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DD tells Roshni that she didn’t know how she was going to take care of her family without Money when Simran took her business from her.
She asks if Roshni has forgotten?
She tells her to sit and drink some water, then she says Roshni can just tell the truth so it will be published in the papers and the Khuranas will be dealt with, plus she can also get the divorce.
Roshni takes the glass of water and flings it on the wall. She asks DD who said she was being abused! She asks if DD is referring to the bandage on her hand and the bruise on her head; she sustained them while preparing for the Competition and she wasn’t abused, but DD didn’t even ask her about it! She says Raj loves her like a daughter and wouldn’t do anything to her but now, DD’s actions will raise questions!
DD says she can’t believe Roshni is covering up for them!
Roshni tells her Grandmother she can’t believe her Mum. She tells DD that she’s belittling the Women who actually suffer from domestic violence. She asks DD to come with her and apologise to Sid’s family!
DD asks what she will be apologising for, for allowing them take her house and business? She tells that she will never apologise!
Roshni says in that case, DD can go her way, while she goes hers and she will never step foot in the house again!
Grandmother tries to stop her. Roshni tells DD she will regret this, and she will never see her face again, and walks out.
Roshni leaves and her Grandmother asks DD what she has done? She berates her for her behaviour and DD is in tears.
Simran begs Sid’s Grandmother to have some tea. Grandmother says she has never been so humiliated in her life! Raj tells her to go and get some rest. Grandmother says she won’t leave till Roshni comes to tell them why she did what she did!
Roshni enters and says she has come to tell them why.

Sid gets up and everyone stares at Roshni. Grandmother holds her and asks why she did it?
Roshni falls on her knees begging. She says her Mother saw her bruises and thought she was being abused. She says she is ready to take whatever punishment Grandmother is ready to mete out to her.
Simran asks Roshni what nonsense!
She says Roshni is such a good actress, her Mother sent them all to jail today, and they must be working together!
Roshni asks Sid’s Grandmother why she’s not saying anything?
Simran says Grandmother showered Roshni with love and affection, yet Roshni pays her back like this! She asks Sid if he can see the Woman he married!
Raj tells Simran it’s enough and Roshni cannot be held responsible for what her Mother did!
Roshni asks Grandma to say something, but Grandma angrily walks towards her room.
Roshni wants to run after her, but Raj tells her to let it go for today as tomorrow is another day.
Everyone else leaves the living room.
Raj holds Roshni as she cries.
Roshni gets to the room and tells Sid that she knows he’s upset with her, but he should trust that she had nothing to do with it.
Sid asks if she really thinks it makes a difference if she’s the one doing it or her Mum because it doesn’t make a difference. He says there was a time his own Mother put her family through a lot of pain and suffering, it wasn’t right and he didn’t know a thing about it, but Roshni didn’t see it that way and even when he tried to explain, she didn’t want to listen to his side of the story and today, it’s a coincidence that she’s in the same situation.
Roshni stares at him, unable to say anything.
Sid says the circumstances are similar, but there is a big difference, she didn’t trust him when he said he had nothing to do with it, but he trusts her and knows she had nothing to do with what her Mother did because he knows her. He says it’s not just about them anymore, his family has been humiliated and he’s not blaming her for it, but she’s right and he was wrong because they can’t get back together, their families will just keep going at each other and suffer unnecessarily.
Roshni calls him Sid, pleading with him.
Sid says when the 3 months period is over, they should go their separate ways and not even try to meet up for Coffee or ask questions about each other’s lives, they should stay away from each other forever so their family’s problems can come to an end.
He picks up his pillow from the bed and places it on the sofa in the room.
In the morning, Sid’s Grandmother wakes up and complains that Roshni is going to make her late. She is surprised to see Roshni in the prayer room.
Raj also comes out to see Roshni at the family prayer room, performing her prayer rites.
Raj tells his Mother that Roshni is a Cultured Woman and she needs to forgive her please.

Grandmother walks up to Roshni and Roshni offers her the Prayer tray.
Grandmother stares at her for a while, then says to worship the Lord is a choice one makes for themselves, and not a compulsion. Roshni gets relaxed. Grandma asks her to prepare breakfast for everyone.
Samaira tells Roshni’s Grandmother that she has to leave for work.
Samaira is dressed in an evening gown. She talks about how her boss likes her and already gave her a promotion and he even bought her the dress she’s wearing.
DD says she’s still not comfortable with the job. Samaira says DD will never understand and she should worry more about her own daughter who needs more advice!
Roshni is in the Kitchen, making breakfast. The Servant offers to help, but Roshni says she will do it.
Roshni gets the oil burning and the Servant offers to help her again.
Roshni insists she will make the food and everyone will eat and love it.
Rajveer joins the family for breakfast. Simran serves toast to Rajveer and he brings out the newspaper. He reads the story about the domestic violence allegations and asks Raj if he has read the paper? Raj gets nervous. Grandma gets angry at Roshni.
Rajveer says he will call the editor of the paper to complain.
Roshni serves them breakfast, but Grandma does not take it.

Roshni looks uncomfortable because of the cold shoulder she’s still getting from Simran and Grandma.
Sid comes down and asks what’s available? He reaches for one of the rotis, but Simran tells him not to eat it, she will make him something.
Sid says he’s in a hurry and can only eat what’s available. He takes the roti and says he had to pick up his laptop from the room. Simran gets angry. Raj smiles.
Roshni goes to him and they bump heads. Roshni asks him how the food was? He says it was okay. She says she made it herself. He says it’s just food and no big deal and he hopes she wasn’t expecting a price from him? He says he’s a businessman and all that’s going on in his mind is profit and loss. He tells her to have a good day. As he turns around to leave, he takes another bite and smiles to himself.
DD tells Mona that she has been having an uneasy feeling about Samaira’s job and doesn’t understand the people she’s working with.
Mona says Sam is fine, besides, she’s a grown up girl like Roshni. DD says Roshni is not fine, and She’s worried about her.
Mona says it’s because DD has interfered with Roshni’s life too much and she doesn’t want that to be the same case with her and Samaira. DD gets irked hearing this. Mona asks her to go to the Office, as she is getting late.
Sid’s Grandmother asks for a massage and Simran starts to massage her shoulder.
Grandmother’s relative who plotted with her daughter to set fire to Roshni’s model house, come to visit.

She shows Grandmother the story about the domestic violence accusations in the newspaper. She asks Roshni why she made such a thing public? Grandmother asks her why she has come to the house?
The relative says with all that is happening, she asks if Roshni won’t participate in any more of the Competition?
Roshni says she will participate because the story is just a fabrication of the Media because the Khurana family is very famous, but the relative wouldn’t know since her own family is not famous! The relative get tensed and says she only came out of concern, but she’s getting insulted!
Roshni tells them to get ready because the daughter-in-law of the Khuranas will win the Competition!
Simran acts as if She’s consoling Grandma.
Sid arrives for a fundraising event and overhears some Men talking about how a certain Man keeps getting fine Women every time he attends a party. He turns to see the Man they are talking about standing next to Samaira and holding her by the waist. He is a much Older Man.
The Man is called up on stage and Sam stands next to him.
He tells her to read out the name of the person who made the highest donation. Samaira reads out the name and it’s Sid.
Sid goes on stage and shakes hands with the Man while staring at Sam.

Sam walks out and Sid follows her.
He asks what she was doing in the arms of a much Older Man and what sort of dress is she wearing?
Sam says it’s none of his business, but the Man is her boss and She’s his new PR and events Manager!
Sid says she has no prior experience, yet she has risen so fast and it’s dangerous. He asks if she didn’t think about it? He says he’s worried about her because she’s his family.
Sam says he’s calling her family when his family destroyed her family! She tells him to bother about his own wife because she can take care of herself!
She says she knows the Man has been flirting with her, but it’s harmless and She’s happy with her new job and the salary package!
She walks away and Sid thinks what did the Patel family eat, that their girls are so arrogant, he knows something is wrong, and he will have to do something, and not let any harm come to Sam.
Sid gets home and sees Roshni folding his clothes. He tells her to leave them and he will do it.
Roshni tells him tomorrow is the last day of the Competition and she would like to know if he would also come with her?
Sid asks if she knows where Sam is working? Roshni says her Grandmother told her she has a new job that she says she likes. She tells him that he hasn’t answered her question. Sid says he won’t be able to make it, as he would be very busy tomorrow. He leaves the room and Roshni sits by the window, crying.

Sid reenters the room and sees her.
Next day, at the Competition venue.
Roshni and her in-laws arrive and the crowd stares at them.
Grandmother tells them to all focus on the Competition instead.
Raj tells Roshni that she is really brave to have showed up today and accepted the challenge because it makes her to be more than the other (Common) Women. He tells her that his blessings are with her. Grandma gets irked seeing Raj praising Roshni. Simran asks her not to pay attention.
Roshni says she came from a broken family, and that’s why people think she can’t keep a family together, but she wants to win this Competition and prove herself worthy.
Raj tells her not to worry about that, but play her game with honesty and he will be with her. He sees her looking around and asks if she’s looking for Sid? He tells her to forget about him for now and focus on her Competition.

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