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DD’s lawyer tells her they won’t be able to retrieve the properties from Sid. DD gets upset and smashes a glass. Roshni enters the room to ask her what’s wrong. DD tells Roshni not to call her Mum as she helped Sid steal the properties! Roshni says Sid will transfer them back to her as he has a plan. DD orders Roshni to get out of her room!

Sid calls Amol and disguises his voice. He asks for the money. Amol says he doesn’t have it.

Amol is sleeping. His Phone rings and he wakes up to answer it. Someone tells him to come and see his brother because he was attacked.

Amol rushes to see Yash in Prison. Yash tells him he’s fine and nobody attacked him.

Sid appears and says he should have known it was Yash behind it! Yash makes fun of him and tells him he has just 24 hours to save DD and her family. Sid says he will make sure he keeps Amol very close to him. Yash pulls Sid’s hand and starts shouting at the top of his voice for someone to save him! Sid tries to take his hand away but Yash holds on to it tightly. The wardens rush in and throw Sid out.

Sid calls Roshni to tell her Yash was behind everything and he has threatened that he will harm them in 24 hours so they have to be on high alert. He tells her to leave the house and go to his Parents’ house. Roshni begs him to go and save DD because she’s at the Office. Sid makes a promise that no harm would come to DD. Roshni hangs up and starts putting her Clothes in a suitcase.

Kesar is in DD’s Office. DD is having a meeting with important Clients. Kesar’s Phone is ringing and it’s Sid. DD warns him to put the Phone on silent! DD hears someone crying for help. She goes out to check. She is shocked when she sees the person.

Roshni is driving. The Car stops in the middle of the road. She stops a taxi and gets in.

The taxi makes a wrong turn. Roshni asks the Driver what he’s doing? He gives her an evil smile. Roshni begs him to stop. He doesn’t listen to her. She jumps out of the Car. She sees a Van coming and flags it down. She begs them to help her. They are Yash’s Men. They force her into the Van as she tries to flee.

Sid comes into DD’s Office. He asks Kesar for DD. Kesar tells him she went out and hasn’t been back. The Clients leave. Sid asks Kesar to play the Office CCTV footage. He sees the person who came to the Office to talk to DD was Amol. He panics and tells Kesar to find out if DD is at home because he can’t reach Roshni on her Phone. Kesar calls Resham but she tells him she’s busy and can’t talk. She hangs up. Sid says they have to go and look for DD.

Roshni in a warehouse, tied to a Chair. She asks the Men to let her go. One of the Men shows her a letter and tells her to read it out. Roshni refuses. He shows her a video of DD and Amol but there is no sound. Roshni panics and says she would do anything but they shouldn’t harm her Mum.

Sid and Kesar enter the house but it’s empty. He tells Kesar to find Resham and keep her safe. He gets a call from his dad and asks if Roshni has reached their house? His dad says he hasn’t seen her yet that’s why he’s calling.

Sid gets outside and sees DD with the Police. DD shows him with a video of Roshni tied to a Chair saying her Mom (DD) was right, Sid is a bad person and has kidnapped her. Sid says he’s innocent. DD tells the Police to arrest him! Sid says they are all in danger.

Yash arrives in regular clothes and tells DD that Sid should be arrested. DD thanks Yash for coming. Sid tells DD that Yash is the mastermind of everything and says he will not spare him! He asks if she can’t remember what Yash did to her? DD slaps him and says Yash is like a Son to her! Sid begs DD to try and remember because Yash is behind everything.

DD starts having images flash in her mind but she can’t make out anyone’s face. Yash smirks and asks DD to come inside. DD worries for Roshni. The Police arrest Sid and takes him away.

Roshni cries and begs to be allowed to use the bathroom. The thugs tells her to be quiet! She continues crying, so one of them unties her and warns her to be quick! Roshni goes into the bathroom. She finds a way to escape from the window of the washroom.

DD is at home, crying. Yash asks DD to drink water, and says they will find Roshni together. DD thanks him for his help and says she didn’t know about these conspiracies behind her. Everybody is cheating on her. She says she can’t believe all that has been happening.

Yash says Amol is his best friend and he didn’t even know that it was Roshni he wanted to get married to but Amol told him how Sid is trying to steal all DD’s properties using Roshni. He says Amol also found out that if he talks to Roshni, Sid would confront him but before they could even get to Roshni, she was kidnapped and Sid is lying to DD.


DD remembers when Amol came to her Office covered in bruises and tells her that Sid just kidnapped Roshni and had his thugs beat him up and his friend who was trying to help him, was thrown into Prison under false charges by Sid. DD tells Yash that she hopes Roshni is okay. Yash assures her that he would help.

Amol is with the thugs at the warehouse. He asks how they allowed Roshni escape! Yash calls him to ask if everything is under control? Amol lies that it’s all under control.

Raj is at the Police Station with Sid. He asks why they are holding Sid captive without evidence? The Inspector shows him the video. Sid says he can’t kidnap Roshni because she’s his Wife.

Yash walks in and says she’s not his Wife! He claims Roshni is his won fiancée. Sid warns him never to say that again! Yash shows the Inspector the divorce papers that were signed by Sid and Roshni. Sid looks at the papers and remembers when the Doctor tricked them into signing it. He says he was tricked into signing.

He says these signatures were taken in the hospital for some other thing. Yash tells the Inspector that Sid even tricked DD and took all her properties. He whispers to Sid that he has 12 hours left. He vows to get married to Roshni the next day! He asks him to come and bless his ex wife.

Roshni sees a Phone in a kiosk and calls Sid’s number. Someone hits her on the back of her head and she faints. It’s Amol.

As Sid is being dragged to a cell, he begs his father to save DD and Roshni. His Phone rings in his father’s hands. Sid says it must be Roshni calling so Raj should get Pinto to help trace the call.

DD is at home, alone and worried. She prays for Roshni’s safety then decides to call Yash. Yash tells her he’s on his way. As he gets to the house, he sees a team of Commandos entering the compound so he drives off. He knows Raj must have sent them. He tells himself that he has to get DD to come to him because Roshni would not marry him if DD is not there.

Sid is being driven to Prison in a Police Van. The Van stops when the Driver sees nails on the road. The Policemen get down to remove the obstruction. Sid seizes the opportunity to escape. He meets up with Pinto. Pinti tells him where Roshni’s call was traced to.

Roshni regains consciousness at the warehouse.

Yash speaks to his Men on a video call, telling them to get Roshni ready because the wedding ceremony will start by 7am.

Sid is in the warehouse. He snatches the Phone from the thug and sees Yash on the screen. Yash tells him there is nothing he can do to stop him from marrying Roshni. Sid says he has given him 24 hours, but 10 hours are still remaining. Sid tells him to start counting down to his end! The thugs engage Sid in a battle but he defeats them all.

Roshni opens rope tied to her hands and feet. She runs to Sid and hugs him. Sid says they don’t have time. They have to reach Mother-in-law before Yash reaches there. He takes Roshni and they try to leave but Amol stops them with a gun. He says no matter what Sid does, they will always be 2 steps ahead! Sid says they are far behind him. He wrestles the gun from Amol. Roshni takes a barrel and hits Amol with it. He passes out.

DD is still at home, worried. She hears some noise outside and takes a look. She sees the Commandos and she’s happy. She sees Raj with them. She panics and concludes that they must be helping Sid and probably want to kidnap her too so she needs to hide from them. Raj says first, they will search the ground and then first floor. He tells the Commandos that their mission is to save DD. Yash sneaks into the compound by jumping over the fence.

Raj and the Commandos enter DD’s house. DD sees Raj standing alone. She hits him on the back of the head with a vase and he falls down. She runs off and the Commandos find him. He tells them that someone hit him and he thinks there is someone else in the house and asks them to search for DD. DD hides under a table.

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