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Raj is in his study.Simran and Krutika stand at the doorway. Simran points to where the file is and Krutika says she will get it.
Raj gets a call and stands up to take it.
Krutika sneaks into the room and tries to take the file.

Raj looks in her direction and ends his call.
She hides behind the Chair.
As Raj approaches the Chair, Simran enters the room and tries to distract him by asking him why he’s ignoring her? He asks her to forget the past and get out of his room. During their conversation, Krutika takes the file and runs out.
Simran tells Raj that she doesn’t know why he’s always so angry with her.
They hear grandmother screaming and they rush out.
Grandmother has fallen out of her wheelchair because Krutika bumped into her in her hurry to go and hide the file.
Simran and Raj rush to pick Grandma up, while Krutika tells that she was very hungry and was walking towards the Kitchen, but bumped into her by mistake. She hides the file. She apologises and leaves with Simran.
Grandmother thinks this Mother-daughter duo is up to something and they must be up to no good.

Sid and the rest wait in the living room to see if DD will come out.
Mona says she doesn’t think their plan worked.
DD screams and runs into the living room.
She grabs Shiv’s shirt and hides behind him.
She screams for Kesar!!
Kesar and Grandmother enter the living room.
DD tells Kesar to go and get the Cockroaches in her room!
Kesar is scared. She shouts at Kesar to call Pest control and asks Sid why his Mom couldn’t clean the house? He says when he is here, no fear, so he offers to get rid of them.
Shiv offers DD water, but she declines and he sits near her.
Sid comes back and says he couldn’t find the Cockroaches.
Grandmother pulls DD away from Shiv.
Sid tells DD to join them in a game of charades.
DD refuses, so Sid asks if she wants to go back and sleep with the Cockroaches?
DD agrees to play.
Sid divides the teams.
Yash, Roshni, Kesar and Mona are on one team, while Sid, DD, Shiv and Sam are on the the second team.
Grandmother says she will be the umpire.
Kesar has the first try and loses, as no one on his team could guess what he was trying to act out.
It’s Sid’s turn and Roshni tells him what to act out.
Sid acts it out and Sam was able to guess the name of the Movie.

Yash has his try and his team guessed it right.
It’s Shiv’s turn and Sid is trying to guess. He tells DD to also participate because it’s their team.
Shiv acts out and they are unable to get it.
Sid keeps urging DD to say something.
DD says it’s true love.
Yash asks how she came to that conclusion?
Sid says they would never have guessed and they say true love never dies.
DD walks out crying and Sid follows her.
She asks if he thinks it’s a game, and warns him to stop trying to reunite her and Shiv and to stay out of her personal life!
She walks away. Tearful Shiv hears that and Shiv thanks Sid for trying.
Sid tells him not to sound defeated because he could see DD is still drawn to him and she’s angry with herself because she has not been able to get over him.
Shiv is in tears.
Sid says he has never lost and he will put an end to the game within a week and Shiv has to wait and see how he will work his magic on DD and make her openly confess her love.
At breakfast the next day, Yash asks what the plans for the day are?
Sid says they have to consult Shiv first.
Shiv joins them for breakfast and wishes them good morning. Grandmother taunts that DD will have to eat her breakfast in her room again because she won’t come out if Shiv sits here. Shiv takes his breakfast on a plate and turns to leave when DD comes out and joins them at the table.
Shiv says since they are all here, it would be rude of him not to join them.
DD asks Sid why he’s being mischievous!
Sid feigns ignorance.

Yash and Roshni share a giggle and Samaira doesn’t seem too happy about it.
DD asks Granny to pass her the salt, but Shiv offers it to her. DD ignores him and angrily gets up. She tells Kesar it’s time for them to go to work! Kesar has to take some snacks as he leaves, because he didn’t finish having his breakfast.
She asks Grandmother to send her lunch to the Office and asks Yash and Sam to visit home often. She leaves. Grandmother taunts Shiv that because of him, even Kesar couldn’t finish his breakfast. Sid consoles her.
Sam gets jealous seeing Yash and Roshni’s closeness. Mona takes Sam to the room. Mona tells Sam that Yash is a good Man and he has accepted her in spite of everything.
Sam asks what she means?
Mona says she should not doubt Yash and Roshni’s closeness as they are Childhood friends. She tells that Yash and Roshni has been best of friends, but she (Sam) is his wife now, so she shouldn’t let his friendship with Roshni bother her. Sam says
without love, Marriage won’t stay for long.
Sid and Shiv are standing outside.
Shiv asks what Sid is planning as they are close to DD’s Office?

Sid asks if he trusts him?
Shiv says he does.
He asks Sid what the plan is?
Sid says he should be patient and just watch.
Sid goes to DD’s driver and asks for DD’s lunch box.
The driver refuses to give it to him.
Sid says DD asked him to bring it to her. The driver says he has to call DD to confirm.
Sid acts really hurt and tells him not to let DD find out he’s ignoring her orders.
The driver gives him the food.
Sid collects the lunch box, but gives another one to Shiv to take to DD.
Shiv asks what’s in it?
Sid says it’s different types of food.
He inserts an earpiece in Shiv’s ear and tells Shiv that he will hear him taking into the earpiece, so he can give him instructions.
Roshni and Sid’s Grandmother are in front of Simran’s room.
Grandmother tells Roshni to go into the room and get a file because she’s sure the file contains something Krutika is trying to hide.

Roshni is scared to go in, but Grandmother tells her to go in and she will stand guard.
Roshni goes in and sees the file under the bed.
As she is about to leave the room, Simran’s Phone starts ringing.
Grandmother tries to distract Simran, but Simran says she has to get her phone.
She starts heading to the room.
Grandmother falls off her wheelchair and screams for help.
Simram goes back to help her up.
Simran asks why Roshni is not taking care of her?
Grandmother says she sent Roshni outside to get her clothes.
She tells Simran to get her food.
Roshni silently leaves with the file and signals Grandma.
Roshni and Grandmother are back in her (Grandmother’s) room. She asks Roshni to read what’s in it. Roshni reads thd file and opens her mouth in surprise. Grandma sees dog custody papers in it Grandma is confused, but says she knows Krutika and Simran are up to something and it is eyewash.

DD yells at Kesar for not checking the quality of products. Kesar says lunch. She says no lunch until work is done! Shiv comes and clashes with her.
DD is shocked to see Shiv in her Office.
She asks what he is doing here! Sid over hands free asks him to tell her if she was expecting Vinod Khanna other than him? Shiv repeats the dialogue stammering. DD asks what is wrong with him and asks why he’s stammering and acting? She tells Shiv to drop the food and leave!
Sid tells him to sit down.
Shiv sits and tells DD he’s not going anywhere till she finishes her lunch.
DD tells Kesar to serve the lunch.
Shiv offers to do it.
He says he cooked the food.
Kesar says they are all of DD’s favourite dishes.
DD says she won’t eat the food!
She tries to leave the room and Shiv blocks the doorway.
DD gets upset and tells him to leave her path pushing him.
Shiv allows her to go.
Sid goes to complain to his dad that his plans are not working.
Raj tells him it’s because they are outdated plans.

He calls a Lady to the room and Sid smiles, getting the idea.
Krutika tells Simran that Grandmother has been trying to snoop on them, so she changed the file to confuse her.
Simran is shocked.
Krutika tells her not to worry because their plan will succeed.

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