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Sid looks at the Photograph in his hand, it’s one of him and Shabnam in a compromised position together. He picks up the Photos from the floor and they are all of him and Shabnam in bed.

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Shabnam asks how he can explain it to the family? She says the only way to make it go away is for them to do what didn’t happen last night. She says touch me one time, and you will forget Roshni.
Sid pushes Shabnam to the door and holds her by the neck and calls her a disgusting Woman! He tears up the photos. She says she has a recording of it on her Phone.
Sid says he can see her true character. He tells her to go ahead and play her card and he will be playing his as well and will make sure she has nowhere to hide! He pushes her out of the way and walks out of the room.

DD sees him coming out of the room and wonders what is going on? Mona asks DD why she welcomed Sid back into the house after what he did to Sam! Mona says after all this Ceremony, you realized that my daughter Sam has no value in this house, right? DD keeps mute. Mona asks are you listening to me! DD says Yash and Samaira are adults and should sort things out themselves. Mona says DD wouldn’t have been this calm if it had happened between Roshni and Sid.

DD says it’s because she knows Sid and Roshni are good at heart and deeply in love with each other; in spite of all that happened, Sid came back because he can’t live without Roshni and Roshni can oppose anyone for Sid as she knows he’s crazy about her. She adds that everyone can see this in the house and feel bad whenever there are problems between them.

DD says as for her and Sid, they fight all the time. But Sam? Tell me what to do. What can I do? She can’t digest happiness. When she returned from USA, she came back with Rajveer. DD says she was relieved that Rajveer went to Kritika. Then Sam took the job, she warned her but still, she didn’t listen to her. Sid and herself helped Sam. Sid convinced Yash and still Sam can’t be happy with him. Please convince Sam and talk to her as She can’t digest happiness. All is going on well, what was the need to mess with Kritika? What’s the enmity? You know Yash, as well as I do. If Yash had to do this, then she can’t say anything.

Mona says remember one thing that time is the most powerful! Mona tells DD that she hopes that Roshni doesn’t have to distrust Sid! DD says she hopes that never happens.

Roshni wakes up feeling dizzy. She calls for Sid. He enters the room and says he needs to talk to her.

He says in their time together they have seen more bad days than good days and they only survive the bad days because they trust each other. He asks if she trusts him? She says she does but wants to know what is wrong.

Sid starts to speak but he struggles with the words. He receives a message on his Phone and it’s a video of him and Shabnam in bed. Sid freezes. He gets Shabnams message warning him of the consequences if he tells the truth!

Roshni asks what he was going to say? Sid says he has to do something first. He gets up to leave but she pulls him back by the hand. He turns around and asks if she will trust him? She nods and he leaves the room. Roshni is worried for Sid.

DD is working on her laptop. Shabnam goes to her amd offers her tea and says she needs to speak with her. Shabnam says she stays alone in this house, and feels strange. She asks if she can start working with her at the Office? She can learn something if there’s no problem. DD says there is no problem.

Sid enters and says there is a problem! He says you wanna help in business? Roshni has a School. You are her Sister. Help her. Roshni is not going to school, so join me. Shabnam asks right now? Sid says any problem? Shabnam says no. They leave. DD finds it all strange.

Sid drags Shabnam into an Office in the School and asks why she is doing what she’s doing? Shabnam is unfazed. She says she can book a hotel room for them. He yells at her to stop the nonsense and tell him why she’s doing it!
She says she hates him because DD’s family took all of her family’s happiness! She dares him to go and tell Roshni that the MMS is fake! Sid says Roshni would not believe it and it would only take her 2 minutes to make out the MMS is fake.

Shabnam asks him to make a new habit and says your love will become mine now. She says if Roshni sees that MMS, then she will leave you! She says a Woman can never see her husband with a Second Woman. She says Roshni won’t say anything to her as she has saved her. She asks him to agree to her sayings and asks him to leave Roshni and go far away from her for good so that DD’s family will suffer the same fate as hers! She tells him he has only 24 hours to do it!

Sid says he would never leave Roshni and there is nothing Shabnam can do about it. He says he would love to see Shabnam die of frustration because he is not going anywhere, his and Roshni’s love is true and they have trust. He says he will tell Roshni exactly what happened and Shabnam will lose! He asks her to take care and leaves. Shabnam gets irked.

Raj is at home, reading a Newspaper. He tells Simran that he always said Sid would make them proud and their names would make the headlines. He shows her the Newspaper and tells that Sid has now appeared in a financial magazine; it took him 10 years to appear in the magazine but took Sid just 3 years! Simran prays for Sid.
They hear Bunty laughing in the room. They rush to see what’s going on and they meet him watching cartoons. Simran bemoans Kritika’s fate as she gets worried about Krutika and says I couldn’t understand my daughter’s pain. Raj says if he knew something like this was going to happen, he wouldn’t have taken Simran to London with him.

Roshni is trying to reach Sid but he’s not answering. Shabnam enters the room to ask what’s going on?
Roshni says Sid went out very early in the Morning and he’s not answering her calls. Shabnam says she shouldn’t worry as Sid loves her. Shabnam says Sid is a good person and she wishes she could find a husband like him.

Roshni’s Grandmother enters the room and says there is nobody else like Sid. Shabnam says Sid is special and she can give her life to him. Roshni’s Grandmother says Sid never asks for anything which he doesn’t deserve. She asks about Shabnam’s husband-to-be who is in Dubai and asks if he is not good?
Shabnam says she was referring to her fiancé, she wants him to be like Siddharth. She stands up to leave the room.

Roshni’s Grandmother sees Shabnam’s Phone on the bed and calls her back. Shabnam freezes. Roshni’s Grandmother picks up the Phone and asks why it’s a different Phone from the one she had? Shabnam says she just changed the covers but it’s the same Phone and leaves. Roshni’s Grandmother doesn’t say anything but she knows it’s a different Phone.

Roshni is still trying to reach Sid. She calls Sid again and thinks why he is not picking the call? Sid returns home and says I will tell you everything. Roshni coughs and sneezes. He checks her temperature and says she has a fever. DD enters the room and says it’s because she fell in the Pool. DD scolds Sid for not been able to take care of her daughter and leaves the room. Sid makes Roshni lie down in bed. Roshni asks what he wanted to tell her? Sid says Shabnam is blackmailing him with a Video she recorded. He turns to see Roshni is fast asleep.

Bunty is in the living room of the Khurana house, being very loud. Raj enters and asks him what he has achieved in his life? Bunty says he took part in a Competition, he pretended to be a tree and his friends started respecting him. Raj says he’s giving him a month to prove he is worthy of Kritika, a husband has to take care of his Wife’s wishes and if he can’t do that, he will make sure he and Kritika get divorced! He asks him to go to the other room and not Krutika’s room!

When Bunty is alone, he tells himself that he has never had a job and doesn’t know how to go about it.

Roshni is calling for the Servant (Uncle Shambu). Shabnam says she fired him because he doesn’t do any work. Roshni says he has been with them for so long and only DD could have taken such a decision. Mona tells Roshni that Shabnam is a family too, so she can also take such a decision.
Sid asks himself why Shabnam fired only one of the helps? He wonders if it’s because he was the one who helped her record the Video and decides to go and find out.

Roshni’s Grandmother enters Shabnam’s room. She hears Shabnam’s Phone vibrate and picks it up. She is surprised to see it’s the other Phone she had asked Shabnam about. She opens the Phone and the Video of Shabnam and Sid plays and she’s shocked and closes her eyes.

Sid is at the home of the Servant (Uncle Shambu) that Shabnam fired, making enquiries about him. His Neighbour says he got some Money from someone the night before and he has left the City to return to his Village. Sid thinks he was right about Shabnam. Roshni’s Grandmother calls Sid to tell him that they need to talk about something. She tells him where to meet her. She takes Shabnam’s Phone with her. Shabnam is listening by the door.

Sid is on his way to meet Roshni’s Grandmother. Roshni’s Grandmother is standing by the side of the road.
Shabnam is hiding in the bush and watching. When Sid approaches, Shabnam throws some nails on the road. Sid’s tyres get punctured and his Car swerves in different directions. The Car hits Roshni’s Grandmother. He gets down the Car and sees Shabnam running.

At the hospital, DD asks the Doctor to save his Mother! She asks Kesar to find out the driver who was driving the and says she won’t spare the Person who did that to her Mother! Sid confesses that he was the one and he doesn’t know how the nails got onto the road.

DD grabs him and asks why he is always the one behind all the troubles in the family!
Roshni begs DD to leave him alone because he didn’t do it on purpose and he loves her Grandmother like his own and can’t even dare hurt a Stranger let alone, her Grandma. DD says Her Grandmother is her Mum and asks her not to take Sid’s side!

Shabnam who is spying on them, is not happy that Roshni is standing beside her Man even in such a situation. She tells herself that she needs to come up with a plan to break them apart!

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