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Rajveer returns home in the Morning to meet Kritika sleeping on the living room Couch. She wakes up and asks him where he has been?
Rajveer lies that he was working.
Krutika asks why he’s lying?
Rajveer says he went to see a friend.
Krutika asks if he thinks she won’t suspect something? She says she will make his life a living hell if she finds out he’s up to something bad!
She reminds him that he is only living in this house because of her!
Simran comes to meet them and complains that Sid and Roshni came back late last night and have left home again early this Morning without having breakfast.
Rajveer wonders where they’ve gone again! He thinks they are again creating him problems!!
Sid, Roshni and DD go to the Travel Agency, Muktar Travels and ask for the flight details for Baweja.
The ticketing Officer says he can’t divulge such information, as per Company’s policy.
Sid tells him to confirm from his boss.
He calls his boss over the Phone and the boss informs him that Sid is the new owner of their Company.
The ticketing Officer checks the computer with the description given and says Mr and Mrs Khanna are going to Delhi, then they’d be flying to Malaysia two (2) days after.
Roshni says says she is sure it is Baweja and he must have changed their names.
The Officer says their Visas haven’t been issued yet and it’s because they don’t have their Marriage certificates.
Sid says Baweja will have to approach his lawyer to validate the Certificate.
DD gets worried about Sam and Roshni consoles her. Sid assures her that he won’t let anything happen to Sam.

They all sit in Sid’s Car outside Baweja’s lawyer’s Office to follow him. DD asks if it will work? He says the lawyer will go to Baweja and they will follow him.
When the lawyer comes out and moves to his Car, Sid tries to turn on his ignition, but the Car wouldn’t start. Roshni says she will get a taxi. Sid asks them to sid in car and keep watching what he does.
Sid gets out of the Car and covers his face, then runs behind the lawyer’s Car and uses a master key to open the boot and get in.
The lawyer drives off.
Roshni complains about what Sid has done but DD says she trusts Sid completely.
Sam is in a hotel room, throwing a tantrum at the stylists who wants to get her ready for the wedding.
Baweja enters the room and tells them to excuse him and his wife to be.
Sam begs him to stay away from her!
He tells her to either give her consent or he will use force!!

She begs him not to force her, but to help her choose a dress to wear.
She moves to the ironing table as he picks a dress from the bed.
She hides the hot iron behind her back and goes back to meet him.
He shows her the dress he has chosen. Sam burns his hand and body with the iron and runs out of the room.
Baweja shouts to catch her!!
Roshni and DD are by the roadside, waiting for a taxi.
They see Simran and Sid’s Grandmother.
Simran complains about Roshni. She yells that Grandma shouldn’t have given so much leniance to Roshni! Grandma asks her to stop yelling, and tells her that Roshni has gone to visit her sick Grandmother. Roshni sees them and tries to hide. Even Simran sees her and she rushes inside an auto. Simran tells Grandmother that she just saw Roshni. Grandma asks where is she? Grandmother looks, but doesn’t see Roshni anywhere. Simran insists she saw Roshni. Grandmother doesn’t believe her.
Sam runs out of the hotel room and Baweja chases after her.
She hides in a laundry rack. Baweja and his guards search for her.
The lawyer calls Baweja to inform him of his arrival at the hotel. Baweja tells the lawyer that Sam ran away.
Sid overhears the conversation from the boot of the car.
When the lawyer enters the hotel, Sid alights from the boot and also goes into the hotel.
Sam is running down the stairs and Sid is running up.

Sid gets a Phone call from Roshni and he tells her he has reached the hotel and asked her to inform the Police to come to the hotel.
Sam sees Sid and calls his name.
Sid looks up, but he couldn’t see her.
Rajveer covers her mouth with his hand and injects a substance into her neck. She passes out and he takes her to the room to meet Baweja. Sid sees people take garland into a room and follows them.
Rajveer throws water on Sam. Baweja says Sam’s Makeup will spoil. Rajveer says to hell with the Make up and asks the guards to get Sam ready!
He tells Baweja to apply vermillion on her forehead so they can be married!
Baweja tries to apply it, but Sam musters all the strength she can and hits his hand. The vermillion flies off Baweja’s hand and it splashes on Rajveer’s face. Rajveeer goes into the bathroom to clean up.
The lawyer enters the room and tells Baweja to sign the Marriage papers. He then tells Baweja to exchange garlands and finish the Marriage.
The doorbell rings and it’s someone bringing the garland. He goes to Baweja and reveals his face.
It’s Sid. He engages the guards and Baweja in a fight, and he defeats all of them.
Rajveer comes out of the bathroom and sneaks out of the room.
Sid doesn 217;t see him.

DD and Roshni arrive at the hotel with the Police. Rajveer feels relaxed thinking if Roshni had seen him, his whole drama would have been finished! He sees them rushing and hides. He covers his face and sneaks past them again. They get to the room and Baweja is arrested.
DD’s thanks Sid. They rescue Sam from there and brings her to the hospital.
Sid and Roshni are standing outside the hospital where Sam is being treated. He tells that everyone is with Sam and she will get well in 2 days. Roshni is in tears as she thanks Sid for his help.
Sid says they did it together, but he feels it’s not over yet.
Roshni says she feels someone is trying to frame Sam, and Baweja will have to break his silence.
Rajveer is spying on them.
He vows that they will never find out about his involvement!
At DD’s place, Roshni’s Grandmother thanks Sid and asks what he wants?
Sid says he just wants her blessings.
She says she wishes that he finds great happiness in his life again.
She asks if he understands?
Sid laughs. He looks at Roshni and smiles. He says he’s also responsible for the state Sam is in, because her life got ruined the day Rajveer married his Sister; and he couldn’t do anything. He says he can’t give Sam anything to make up for what she has lost, but he can be like a brother to her.
Roshni tells herself that Sid is a good Man. He always thinks about her and her family and feels proud of him.

DD thanks Sid again and says it wouldn’t have been possible without him. Roshni hugs her Grandmother and DD, and Roshni and Sid both leave as they ask them to take good care of Sam.
Simran is complaining about Roshni and Sid not being home!
Sjd’s Grandmother says they might have gone on a date.
Sid and Roshni return home and Grandmother asks Roshni how her Grandmother is doing? Sid says she’s doing okay now. Roshni tells him that she won’t lie anymore. Simran asks what new drama she is playing now? Roshni goes near Grandma and tells her and Sid’s Parents that she lied about her Grandmother, but someone was actually in danger; her Cousin was kidnapped. She tells them the entire story and they are surprised.
Raj asks Sid why he lied and says it is good Sam is safe now, but they should have informed him, and what if something wrong had happened? Sid says he didn’t want them to worry and Roshni told him to say the truth several times. Grandmother says all is well that ends well and says at least Roshni gathered the courage to tell them the truth and hugs Roshni and Simran is not too happy.
At the Police Station, Rajveer disguises himself as the beverage seller and serves tea to the Officers. A Constable asks where is the Old tea seller? Rajveer says he is on leave. He enters and searches for Baweja’s cell. He soon finds the cell.

A detective is asking Baweja questions, but Baweja refuses to cooperate. The detective gets a call and leaves the cell.
Rajveer sneaks in and forces boiling hot tea from the kettle into Baweja’s mouth, killing him.
Sid gets a call from the Police Inspector informing him of Baweja’s death. Sid tells Roshni that he has to go to the Station. Roshni wants to go with him, but he tells her to stay back.
Sid gets to the Station.
He and the Policemen try to look at the CCTV footage, but the time of the attack is cut off because Rajveer tampered with the electricity before he attacked.
Rajveer panics when he realises he forgot his car keys at the Station.
An Officer brings out the things found in Baweja’s cell.
Baweja’s lawyer says the Car keys do not belong to Baweja.
Sid says he has seen the keys before and he will go to the Manufacturers of the Car to find out who the Car belongs to?
Samaira is back in DD’s house. She’s still in mental shock. She is freaking out, saying Baweja is coming for her.
DD assures her that he won’t be able to touch her ever again. DD and the other family members console her.
Sid’s Parents and Granny come with Roshni to visit Sam. Granny says DD should have told them what was going on so they could have stayed by her side to show their support.
Granny brings Sam her favorite chocolate saying Roshni told her about it. Sam tells Roshni that she wants to see Sid.
The Reporters throngs in and start questioning Sam. Sam panics.

Sid gets to the Car shop and they are about to check their system for the owner of the car. He turns to look at the TV and sees there are reporters in DD’s house asking them questions and judging Sam’s behavior by asking if she did it for money?
They ask Simran if she thinks her daughter-in-law’s Cousin followed Baweja for money?
Yash comes to the house and attacks the reporter, then he throws them out.
He holds Sam and consoles her. Simran gets irked and walks out. Raj asks to take care and leaves.
The Door bell rings. Roshni thinks the reporters must have come again and takes vase to hit them when she sees Sid and stops. Sid enters in.
Roshni tells him the Reporters thronged and panicked Sam, but Yash came to their rescue and handled the situation well.
Sid thanks Yash for his help. Roshni says Simran walked out angrily after the Reporters questioned her.

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