King of hearts update Sunday 8 December 2019


King of hearts 8 December 2019 update: Roshni comes to Naina’s house. Naina tells her to go and freshen up before Neel arrives. Roshni thinks about how to break the news of her identity to Neel. Neel arrives and his Mother tells him to go and prepare for the prayers. Neel says he has to talk to Roshni first. He takes her to the room.

Sid and Anya are at a Registry Office. Sid says he doesn’t understand why they need to get a fake marriage certificate? Anya begs him to understand and promises not to put him in trouble.

Neel watches Roshni.
Roshni says she has been waiting to tell him something for a long time and she was going to tell him in Delhi but he moved the Office to Mumbai. Neel says that was when she saw Siddharth Khurana again. Roshni is shocked. She asks how he knew? He says she shouldn’t have taken so long to tell him. She continues to stare in shock. He says he also knows her name is Roshni Khurana. He takes off the engagement ring she gave him and says he wants it exchanged for a wedding ring.

The Official at the Registry tells Sid to sign the marriage papers as they are not valid so he has nothing to fear. Sid is hesitant. Anya tells him to trust her. Sid signs.

Roshni says yes to marrying Neel. She cries as he hugs her. He says if she had only told him sooner, she wouldn’t have had to deal with so much stress. He asks her to marry him today. She’s shocked. He says the Priest is there so they might as well. Roshni doesn’t look sure. Neel goes to inform his Mother. Naina hugs Roshni in gratitude.
Simran gets a call from Mittul and gets worried. She tries to explain that what Mittul saw at the hospital was nothing. Mittul tells her to just come over to the house.

Sid and Anya leave the Registry. Sid tells Anya that he still doesn’t feel right about the fake divorce papers. Naina calls Anya crying and says she’s crying tears of joy. Anya tells Sid about it and he says they have to hurry to the house.

Roshni is dressed for the wedding. Mittul knocks on the door but Roshni doesn’t answer it. Naina gets worried and begs Roshni to open.
Sid and Anya are on their way home. Sid begs Anya to call Roshni’s Phone. Anya tries but there is no response. Roshni comes out of the room.
Sid is driving as fast as he can. Anya gets nauseous and begs him to stop the Car. She runs out to throw up. Sid offers her water to rinse out her mouth.

The Ceremony begins. Roshni and Neel exchange garlands and Neel puts the wedding chain on Roshni. Sid and Anya finally get home just as Neel is applying vermillion on Roshni’s forehead. Sid has tears in his eyes as the Priest pronounces Roshni and Neel as husband and wife. Naina asks where they’ve been? Sid says they have good news of their own; he and Anya just got married. Neel asks if they’re not already married? Naina says they have never been married. Roshni is shocked. Neel asks why Sid was living in the house when they weren’t married? Naina asks why they couldn’t wait? Sid says it’s because Anya is pregnant. Naina is about to give her a slap.

Simran walks in and tells Naina to stop. She says it doesn’t matter if they made a mistake since they are moving forward. Neel asks how they can be sure it’s the truth? Sid collects the fake papers and shows them to Neel. Roshni and Sid keep exchanging hurt looks. Neel looks at the papers and shows them to Roshni. Sid asks if they believe him now? Simran says it’s time to celebrate instead of being upset. She tells the newlyweds to seek blessings from the elders.

Simran goes to Mittul and asks how Neel got to know who Roshni is? Mittul says Neel doesn’t like them talking about it and she thinks they shouldn’t bring it up even in front of Sid and Roshni.
There is a flashback of Mittul telling Neel that Roshni used to be married to Sid’s Cousin and she wasn’t happy with her marriage to him and seeing Sid reminded her of the marriage and the way the family treated her because she was forced to leave and change her identity when her Mother died.

There is another flashback of Neel telling Roshni that he knows everything and he’s not interested in her past.
In the present, As Mittul offers Roshni sweets, she thinks to herself that Roshni has no idea of what she has in store for her later!

Naina says it’s time for the welcoming Ceremony. Neel and Roshni go to the door and come in as the ritual demands. Sid watches them with red eyes and tears streaming down his face. Simran says she also wants to welcome Anya to her home. She invites the family to a party at her house later. As she’s about to leave with Sid and Anya, Naina says they still have rituals to perform. They all go to the family temple. Naina gives Roshni bangles. Sid walks away. Naina asks where he’s going?
Raj walks in and says they have to leave. Naina begs them to still stay. Simran says they will all stay.

Sid watches sadly as they carry on with the after wedding rituals. Neel gives Roshni some gifts and makes promises to her. He applies Vermillion again to Roshni’s forehead. Anya tells Simran that if she cares about her Son, then they need to leave. Simran says it’s time to leave. She sells Neel and Roshni that they should always be happy together. She invites everyone again to the dinner party she’s having later. Anya apologises to her Mum and tells her to take care of herself.
Sid walks towards the door. Roshni looks at him with heavy sadness in her eyes. He turns at the door. Neel blocks Roshni’s view and takes her inside the house.

At the Khurana House, Simran performs the welcoming rituals and tells Anya that she’s now the daughter-in-law of the family. She blesses her and looks at Sid. Sid ignores her. Anya goes to take Raj’s blessings. Raj blesses her and walks away. Simran tells Anya that the home is now hers. She takes her to Sid’s room. The room is messy. Simran starts to clean up.

Sid walks in and Simran hangs the clothes she picked from the bed inside the wardrobe. Roshni’s photo falls out of the wardrobe. Simran is about to tear it up. Sid tells her to stop. Anya holds her hand and collects the photo.
Kritika brings a set of bridal bangles and gives them to Simran. Simran puts them on Anya’s wrist. Sid asks what she’s doing? She says she has the right to give her daughter-in-law bangles as a gift.

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