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King of hearts September teasers

DD tells the guests she has some sweet memories to share with them. She tells Kesar to play the DVD. Kesar slots in the DVD but it’s a different one. Everyone is shocked while Shabnam smirks. DD asks where is her DVD? She asks Kesar to change the DVD when they see someone else’s photos!

A photo of Shiv and a family is projected. Aisha says he’s her father. Shabnam also calls him her father. Everyone is shocked. Roshni’s Grandmother says Shiv…? DD stands shockingly. Roshni and Sid are as well shocked.

The Members of the Press start asking DD if she’s aware her husband had another family? Roshni is shattered. They ask Roshni if she will accept her Sisters who were her father’s illegitimate Children?
Shabnam says they are not illegitimate because Shiv married their Mother.
DD collapses on the floor. Sid sends the press away and calls the security. Shabnam wipes her fake tears. DD is in shock. Sid and Roshni help her get up.

Sid’s GrandAunt says it means DD’s adopted granddaughter is actually her stepdaughter!
Roshni’s GrandAunt apologises to everyone and tells the guests that they have to leave. Sid’s GrandAunt says you have sent everyone away, but how will you shut other’s mouth? Roshni’s GrandAunt asks the waiter to give Sid’s GrandAunt milk and says Roshni’s in-laws are bringing up a snake!

Shabnam is in the room crying. Aisha comes in to ask why she is crying and asks Shabnam about the happenings?
Roshni enters the room and says Shabnam will answer for your questions and drags Shabnam out. Aisha pleads with her. Sid comes and Shabnam holds him. Roshni asks her to leave her husband and says she entered the house with full fledge plan! Sid tells Aisha to go into the room.
Roshni pushes Shabnam to the ground. Sid stops her. Roshni says Shabnam caused her Mother’s humiliation in front of everyone! Sid begs her to stop.

Her GrandAunt joins them and reminds Roshni that she warned DD about Shabnam and said she should leave!
Roshni attacks Shabnam again and is about to hit her but Sid stops her and says Shabnam should be given a chance to explain herself.

Shabnam says she’s just as shocked and had no idea they were Shiv’s family; she only came for Aisha and she didn’t even know her father was alive till now. Sid asks what she means? Shabnam says they lived in a certain town and they left but their train was attacked and that was when they lost their father, they presumed him dead and she left for Dubai afterwards to try and work so she can take care of her family.

Sid asks how the DVD got into the house? Shabnam says she asked for it to be sent to her by her husband-to-be. Roshni gets upset as she didn’t believe her and walks out.
Shabnam clings to Sid and cries.
He tells her to go to her room so he can go and be with Roshni. When Sid leaves, Shabnam clears up her tears and makes a Phone call telling that she has gotten off to a very good start as she has lighted the fire.

DD throws photos and memorabilia of Shiv from the balcony. Roshni and her Grandmother beg her to stop. Aisha asks her not to burn her Dad’s photo.
DD says she hates Shiv and doesn’t want memories of him! She gets gasoline and pours on the items, then sets them on fire. She says she would never forgive Shiv for what he did! Her Mother asks her to calm down. DD remembers the day they got remarried. Roshni is in tears. She cries hugging Sid. DD looks on hurt. DD says it’s all over now!

At the Khuranas, Kritika gives Sid’s Grandmother a glass of water.
Sid’s Grandaunt mocks the Patels and what they are going through.
She says the reputation of their family will be ruined if they don’t do anything and it’s shameful to have relations with them.

DD orders Shabnam to get out of the house, saying the house doesn’t belong to Shiv but to her! Sid says she has nowhere to go. DD says she doesn’t care!
Aisha begs DD not to send her Sister away. DD asks Roshni to take Aisha inside. Roshni’s Grandmother takes Aisha inside.
Shabnam gets up and holds Sid’s hand while emotionally blackmailing him to love Aisha. Roshni looks at her holding Sid’s hand and pushes her away from Sid and tells her to stop her wasted overacting!
Sid begs DD to listen to him. DD blames him for allowing Shiv back into her life!
She asks what he would have done if it was his family? Sid doesn’t respond.
She tells him to just let the situation be! She says he can’t understand what she is going through and asks if she’s doing anything wrong? She says it is easy to give lecture to people, but it is difficult to bear everything. She orders Shabnam to get out! Sid tells Shabnam to wait. He tells DD that he can’t imagine what she’s going through and knows allowing Shabnam stay in the house won’t be fair to her but what will they tell Aisha if they throw her Sister out and how will they explain what it means to have another family? Shabnam hides her relief. She says the game really begins now!

Sid says he and Roshni care for Aisha and he knows DD does too. He says it’s DD’s decision to make but she should realise what happened was not Aisha or Shabnam’s fault. He surprises them when he says Shabnam will live in the Khurana house for now. Shabnam is secretly rejoicing. Sid begs Roshni to understand for Aisha’s sake.
He says it’s only for a few days till Shabnam can return to Dubai.

Sid takes Shabnam home and his GrandAunt is not pleased. She puts her foot down and says she won’t live here! Sid instructs the Servant to prepare the guest room. His GrandAunt says Shabnam was born out of sin, so she can’t live in the house! Aisha asks Sid where Shabnam will now live?

Sid tells his GrandAunt that only the people who own the house have a right to decide! He tells her to just quit her nonsense because Shabnam and Aisha will live in the house. He tells Kritika to make them something to eat. His GrandAunt tells herself that she can’t allow more illegitimate Children live in the house so she would do what it takes to get rid of them!

Kritika takes Shabnam to the dining table and tells her to sit while she gets the food. Shabnam stands up immediately Kritika leaves and walks to a corner of the room.

Kritika returns and asks if she wants something? Shabnam is startled and she returns to sit at the dining.
Sid’s GrandAunt enters and pours a jar of milk over Shabnam’s head. Kritika tells her to stop! Sid yells at her and his GrandAunt says the milk is to cleanse Shabnam!

DD takes Shiv’s ashes and empties it in her pool. Her family members are watching her. Roshni and Mona are in tears. DD also has tears streaming down her face.
She tells Roshni not to cry and says she’s sorry that Shiv was such a smart liar and the time he spent with his other family should have been spent with Roshni! She asks Roshni if she thinks she will throw Aisha out because it will never happen?
She says Shabnam can never live in the house because she reminds her of Shiv and Shabnam is not much younger than Roshni, so Shabnam cannot live in the house! She leaves the room. Roshni’s Grandmother consoles Roshni.

Shabnam is ready for bed. Sid comes in to apologise to her. She is cleaning her hair with a towel. A drop of water hits Sid on his face and she tries to wipe it with her towel. He tells her not to worry. She thanks him for what he has done. She touches his hand and he notices her own hands are warm.
He says she has a fever and he would get a Doctor. She holds him back and pleads for him not to worry. Sid decides to stay and watch over her.

He calls Aisha and tells her that they need to stay and watch over Shabnam. Aisha say it’s fine. Shabnam tells Aisha to get her water.

Sid calls Roshni to tell her what’s going on. Roshni tells him he can do whatever he wants! Sid leaves the room. Shabnam tells herself that she had an onion to help her fake the fever. She says Roshni should get ready because she plans to take Sid from her and change things in the family!

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