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Sid begs Roshni to calm down. He follows her around the room asking what he has done to upset her? She says she’s upset he’s not involving her in his plans. He says so much is happening and he just wanted to handle it himself. Roshni says if he doesn’t tell her, she would walk out. Sid agrees to tells her.

As he’s talking, Shakun is upstairs messing with the screws on the window. Sid sees the window falling and quickly takes Roshni out of the way before it crashes on the ground. Shakun smiles.

Everyone rushes into the living room. Roshni asks Sid why he risked his life for her and got himself injured? Bansi says the bad things are happening because Roshni is married to another Man. Roshni warns her not to talk such rubbish again! Bansi tells DD that they can think whatever they want but she will protect Roshni who is her grand daughter-in-law and nobody can stop her! DD asks Roshni to go to her room and she asks Sid if he’s alright? Sid says he’s fine. Bansi looks on.

Sid looks at Bansi. He thinks many guests has come into this house, and their target was his family, but no one could harm his family, as he was covering them like a protective shield. He says he knows who is doing all this and he won’t let anything happen to his family.

In the morning, Sid makes breakfast and sets the table. He serves Roshni’s Grandmother who is first at the table. She commends him on a good job, then asks him what’s wrong? Sid says he should be asking her because she has been acting strange for sometime now. She goes quiet. He asks what the big secret she and DD are hiding is? He asks if he has ever let any harm come to her family and asks if she would still hide it from him? She nods no. He begs her to just tell him and he will ensure everything is fine.

As she starts talking, DD enters and asks what she’s saying? She tells Sid not to bother Grandmother with the questions as the issue is not a big deal. Sid asks DD why she can’t look him and Roshni in the eye and why she can’t stand up to the foolish people? He says Bansi has been humiliating Roshni but DD just stands there. He says Bansi has slapped him infront of her and she couldn’t do anything. He asks about her helplessness, and promises that no one can touch or harm her. He begs her to tell him what’s wrong and he won’t let any harm come to them. DD says she’s trapped and can’t tell him anything.

Roshni calls for Sid from the room. They all rush to meet her because she sounded distressed. They see her face is covered in spots. DD asks Roshni what she ate? Roshni says she ate what everyone else at home ate. Mona asks DD if she thinks Bansi was right about the inauspicious thing?
Bansi enters and asks if they believe her now? Roshni tells DD to ask Bansi to leave!
Sid surprises them all by saying he thinks Bansi is right and the accidents are taking place because of his presence in the house. He says he won’t be able to forgive himself if any harm comes to Roshni, so they have to stay away from each other.

Roshni tells Sid that she can’t believe he’s saying this. She says he can’t take the decisions alone. Sid says he has to take decisions that are in her best interest and says it’s final! Roshni is shocked and cries. She begs him to stay but he walks away.
Roshni’s Grandmother tells DD that she’s behaving like Bansi’s puppet and allowing her to manipulate them! DD says she doesn’t know what to do. Roshni’s Grandmother suggests they tell Sid because he will always stand by them. DD says not now as she doesn’t want Roshni to be upset with her. She says seriously no.

Bansi hears them and tells herself that DD and her Mother have started losing hope and it’s only a matter of time before everyone loses hope and a lot of questions have started rising in DD’s mind with all the moves she has made. She remembers going into Roshni’s room the night before to apply a substance on her face that caused the break out.

Sid enters Bansi’s room to search for the ointment she must have used. Bansi is on her way to the room and calls Premal. Sid finds the ointment in her Cupboard and hides. When Bansi enters the room, he sneaks out. He thinks to talk to DD. He enters the living room and asks Kesar if he has seen DD? Kesar says she had one meeting in the Office with Kunal. Sid wonders why she went with Kunal? Sid calls DD, but she disconnects the call.

Shakun is in the Kitchen. She tells herself that her Mother, Bansi would be upset with her if she tells her she has finally fallen in love. She asks if she will be single forever because she’s still single at 40? She says there is no age limit to falling in love.
Sid enters the Kitchen and tells her she’s saying the right thing and she’s still beautiful so Men would be queuing up to ask for her hand in marriage. He says people often bow to the pressure from their families or society but she decided to wait to find the right partner. She stares at him.

He says she’s like a glorified Servant to her family and if she leaves, they won’t be able to cope without her, and that’s why they didn’t want her to go, as 80 percent of the work is done by her. She seems to ponder over his words. Sid says she could have had a happy life with husband and kids but her family didn’t allow that; it’s her life and her decision to make. He sings her a song about when there is love, there is no fear.

Sid goes to his father and begs him to get to know Shakun. Raj says he won’t do it because she’s a strange woman. Sid asks if be won’t do it even for Roshni? Raj still refuses. Sid emotionally blackmails him and says he doesn’t care about his Son… He says he will face this situation alone! Raj reluctantly agrees to woo her. Sid asks him to take his help in charming a Woman. Raj says charming Man… and says that’s his Son.

Sid gets home and sees everyone standing. He asks why everyone is gathered in the living room? DD shows him the bottle of the ointment he took from Bansi’s room. She says it was what caused the spots on Roshni’s face and she wonders what it was doing in Sid’s room?
Sid says he remembers he bought it and wanted to apply it on Roshni’s body so they can all laugh. He tells DD not to be ridiculous because it’s obvious Bansi and her family did it.
Bansi asks how dare Sid accuse them! Sid says he’s innocent and he’s not trying to convince anyone. Bansi says Sid would harm Roshni for his advantage! Roshni warns her to stop and says she won’t tolerate her nonsense! She asks her to wash her sins in Ganga river before blaming her husband! Bansi tells DD that she has given enough liberty to Roshni!

Sid tries to calm Roshni down but Roshni blames him instead for not allowing them leave when she wanted to! She reminds DD of all Sid did that she seems to have forgotten, and how he also defeated death and returned to save her (DD) and her Grandmother, then she goes to her room, furious.

Bansi tells DD that she needs to believe her because everything is become clearer. Bansi gives Premal a sign to tamper with the electrical switch and he does.
Sid sees the switch wires are cut and he goes to fix it. As he’s busy with the switch, someone cuts the wire of the Chandelier and it drops.
Roshni is standing underneath it, oblivious to the danger ahead. Sid turns to see her and calls her name!! Kunal pushes Roshni out of harm’s way. DD and the rest of the family rush down to see. Roshni hugs Sid and asks if she is fine?

Bansi tells Sid to leave Roshni alone as he’s a danger to her! Roshni says it’s not Sid’s fault. DD tells Roshni to come with her and says she’s very much scared! Roshni tells DD that she can’t believe what they are saying and says it was just an accident. Sid tries to talk to her but DD gives him a slap. Bansi and her family are happy. Roshni asks have you lost it Mom? She tells DD not to touch Sid again! Roshni’s Grandmother asks DD what she’s doing? DD apologises to Sid and asks Roshni to come with her.

Sid tells Roshni to go inside with DD. He thinks this is happening because of Bansi and her family and thinks not to leave them as DD is believing them!

At night, DD is sitting by the Pool. Bansi comes to sit with her and says she knows DD is not getting sleep as she has realized that she (Bansi) was right that Sid is not the right partner for Roshni and that’s why everything has been going wrong. She tells DD to forget the love they have for each other because marriages are made in heaven. She asks if DD checked their horoscopes before they got married? No. She says first they got married, then divorce and again remarriage. She says even Roshni’s child couldn’t be saved and says DD should accept they are not meant to be and DD should experiment that by separating Sid and Roshni for just one day. She asks her to decide.

Next day, Mona asks for Sid. Roshni says he traveled for 2 days. They hear someone chanting ‘The great sage is landing!’ A Man who looks like a sage is being carried in by another who looks like his disciple.

DD asks who they are? The older one who is Sid in disguise, says he’s a holy sage. DD tells them to leave! The disciple who is Bunty, says DD cannot talk to his holy man like that.. Sid says he’s a sage from Sarampu. Premal says his guru is also from there. Sid says he knows the guru but he has been insulted so he has to leave. Premal begs him to stay. Bansi asks how he knew they had problems? Sid says he was meditating and got to know nobody is happy in the house, so he has come to make their lives better.
He turns and sees Roshni. He makes Bunty carry him to her. He says Roshni is extremely beautiful. He asks who she is? Bansi says she’s her grand daughter-in-law. Roshni says she’s not! Sid complains about Roshni’s attitude and suggests she serves him. Roshni says she would never serve him! She is about to walk away but Bansi pulls her back. Sid asks Bansi what’s she’s doing? He asks if she doesn’t know Roshni is goodluck for the family? Premal tells his Mother that the sage must be real. Sid asks for the eldest male in the family? Bansi says it’s Premal. Sid says his disciple will tell them a mantra to say but he needs to be taken to a place where he can get sunshine. Premal takes him to the Poolside.

Bunty tells Bansi to stand on one leg! He tells Shakun to clean the entire house and Kunal should stand on his legs and repeat the mantras!

At the poolside, Sid tells Premal to go around the Pool and recite a Prayer! Premal is about to leave but Sid complains he needs to lean on something! Premal begs Roshni to hold him. Roshni holds Sid and Premal starts running around the Pool.
Sid tells Roshni that they need to sit. He tells her she’s beautiful. He gives her a rose and Roshni asks if he’s not ashamed of himself! She walks away.

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