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Raj asks how he could divorce a woman like Roshni?
Sid’s Grandmother is crying.
Krutika is smiling.
Simran looks pensive.
Raj tells Sid to get out of his sight!
Sid leaves the room and Raj stares at Simran with suspicion.
Simran avoids his eyes.
Sid goes to the room and sees Roshni’s scarf in the wardrobe.
He pulls it out and cries into it. Tum hi ho ab tum hi ho… song plays in the background.
He sees her bags on the table and picks them too as he thinks of her, he begs her to forgive him because in his quest to be a good Son-in-law, he failed to be a good husband to her.
He sees the container of Vermillion and remembers when she made him apply it on her and told him they had renewed their vows.
He packs up his things.
His Grandmother stands in the doorway, crying as she watches him.
Simran is giving orders to the Servants to pack up.

DD, Roshni and Mona arrive.
DD tells Simran She’s not cunning like her and if she leaves any item behind, She will definitely send it to her home, since she doesn’t keep anything that’s not hers and she treats her guests well, so Simran can take her time in packing and would even be offered refreshments.
She tells Mona that when they leave, she wants the place sprinkled with holy water to ward off the negative energy! Simran and Krutika gets irked hearing that.
Grandmother tells Sid that he has become so mature that he’s taking such decisions on his own; he divorced a girl like Roshni who clearly still loves him. She tells him to listen to his heart and tell her if that’s what he wants to happen.
Sid says it doesn’t matter what he wants, the decision has been made and there is no turning back from it.
He gets to the front door and sees Roshni and her family.
Simran asks if he’s ready?
He follows her out without saying anything to Roshni.
Raj and Grandmother get to the front door and see Roshni’s family.
Grandmother hugs Roshni and Roshni touches their feet.
Raj apologises to Roshni and DD says he doesn’t have to apologise as they knew who is really responsible for all that has happened.

She thanks him and his Mother for taking care of Roshni whilst she lived with them. They both leave.
Mona gives DD the holy water.
DD steps inside the house, sprinkling it as she goes.
Roshni is in a daze.
DD says they would have been a happy family today, but they can’t rejoice because Roshni’s heart is broken.
Sid comes back and Roshni looks hopeful, but he says he came to get his keys.
DD picks the keys from the table and throws at him. She asks why he did what he did, just when she was beginning to trust him and was willing to even forgive his Mother for all she did just because Roshni fell in love with him again!
She asks why he has done this to her.
Sid shakes his head.
DD says he is one of those Men who let their Mothers control them and she doesn’t want to see him anywhere near Roshni again because she will deal with him!
Sid says she has summed him up correctly, he chose his family’s happiness over everything and she shouldn’t worry because he won’t dare to come close to anyone in her family ever again.
He bends to pick up the key then touches DD’s foot.
DD is unable to hold back the tears.
He walks towards the door, and he turns to look at Roshni one more time with teary eyes and leaves.

DD tells Roshni that she has to let go because Sid has his reasons.
Sid is back in his room at his family’s house.
His Phone rings endlessly.
Roshni is calling, but he ends the calls without answering, then he switches it off. Bin tere o sajan… song… plays in the background. He brings out her scarf from his bag and smells it.
He tells himself that he dreamt of growing old together with Roshni as a Married Couple, he fulfilled his duties as a good Son-in-law, but not a good husband. He prays that God blesses Roshni and says he can’t live without her, but he has to.
Raj is about to leave the house, but Simran begs him to stay.
His Mother asks what’s going on?
Raj says he has always listened to her, but she shouldn’t stop him today because Sid and Roshni were madly in love with each other and he can almost guarantee Simran is responsible for what has happened!
Krutika asks him why he’s blaming Simran for something Roshni did?
Sid enters the living room and Krutika asks if he was pressured?
Sid tells his father that it was his decision and he shouldn’t blame his Mother. Raj calls him a liar and a fool and lunges at him, but the Women beg him not to hit Sid.
Sid tells his dad that he deserves to be hit, so he can go ahead.
Raj storms out of the house.
Sid’s Grandmother sadly tells she does not know what is happening in this house.
Roshni sits on the Couch where Sid used to sleep and thinks of him.
Pratima brings her food, but Roshni refuses to eat.
Pratima says she doesn’t know why Sid did what he did, but she has a feeling there is something else.

Roshni says she feels it too, she has a great time with Sid in the last few days and he was the old Sid again, but when he came to Court, he was a different person.
She says she’s been trying to call him, but he switched off his Phone.
She asks what she should do?
Simran is crying as she tells her Mother-in-law that she doesn’t know where Sid has gone so late at night.
Raj instructs the Servant to prepare the guest room for him.
Simran pleads with him, but he says their thoughts don’t even align so there is no point in living together! She yells that Sid has not reached home and he is also troubling her.
Simran says she knows he’s trying to purnish her and on top of that, she can’t even find Sid.
Raj says Sid is a Man that can make his own decisions and she can also make hers, so they both don’t need anything from him anymore.
He leaves for his room.
Simran starts her overacting. Grandmother asks her to stop!
Krutika tells Simran that maybe Sid has gone back to Roshni.
Sid’s Grandmother says that will be great. Simran gets angry hearing that. Grandmother scolds her to keep quiet and decides to phone Roshni. She calls Roshni.
Roshni says Sid is not with her.
The doorbell rings and 2 Policemen comes in. He informs them that Sid was in an accident.

Roshni overhears everything.
She rushes to Sid’s house and Simran asks why she has come, then blames her for ruining Sid’s life!
Grandmother tells her to leave Roshni alone!
The Inspector comes back and says nobody is saved. Raj says he wants to go to the spot. The Inspector says his team is clearing the spot and he cannot till now. Simran is overcome with grief and falls down.
Roshni and Grandmother hold her, then Roshni goes to the family altar to pray.
In the morning, Roshni is still with Sid’s family. She is praying as the others sit and wait.
The Inspector returns and says they received information that one Man survived the accident, but his condition is critical. .
Grandmother says it must be Sid so they should go to the hospital.
They get outside and see Sid giving instructions to someone in a taxi.
He tells the person to leave so they don’t get in trouble.
Roshni runs into his arms and asks where he was because everyone was worried about him? Simran and Krutika get irked seeing that.
Sid slowly takes her hand off his body.
Sid says he was at a friend’s place.
Krutika asks who was with him in the taxi that dropped him off?
Sid says it was his friend.
Grandmother asks how he got into an accident?
He says his driver was being reckless, but the accident was mild so he’s down and his friend picked him up.

Raj calls him a fool and says he should have informed then that he will be fine!
Grandmother says they should all go inside and Roshni should get Sid a glass of warm milk.
Roshni looks around and says she will get going
Raj offers to get the driver to drop her, but she declines.
As she leaves she turns around to look at Sid one last time.
At home, DD is praying and worried.
She’s tensed and yells that Roshni doesn’t always inform her before going out and aside that, Sid troubles them. She says Sid doesn’t deserve any happiness!
Roshni enters and says DD shouldn’t say that about Sid. DD says Sid has betrayed her, yet she defends him.
Roshni says all he did was divorce her.
They hear a voice saying a love like that can never die.
They turn and see Sid’s Grandmother.
She says she knows the members of her family are no longer welcome in their house, but they should consider her age and allow her see Roshni. She asks DD if she does not want Roshni and Sid to reunite and apologizes to her. DD asks her not to apologize and says she can meet Roshni whenever she likes. DD says she is always welcome.

Ronnie begs her to come in.
Grandmother says Roshni will always be the daughter-in-law of the family.
Roshni takes her to the room and she says she can see Sid is miserable without Roshni and Roshni is the same so why are they doing this?
Roshni says it’s Sid that has changed towards her and does not even want to speak to her, and even today, he didn’t speak to her, maybe he doesn’t feel anything for her again.
Grandmother says it’s time to set things right again and She’s thinking of a plan.
She asks if Roshni is with her on it?
Roshni holds her hand and says she is ready to do anything to have Sid back in her life.
Grandmother tells her to listen carefully.

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