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Simran tells Raj to sign the divorce papers! Raj is shocked. She says after the divorce, Bunty and Kritika will stay with her. He asks if she can’t see he’s tired or pretending to love Shakun? She laughs and says she knows and was just checking to be sure. She hugs him. He tells her not to ever talk about divorce. She asks why he did what he did? He says it was Sid and tells her everything.

She says they should have informed her but it’s not too late, he should wait and see how she can get all the information for him by pretending to be Shakun’s husband’s friend.
Roshni gets to the living room and sees a beautiful dress on a mannequin. She calls DD to ask if she got it for her? Kunal says he got it for her. The rest of the family enter the living room. Sid is amused at the sight of the mannequin.

Bansi tells Kunal to put the veil on Roshni’s head. Roshni says she doesn’t want the dress! Kunal pleads with her and she gives in. He takes the veil and gives Sid a look of gloat.

As he’s about to place the veil on Roshni’s head, Aisha enters the house and calls out to Roshni. Roshni runs to Aisha, and the veil falls on the floor. Sid picks up the veil and laughs at Kunal, saying he got a doll and no matter how hard he tries, he would never win Roshni’s heart. Kunal and his family are furious. Sid goes to carry Aisha.

He introduces Kunal to her as her Uncle. He introduces the mannequin as Kunal’s Wife. Sid, Aisha and Roshni leave the living room.
Aisha and Roshni are playing by the pool with one of Aisha’s stuffed toys. Sid and DD watch them. Roshni climbs on a Chair. Kunal ties a hook to a string and throws it at the Chair Roshni is standing on.

Everyone is oblivious to what he’s doing. He pulls hard and the Chair topples over. Roshni falls off the terrace and holds on to the rail, dangling in the air. Aisha screams. Kunal runs to the edge of the terrace and begs Roshni to give him her hand.

DD and Sid rush over. Sid climbs over, holding on to the rail. He puts Roshni on his back and with the help of DD and Kunal, they climb back unto the terrace. Sid tells DD to take Roshni inside. He goes off on Kunal and Bansi. He gives Kunal a slap and asks what he was saying about loving Roshni for 17 years yet puts her in danger! He warns that if any harm comes to Roshni again, he would make sure it’s his ashes they take back to his village!

Sid gets a call and leaves. He goes to Roshni and tells her to get Aisha ready so they can go to his Parents. Roshni tells him to give her the keys so she can go and get presents for his Parents while he gets Aisha ready. Kunal eavesdrops on their conversation.

Roshni gets in the Car and drives off. Kunal appears from under the Car with a spanner. He tells himself that he’s the only one who can save Roshni this time and she will come to realise he’s her true love. He gets on his bike to follow her but it doesn’t start. He checks his bike. Roshni is driving and the brake fails. She yells for people to get out of the way and drives panicky.

Sid tries to call Roshni’s Phone but the phone falls out of her hand as she tries to answer it. She calls him back in a panic and tells him her Car brake failed. She tells him where she is.

DD asks Sid what happened? Sid tells her. Bansi and Kunal smile. Roshni’s Car climbs a little hill and turns on it’s side. Sid is on his way, driving at top speed. A group of people gather but none can go to save Roshni for fear of the Vehicle exploding, so they call the fire brigade instead. Sid arrives at the scene. Kunal also arrives. The Car explodes. Sid screams and tries to go to the Car but the crowd holds him back. Even Kunal is unable to do anything.

A lady opens the Car door and carries Roshni out. It’s Shabnam. She puts Roshni down and Sid holds her. Kunal says whoever tampered with the brakes will pay for it! Sid knows he’s the one. Roshni sees Shabnam and gets upset, asking how she escaped from Prison! Sid explains that it was Shabnam who saved her.

Shabnam says she has changed. The Crowd confirms she saved Roshni. Roshni says she’s sure Shabnam caused the failed brakes! Kunal concurs. Sid says maybe it was Kunal who made the brakes fail. He asks how he knew Roshni’s brakes failed? Kunal says he just had a bad feeling.

Roshni asks the Inspector to arrest Shabnam and she tells Sid to come home with her. Sid tells her to wait but she walks off. The Inspector asks Shabnam to come! Sid says she has saved his Wife’s life and asks him to leave her. Sid asks Shabnam how she knew what was going on? Shabnam says she went to the house because the hospital discharged her and she saw Kunal tamper with Roshni’s brakes so she followed Roshni but she was too late.

The family is praying for Roshni to be alright. Bansi says please bring back her daughter-in-law safely. Roshni arrives with Kunal and even Bansi and Premal are relieved. DD asks Kesar to bring water. Roshni says she is fine. Roshni tells them what happened. DD asks where Sid is? Roshni tells her not to mention his name because he can see everyone else’s pain but hers!

Premal asks if she thinks it was Sid who tampered with the brakes? Roshni tells him she might be upset with Sid but she won’t allow him say anything bad about him! She asks if he was the one who did it?
Kunal asks his father why he would think Sid would do this to Roshni?

He apologises to Roshni and says he wants to apologise to her because of what happened today. He says she just had an accident and was bleeding yet Sid chose to stay with this Woman. DD asks who is with Sid? Roshni says he’s with Shabnam. Roshni’s Grandmother panics.

Bansi says she watched on the news and saw what Shabnam did to the family. She says she must have come to kill someone. Kunal says if Roshni had lost her life today…
Sid appears and says Kunal would be thrown in jail if Roshni had lost her life! Roshni asks him how he could bring Shabnam to the house? Sid goes to Kunal and attacks him with some punches.

Roshni begs him to stop but Sid throws him in the pool and carries on. He only stops when he carries a Chair to throw on his head and Roshni screams. Sid says Kunal tampered with the brakes. Roshni holds Kunal as he lies bleeding on the ground. Roshni asks how Sid can believe Shabnam!

Sid tells her to forget the past because she’s only alive because Shabnam saved her and he can’t forget it and Shabnam did all that because of multiple personality disorder.
Bansi gives Shabnam a slap then she goes into the house with Kunal and Premal. Shabnam says she only came to apologise. Roshni tells her to leave!

She starts leaving but DD stops her telling her to stay for one more day as she’s bruised. Roshni gets very upset and says DD and Sid are blind to see that it was Shabnam who planned the accident!

Sid is with DD and Roshni’s Grandmother in DD’s room. Roshni’s Grandmother asks how Shabnam knew to be be at the scene of the accident? Sid says he wonders too. He says he called the sanatorium and they confirmed him that she has just been discharged. He says he knows it’s because of Shabnam that Roshni is alive. He tells them a plan.

He tells DD it will only be for few days and he will get rid of the family for good; he says he will take off the mask Kunal wears to deceive Roshni. He gets a call from his Mother inviting them for Lohri (Bonfire). He assures her that he will come with Roshni. DD reminds him that Roshni is upset with him. Sid says Roshni is his Wife and will definitely accompany him to see his Parents. Bansi is eavesdropping. She vows to make sure Roshni doesn’t go!

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