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Shiv is thrown on the ground and Misha kicks him. She tells Shiv that he came to know about her secret that she’s not actually mad, but it’s just the beginning of her madness!

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She tells him to watch as she’s going to torture his daughter and not even Sid can stop her!
Shiv tells her she will never be able to separate Sid and Roshni.
Misha says it is very easy to separate them as they have been separated many times before!
Shiv tells her she’s totally mad and needs a Doctor. Misha asks what did he say? Shiv says she needs a good Psychiatrist because she’s a maniac!
Misha hits him and grabs him by the collar telling him never to say that again and says she is mad about Sid!
She says she hasn’t decided what to do with him yet, whether to kill him or not!
She then decides to leave him so he watches her getting engaged first, and not to Neil but to Sid and then will show him how she tortures his daughter. She asks him to congratulate her, as he might not get the opportunity to congratulate her later. She collects his Phone and tells her thugs to tie him up!! Shiv tells her her plan is going to fail and not going to work at all.
Shiv is tied next to Misha’s Parents.
Her father apologises to him and says she has held them captive for over a month.
He says she was never like this and while growing up she was close to Sid but later on, he was all she could talk about, then she said she wanted to marry him, so he and his wife went to talk to Sid about it but Sid said he didn’t have such feelings for her.

They told Misha about it and she didn’t handle it well, that was when the obsession grew, so they had to move away from London without telling Sid and they got her into a rehab center but it didn’t work out and in the end, she held them captive. Shiv says we have to help ourselves now.
Raj tells that they will have to postpone the engagement, just then, they hear the door bell ring.
It’s Misha and as soon as Sid opens the door, she pretends to faint in his arms.
They fuss over her and Sid asks her to open her eyes. Misha hugs him, and asks why Sid left her and begs him never to do it again. Roshni and Sid look at each other helplessly.
Misha clings to him.
Sid says he will never leave her again.
Shiv tells Misha’s father to reach into his pocket and get the engagement ring out.
Roshni brings a drink for Misha in the room but Misha tells Sid to ask her to leave!
Sid begs Roshni to leave.
Roshni sadly walks out.
Misha’s father gets the ring out and Shiv tells him to use it to cut the rope.
Misha tells Sid that today is their engagement.
Sid tells her it’s not their engagement but hers and Neil’s.
Roshni is watching them from the doorway.
Misha asks where Neil is?
Sid says he has gone out but will be back.
Misha says she’s getting engaged to Sid and then they will get married and they will be happy.
Roshni watches sadly.
Misha brings out an engagement ring and shows it to Sid.
He says it’s very nice.

Misha’s father cuts the rope on Shiv’s hand.
DD is at home, anxious.
She gets a text message from Shiv’s Phone asking her to forgive him as he’s not supposed to lead a family life and doesn’t think he can support them and she should please apologise to Roshni.
DD’s Mother reads the text too. The message is sent by Misha from Shiv’s Phone. DD asks how can he do this? Why did he come back if he wanted to do this? She says how can he ruin Roshni’s happiness?
Roshni’s Grandmother says he has left. I won’t let Roshni’s happiness fade away. She asks DD to calm down and tells we will think of what to say to Roshni about Shiv once she gets engaged. DD is in a state of shock and couldn’t believe it. She wonders what she will say to Roshni.
DD is furious.
Her Mother tells her to let Shiv go and after Roshni gets engaged, they will think of how to tell her.
DD asks what she will tell Roshni?
Roshni enters and asks DD what she wants to tell her? Her Grandmother says nothing, DD was just worried thinking whether she will like the engagement ring she got for her and Sid?
Roshni says the ring DD has selected would be the best.
She asks for her father and Grandmother says he went out and will be back later.
Roshni leaves to go and get ready.
DD says she won’t let Shiv get away with it and she will find him.
Misha’s father tells Shiv to hurry up and save his daughter from Misha.
He tells Shiv to leave them here and run before the thugs come back. Shiv says okay, and promises to come back to take them home.

The goons are talking and laughing. Shiv thinks how to divert their attention? Misha’s Parents start arguing taking Misha’s name. The goons rush towards them, while Shiv runs off.
Misha gets ready as a bride and looks at herself in the mirror. She holds a photo of Neil and burns it… She eyes Sid’s pic and says Sid and me…and smiles. She says finally we will become one, and no one can come between us. I kept all the hurdles/obstacles away from us. Sid enters the room, dressed in his engagement outfit as well and calls Misha. Misha who is still with his pic, looks shocked hearing his voice. Sid comes.
Misha has her back to him and panics because of the photo in her hand.
Sid looks suspicious as he moves close to her.
She hides the photo and asks how am I looking? Sid says good. Misha says she wants to get engaged and no one is coming to take her. Sid says I am here… She hugs him passionately. Sid feels uncomfortable and takes her from there.
DD helps Roshni get ready and says no hurdle will come your way to happiness. Roshni gets emotional and says her dad is her lucky charm. Roshni says we should go, as the Khurana will soon come. Roshni wears the ghunghat and goes.
As they go out of the room to join the family, DD leaves her Phone behind.
Shiv calls DD’s phone from a Phone booth but she doesn’t answer. He leaves her a VN asking her to listen carefully, as that mad Misha will snatch Sid away from our daughter.
The thugs see him and fire a gunshot at him.
The shot misses and Shiv runs out.
They run after him till he gets on a parked motorcycle and escapes.
Sid and Neil’s families arrive at DD’s place for the engagement.

Roshni is brought down for the engagement. She looks at Sid. Raj and his Mother praise Roshni. Roshni’s Grandmother asks about Krutika? Sid’s Grandma says she wished to stay at home.
Sid hugs Roshni but Misha pulls him away and tells him it’s her engagement. Misha tells Sid that she wants to get engaged soon. Sid asks her to calm down. Roshni and others look on.
Neil’s Mother pulls her aside and tells her not to spoil her family’s image as their relatives are here.
Misha shoves her hard.
Neil is taken aback and holds his Mother and asks if she’s okay?
The relatives start asking themselves why Neil wants to marry such a girl!
Roshni’s Grandmother announces that the engagement will commence.
Roshni wonders where is Shiv and tells them she won’t get engaged till her dad gets here, so Neil and Misha can get engaged first. DD agrees.
Sid sees the look on DD’s face and asks if there is a problem?
DD says she’s fine. She thinks why did you do this Shiv?
Raj suggests DD calls Shiv out of his room.
DD says he’s not home.
She tells Kesar to go and get the engagement ring but Jigna says she would do it.

Jigna picks the ring from DD’s room and decides to clean it.
Kesar meets her washing it and asks what she is doing?
Jigna says it was dirty.
Kesar says it wasn’t dirty but an antique ring.
DD enters the room and asks what Jigna was doing in her bathroom?
Kesar says there was water on the floor, so he called Jigna to clean it.
Kesar takes the rings to Grandmother.
Roshni insists she won’t get engaged till her father comes.
Grandmother tells her Shiv is stuck in a traffic but they need to do the engagement as time is running out.
Sid tells the Priest to start with Misha and Neil first.
Misha tells Sid in excitement that she’s getting engaged.
Neil’s Mother tells Misha that she’s not getting engaged to Sid but to Neil!
Misha tells her to keep quiet. She says Sid is her best friend and will stand with her! Neil’s Mum explains to her and goes to her to give her the ring but Misha attacks her and hits her on the head with a vase.
Neil rushes to his Mother who is bleeding from a small cut on her head.
Misha pulls Neil aside and says they are getting engaged.
Neil is furious, he asks if she has gone mad!
Sid calms him down.
Neil goes to his Mother.
Sid tells Neil to just understand.
The relatives start talking amongst themselves.
Neil’s Mother says she can’t allow him marry such a girl because who knows what she will do next!
Neil agrees.
Roshni tells Neil that he can’t abandon Misha.
Neil says he loves his Mother as well.
Raj tells Neelr that Misha has nobody else.
Neil says he can’t allow anyone hit his Mother and get away with it!
Misha is secretly happy.

Neil tells Sid he’s the one responsible for Misha because he was the one who picked a fight with the thugs and left Misha to get taken!
Neil’s Mother tells Raj that if he’s so concerned about Misha, then he should get Sid to take care of her! Roshni asks Neil not to do this. Neil says I am done with it, and announces that he is breaking the engagement! Misha smirks.
Neil and his family leave.
Shiv is still on his way, while the goons are following him. He thinks he has to reach home, and he can’t let that mad Woman, Misha ruin his daughter’s life and calls for the Doctor.
Misha starts throwing a tantrum, saying nobody will marry her.
Sid holds her and begs her to calm down.
Roshni remembers all Neil said about Sid being responsible for Misha.
She takes Sid away to have a word with him.

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