives mouth to mouth respiration (CPR). Satya gains consciousness. Mahi warns them not to touch Satya again. Payal acts to scold them.

Mahi takes Satya to room and towel her head. She tells him that she brought something for him and asks him to close his eyes. She gives him teddy bear and cap. Satya says it is cute. Just like you, and makes him wear cap and specs. Satya thanks her and says he is feeling good. He says you are best among everyone here. She says I will make coffee for you, or tea. Satya says I am too young to drink those things. Mahi says oh…I will bring hot chocolate for you. Satya goes near mirror, takes off his specs and recalls hearing Shom and Payal’s planning to prove Satya’s bad infront of Mahi’s eyes. He thinks whoever I love, I have to lie. He feels apologetic and thinks I have to stay in this fake avatar to bring Payal truth infront of her.

While Mahi is trying to tie her dress dori, but she couldn’t. She turns to Satya and asks him to tie it. Satya comes near her. Mahi asks him to put flower knot just like shoe lace. Satya ties the lace hesitantly. Mahi goes. Satya thinks to control his emotions. Koel pulls Satya to her room and tells that Satya is hidden behind Sattu. Satya starts shouting telling nangi didi trying to do strange thing with him. Mahi and others gather. Payal says we shall lock him in room. Mahi is shocked. Satya says she is lying and I want to attend happy diwali. Shom ties his hands. Mahi is teary eyes and asks him to be careful. Payal takes Mahi from there. Satya cries as a child. They leave.

Satya gets angry. In the party, Mahi is serving the guests. Payal gives her work. Guest asks who is she? Payal says she is an orphan, I take care of her. Naina, Mitul and Satya are shocked. Payal greets Minister as he comes. Satya throws match stick near the crackers boxes. Everyone jumps to save themselves from crackers. Naina smiles seeing Satya doing the mischief. Everyone sees Minister’s pant falling down. He gets angry. Mahi comes there, sees the crackers bursted.

Minister gets angry on Payal. Payal asks him not to go and is tensed. Shom sees Satya peeping there. He says Satya is here. Payal says nobody is here. Mahi says you have locked him in room, then how can he be here? Payal says we shall check in room. They open the door and sees Satya tied with rope and sleeping on bed. Mahi opens the rope and frees his hand. She asks Shom if he is relieved now.

They watch the news in which Reporter tells about their party incident. Payal tells she is sure that it is Satya’s conspiracy. Shom says how we will prove? Payal calls someone. Satya tells Mahi that he is feeling pain in his hands as they tied him tightly. Mahi holds her ears and apologizes cryingly. She asks him to have food.

Satya says I will not eat until you have it. Mahi says she has to do work just as party ended. She comes out and sees happy diwali written with diyas. Satya comes and says happy diwali Mahi. Mahi hugs him emotionally. Satya tells that he can do anything for her and asks her to eat food. Mahi agrees.

Payal acts to be talking on phone and says 20 Lakhs. She says this money is of my daughter and I can’t ask her to give money. Mahi asks what you are saying Mumma. She says whatever I have is yours also. Don’t make me feel that I am not yours. You can take whatever you want. Payal says you are married now, and I can’t ask for money….People will say that I am your step mum. Mahi says I don’t care about society as you have brought me up and not society. She asks what is in your hand. Payal says nothing. Mahi sees Neil’s pic in her hand. Payal says she does charity on Neil’s name, but this time.

Mahi says I will take out money from bank. Satya asks Mahi, where is she going and asks her to take him with her as he is bored here. He says everyone is dangerous in the house, if they do anything to me or my teddy…..Mahi says okay, and asks him not to run anywhere. Satya promises her.

In the bank, Mahi asks Satya to stay there until she comes back. Satya sits on chair. Mahi is busy writing on the slip. Satya calls Kajal and asks her to do his work. Kajal asks what? Mahi gets the money and turns….she sees him missing. She calls Satya. Satya asks Kajal to find out about Payal’s charity fraud. Mahi gets Satya’s teddy. She asks the people sitting there about Satya. She comes out and sees Satya talking on phone. She gets suspicious and comes near him. Satya turns and looks at her.

Mahi asks with whom you are talking to. Satya asks you will do my work, and says thank you. He tells her that he was talking to God and was saying that I get angry when you do household work. I was asking God to send an angel for you. Mahi smiles and touches his face. She gives his teddy and says lets go. Satya nods. They hold hand and walk out. Satya feels apologetic and thinks he is doing this to remove her blindfold.

Mahi brings 25 Lakhs and gives to Payal. She says I thought to take out some extra money. Payal asks Mahi to give money with her hand. Payal apologizes to Satya and says friends….Satya makes sound and runs. Payal thinks he is mannerless. Later, Payal mixes some powder in the food. Shom asks what you are doing? Payal says she wants everyone to sleep today so that she can execute her plan. Satya meets Kajal and asks her to find out about charity. Kajal says it is genuine. Satya says there is something wrong and asks her to find out. Later in the night, when everybody is sleeping, someone enters the room and takes teddy. He then opens the teddy’s zip.

Next morning, Payal tells the person that she wants Mahi to give charity money and goes to room. She then shouts saying money is missing. Everyone gather there. Mahi asks Shom to call Police. Shom calls Police. Inspector comes and asks Constable to search the entire house. Satya looks on. They go to Satya’s room. Shom signs Payal. Inspector sees teddy on bed. Satya is shocked and says it is mine. He snatches teddy from his hand. Mahi says Inspector will not do anything to your teddy bear.

Satya gives Panda/teddy to Inspector. Inspector checks it and says there is nothing in the teddy. Satya tells Mahi that there is nothing in it. Shom takes teddy from him and tries to tear it. Mahi asks Shom, how can he doubt on Satya and says he is an innocent child. Shom tells that he is sure. Later Payal asks Shom, if he is sure that he has kept money in Satya’s teddy. Shom says yes, he did keep it. Satya comes there and says you people are stoop low. He asks them to say please, and says he will tell where is the money. Satya tells him that a witch on the tree outside his window asked him to give money to bad brother.

Payal asks Satya to return money to him. Satya asks him to say please and close eyes. Shom asks what rubbish? Payal asks him to just do it. Satya asks her to close eyes too. Payal closes her eyes. Satya takes out chewing gum from his mouth and sticks on Shom’s hand. Shom raises hand to slap him. Mahi confronts Shom for ruining his teddy and now trying to slap him. Satya asks Shom to take the money.

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